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CRAFT :: Coffee Bean ART

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Hi everyone! I am sharing a special post today because it involves three of my favorite things to enjoy: coffee, art and gift giving! I bet you can't wait to see how I'm incorporating all of those together! First of all I love coffee and indulge in it pretty much every day, several times a day, I mean, are you with me on that? Plus I love to enjoy it when I am in my 'happy place', which any more looks like anything that revolves around making, drawing, lettering or coloring something! I love to create and I try to do it every single day. So I thought why not combine the two together to make a piece of art out of coffee beans? Then I realized I could make it for a gift and add it into a gift basket for someone special that I feel is deserving of a special treat. Once the wheels started turning, the next thing I know I am putting together a special gift basket for someone I love, making things to put in it and having a blast doing it, but more of that and what I chose to put in it, in a moment, let's get back to the coffee bean art I created . . .

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coffee gift basket, coffee-mate creamers, coffee cup, coffee bean art

How cute is the little coffee bean art? It is the perfect accent for a kitchen wall or nestled in next to the coffee pot, either way it was fun to make and I want to share it with you today! 

This is how to make this quick 'Coffee Bean ART':

Step 1:
Gather all of the supplies you will need: coffee beans, a couple paint brushes, Mod Podge, two colors of paint, glue gun, a small canvas (I used a 6x6) and a pencil.

supplies need to make coffee bean art, paint, coffee beans, gluegun, canvas

Step 2-3:
I first used the lighter paint colors of the two I picked, to paint the entire surface of the canvas so it wasn't that stark white color but instead this pretty shade of iced blue. I then accented the edges with the copper paint color. Set it aside and allow to dry.

painting canvas, coffee bean art, paintbrush, iced blue, copper

Step 4:
Choose a design you like beforehand by doodling some different pieces of art to make sure you like the design you choose and remember that the simpler the better as you will be gluing coffee beans onto the canvas. Once you decide on your design, lightly sketch it out on your canvas.


sketch out design, sketches, canvas art, coffee art,

Step 5:
Before I glued the coffee beans to the canvas, I laid them out to make sure I liked the way they were going to fit together. I will tell you that some areas were like fitting a puzzle but it was kind of relaxing doing this so I didn't mind. After that, start gluing the coffee beans on the canvas with your glue gun until you have it all filled in.

gluing coffee beans, canvas art, kitchen artwork, how to make coffee bean art

Step 6:
Your last step will be to apply a generous amount of Mod Podge over the entire design (front of the canvas) with a paint brush, to ensure your coffee beans stay in place. Allow to completely dry and you are all set.

Mod Podge, coffee bean heart, coffee bean cup, coffee artwork
coffee gift basket, coffee bean art, coffee-mate creamers, chocolate boutique

Now that I have shared the cute little coffee bean art and how to make it, I want to share who it's going to and why. Without getting too personal, my sweet momma has endured a lot of 'hard life things' that have been very challenging in the past couple of years and sometimes I just like to remind her that although life can be very unfair and deal you issues that are out of our control, that I am always here for her and she does NOT have to deal with it alone. She does and has to take on soooooo much and it's been on my heart lately to do something extra special for her. And guess what one of her fave things is? That's right, COFFEE! 

One of the things that I think is so important when making up a gift basket is to make personal touches when you can. It's so simple to do and really doesn't take any extra time. Here are just a couple different ideas and ways I made her gift basket more personal: I used a simple plain tag, grabbed a couple markers and wrote her initial on it and then tied it on the front of the basket - instant personal touch! The second thing I did was to take filler tissue paper that was needed to fill the bottom of the basket and just write really quick, 'for you' all over it before putting in the bottom as it's such an unexpected little detail. The last thing I did was take a plain linen bag and again with my markers, drew a monogram on the bag and filled with some of her favorite candy to go along with her coffee themed gift basket!

Please do NOT get hung up on whether you can draw or letter, it does not matter as it will be YOUR hand writing and that alone will make it special to the recipient! ;)

personal touches on gift basket, personalize tags, monogram tag
hand letter tissue paper, how to personalize a gift basket

hand lettered line bag, monogram, mongram on bag, coffee gift basket

My mom's gift basket I wanted to fill with some of her favorite coffee items plus give it that personal touch. So what all did I decide to put in to my momma's coffee themed gift basket you ask? Well let's take a look . . .
  • a basket that she could easily use for something else 
  • a cute table runner
  • a jar full of coffee beans and I simply added some colored twine around the neck to give it that extra special touch
  • some of her favorite liquid coffee creamers: the Nestle® COFFEE-MATE® Chocolate Boutique liquid coffee creamers: Cafe Mocha, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Toffee Truffle 
  • a cute flower pot
  • the coffee bean art I made
  • a bag full of caramels
  • plus I used the tissue paper, tissue shred, ribbon and tag to make it pretty

contents of coffee gift basket, supplies need for coffee gift basket

This is the best way I found to make everything fit and look good altogether. You may have to play around with the items going in your basket to ensure every one can be seen in the basket! ;)

how to add items to a coffee gift basket, assembling a gift basket
nestle coffee-mate liquid creamers, coffee gift basket, monogram
looping ribbon on gift basket, coffee lovers gift basket, coffee-mate

I love the way it all came together and I know that she will love it as much as I love her. I would love to hear about what you love to put into a basket when you create one for a special gift, please let me know below as I would love to hear!

If you are wondering where I found all of this fun stuff to put in this basket, I found this awesome basket and all of those decadent Nestle® COFFEE-MATE® liquid coffee creamers at Walmart, the flower pot at the craft store and the rest of the items I had laying around my house. I mean I wanted her to be able to indulge in her morning, afternoon and evening coffee with a variety of these delicious coffee creamers, afterall they are Chocolate Boutique flavors and make for quite the decadent treat when she enjoys her coffee! So I got all three so she can have a variety throughout the day with their coffee. ;)

coffee-mate liquid creamers, sipindulgence, coffee gift basket
nestle coffee-mate liqud coffee creamers, chocolate boutique, sipindulgence
coffee bean art, nestle coffee-mate, coffee creamers, coffee gift basket

Which of the Nestle® COFFEE-MATE® Chocolate Boutique liquid coffee creamers would you choose the next time you are at Walmart? I say you get all three as I have a coupon that will save you a little bit of money so you can use it on other things to add to your gift basket! Who would you like to give a coffee gift basket to and why?

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