Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Decor :: On a Budget

Halloween on a Dollar Store Budget!

Halloween is around the corner and it’s my ALL TIME Favorite holiday to craft and decorate for!  (even over Christmas)
Today I am sharing easy DIY Halloween Décor using dollar store items ONLY!
Plates, plastic wine glasses, beads, candles, goodie bags and more…all there for the crafting!

Halloween entertaining does not have to break the bank.   Using my Silhouette Cameo I was able to take dollar store items and transform them into Halloween décor.  Don’t have a Silhouette? That’s can use stickers and even Sharpie Markers to embellish these items.

The candles were plain white and using some black vinyl I cut out a few spooky silhouettes to add to them.   Adding this black cloth was the touch I needed for my outdoor candle shelf.  Love the look! 

I must have a dozen themed wine glasses (don’t judge). I like to have them for various occasions and holidays.  I found these clear plastic “glasses” and using the vinyl I added these cool creepy silhouettes to them.  Bonus for me, hard to break these!  

Goodie bags can be fun to decorate.  Sticking to my mission of only using dollar store items, I added some eyes to these white goodie boxes (found in the wedding section).  I so wanted to use Washi Tape, but they had none and I was not going to “cheat’ and use my own stash.   Filling them with some traditional peanut butter candy (of course from the dollar store). Added a little color too!

The last thing on my list to do was a centerpiece wreath.  Using the dollar store wreath form, some glue and moss – it was easy!  Added the boney hand and some spider rings to top it off.   You can hang or use like I did on the table.  The black runner that is under this is also from the dollar store. 

There you have it….creating spooky Halloween fun on a dollar store budget!

Until next time – BOO!


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Friday, October 17, 2014

DECOR :: Fall Mantle Decorating

Today I am sharing my FALL mantle for this year with you. I have been sharing new FALL projects all week that have given you 'peeks' into what it looks like, but today I will share the full mantle with you. I really LOVE my mantle in the living room as it makes for such a great place to 'theme' for the holidays and different seasons. It's great to hang stockings from, decorate for the fall or halloween and even at Easter time. 

and here is the FULL shot of it. I love the stone surrounding it - that is my FAVE part of having this fireplace - I think it's pretty sweet.

I just love fall decorating this mantle for the seasons? Anyone else have a nice mantle they look forward to decorating? 

If you missed any of the FALL craft projects I shared recently and that are seen here in this post, you can find them here:

Fall Flower Topiary


Fall Word Art Letters


 Fall Leaf Trees

I hope you have enjoyed all of the crafts I have shared here lately and seeing what I did with them on my fall mantel. Next up will be Christmas mantel decorating! ;)

Have a great one . . . until next time my friends! xoxo

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

CRAFT :: FALL Leaf Trees

Today I am sharing yet another fun FALL project that is super quick. Like, takes about 15 minutes quick! I am sharing how I made FALL leaf trees to decorate one side of my mantle for fall. I had found these leaves last year at a craft store and was wanting to make something with them this year. I also love these tree forms you can pick up at any craft store as the possibilities of ways to decorate them are endless and I love that.

For the supplies, grab a paper mache tree or two from the craft store (I picked these up at Hobby Lobby), make sure to have your glue gun fired up and ready to go, and of course a whole bunch of fall leaves to glue on.

** I later decided to glitter some of the leaf tips, so if you would like to do this as well, grab some glitter and your ModPodge. ;)


Step 1:
Start gluing leaves onto your tree form (I started at the bottom). I didn't follow any kind of pattern, just more or less did random gluing to cover the entire tree form, overlapping as I went.



Step 2:
Keep gluing until you reach the top. I also added a few of the extra flower heads that I had leftover from my Fall Flower Topiary project, so I went ahead and glued these on as well.


Step 3:
If you would like to add a little sparkle (and who wouldn't) go ahead and glitter some of the leaf edges and you'll give your tree that added pizzaz!


Step 4:

Place your completed Fall Leaf Trees in that perfect spot you already had picked out for them. Mine was on my mantle, like I mentioned earlier. It ties in so well with the decor I had to go around it. What do YOU think?

I just love fall crafting don't you? Anyone inspired to try and make one of these trees? Raise your hand . . . please let me know below if you think you will try this project as I would love to know if anyone was inspired. Or maybe you have already done a craft similar to this . . . let me know what you did below . . . ;)

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