Wednesday, April 27, 2016

EATS :: Poo Emoji Brownie Bites

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Hello emoji fans! 

As you may have heard, I threw TWO parties for my daughter that had to do with emojis so I have been sharing some of the ideas and fun things we did! The girl had an emoji sleepover AND a family party and when we were planning she wanted to do something with the 'poo emoji' (of course) who wouldn't as I would bet that it's one of the most used emojis when texting! ;)

After searching for ideas, knowing my daughter's insane love for brownies, the fact that I didn't want to make a ton of treats AND wanting to keep the food 'black and white'-ish, I decided on these:


emoji party dessert, poo emoji, emoji party, soemojinal, emoji birthday

I mean, just let me state the obvious, this is by no means a 'recipe' but more of an IDEA that I wanted to share as so many times we 'think' cute party food has to be real involved or made from scratch. Awwww heck no! Who's got time for all that? So here ya go, super quick, fairly easy and definitely a treat that brings the WOW factor and ends up being the most popular treat on the table! (true story)

AND one other thing, please do NOT get hung up on making perfect looking treats for your kids or friends as if they know you made them . . . they will love them. As you will see, these little guys are far from perfect but they were the first to go, tasted great and did their job = success! ;)

Here we go . . . 

1. I grabbed a container of pre-made brownie bites from the store. (Sam's Club to be exact as it gave me enough for BOTH parties)

2. make your favorite chocolate icing recipe OR do what I did, buy some already made in those convenient little frosting containers you can find at any store. ;)

3. place frosting in your dessert decorator (a.k.a. my frosting gun!) OR if you don't have one, just place in ziploc and snip the corner to pipe onto brownies.

4. pipe enough frosting onto brownie bites to form that perfect swirl like an ice cream cone dispenser. On mine I decided to cut back a little bit on the frosting (and not make it soooo tall) since I wanted to keep the 'brownie bites' at the perfect brownie to frosting ratio, ya know . . . #goals! ;) We DID try it both ways and ended up liking a little less frosting on them so that's what we went with, even though MORE frosting looks more legit . . . but hey, we like our poo emoji brownie bites just the way they are! lol 
See the difference? . . .it's all in the height of the frosting swirl. ;)

making poo emoji dessert, emoji party dessert idea, brownie bites

5. and of course finish off your creation by drawing a little mouth with a white icing tube small enough to form the mouth and top them off with a couple of edible eyeballs and DONE!
brownies, frosting, edible eyeballs, poo emojis, emoji party ideas
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dessert idea for an emoji party, brownie bites, emoji birthday party

I will be sharing another fun treat I tackled soon and also some various crafts that made their way to the parties, plus the full party reveal with all of the details. Stay tuned - especially if you are planning or even thinking that you would love to have any type of emoji party! 

Don't forget you can get a full emoji party printable package in my shop and I have two designs for an invite as well.

Which emoji is your fave? Have you ever tackled a fun treat like this?

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Monday, April 25, 2016

COLLECTION :: Emoji Birthday

teen birthday, social media, texting, emoji sleepover, emoji party

Hello everyone!

Today I am excited to be sharing a brand new collection with you and it just so happens to be the theme that my own daughter chose for her THIRTEENTH birthday party this year. Seriously? THIRTEEN . . .I have a teenager now! Ok let's make time stop now mmkay! ;)

I of course took a ton of photos and will be finished editing all of the photos from the parties soon and will have more goodies to share, including all of the details and some fun blog posts detailing how I made some of the things you will see in the party photos. So much fun, this was.

But for now, I wanted to get the invites and the party collection up in my shop so you could snag it if you were planning an emoji party anytime soon. I have had people grabbing copies for parties already! As you will see, I designed this entire collection to be black and white with the emojis being the ONLY thing that is yellow. I think it made it into a classic look that will be around for awhile! ;)


Here's what you get in this collection . . . 

1. 3 banners - this collection has three different banners. One that says 'happy birthday' and is smaller than the other two. The other ones say #partytime and #soemojinal - all of them come with the four featured emojis in this collection.

birthday banner, emoji birthday, black & white stripes, teen birthday

partytime banner, birthday banner, emoji birthday, polka dots, emoji

#soemojinal banner, birthday banner, teen birthday, emoji birthday

2. toppers/ circles - you get two pages of themed 'Happy Birthday' designs that also include customization with the person's age and name.
~ use for accents to your table decor - simply cut them out or use a circle punch, glue to popcorn boxes, decor or toothpick & done! 

Also included are a page of thank you toppers. 

birthday toppers, emoji party, #happybday, thirteen birthday, emoji
shades emoji, i speak fluent emoji, #soemojinal, #partytime, emoji party
emoji birthday, emoji sleepover, black & white party, shades emoji
#partytime, #birthday, thirteen, #OMG, emoji party, laughing emoji
heart eyes emoji, laughing emoji, emoji party, #lol, #soemojinal, emoji

I also made a sheet of THANK YOU tags that you can attach to your party favors or something else.

emoji birthday toppers, #thanks, #cya, #ttyl, emoji party toppers

3. poster- this poster comes in at a 11x14 size and says I love a Party.

emoji party, emoji birthday party, emoji poster, heart eyes emoji

4. signs - comes with 8 different designs and can be customized with YOUR info!

emoji party signs, black & white stripes, #partytime, #lol, emoji party
I speak fluent emoji, emoji party, emoji birthday, #bdayparty, emojis
I get so emojinal, emoji party signs, emoji birthday, IKEA signs
emoji party signs, black & white party, emojis, emoji birthday signs


5. Table Tents - use these to label food & drink items - great for labeling items on your tables or place cards

emoji birthday party table tents, #eats, black & white stripes, emojiemoji table tents, #eats, #party, emoji birthday party, emojis

6. thank you cards - comes with this design . . .

emoi party thanks you cards, emoji thank yous, emoji birthday

7. photo props - comes with the four featured emojis and some fun hashtags like you see here . . .

emoji party photo props, emoji birthday party photo booth props

8. paper pack - comes with two designs  - black and white stripes and polka dots

You can now find this EMOJI birthday collection in my Etsy shop! Your kids will LOVE this theme if they love social media and texting as it's the perfect theme for smaller kids to those tween and teen parties!
Have some fun with it & keep checking back as I will have all of the details of my daughter's party on the blog here soon.


Then of course an EMOJI Birthday invitation 

emoji party, emoji slumber party invite, emoji sleepover invite, emoji

emoji party invitation, emoji party invite, emoji sleepover, emojis

and a SECOND invite option is available as well. My daughter couldn't decide on just one design, so we used one for her emoji sleepover and then one for the family party!

emoji birthday party invite, emoji party invitation, black & white party


This collection is ready for you to grab from the shop & have an awesome EMOJI birthday party for that special someone! 

emoji party invite, teen birthday party, teen party ideas, texting party

As always, if you EVER have any special custom design party collection idea requests, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime & I can design one for YOU!

Have a great week!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

FREEBIE :: Mother's Day Gift Tags

free download, mother's day, gift tags, hand lettering, flowers

Hello there everyone! I have been so busy lately around here as my daughter turned THIRTEEN this week and I have spent the month making all of the plans for that epic event! I am so excited to share all of the fun soon! :)

In the meantime, I looked ahead to what we have coming up on the calendars and during the first part of May we will be celebrating 'Teacher Appreciation' week and then Mother's Day will be right after that.

Since I am now a monthly contributor for the Craftaholics Anonymous creative team , I decided to design something useful for this month's free download that you can use for a variety of occasions but for Mother's Day specifically.

I had fun creating a hand lettered design that expresses your feelings for that special someone in your life, paired it up with some watercolor flowers to give it a feminine touch and you have a beautiful gift tag! I hope you like it and feel free to get the FREE download here and enjoy these cute little gift tags!

Hope to see you over there! ;) Please let me know if you have any suggestions for a freebie that you would like me to consider as a free download as I may be able to make that happen this year! Comment below if you have a thought . . .  ;)


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