Monday, September 15, 2014

HOME|MADE :: Tween Bedroom Wall Decor

Today I am sharing a special project for my HOME|MADE series!  As you know I am slowly working on re-doing every room in my condo and lately I am making some good progress! Today I have a 'sneak peek' into my daughter's bedroom makeover!  ;) 

In this room, I am planning on a couple little wall galleries but wanted some other kind of decor for the walls as well. At first, I was going to paint this huge chevron print on this back wall of her room but then decided against it. I decided upon using a vinyl design from my friends at Wallternatives because I've used them before on my craft room wall and still, am loving it! Plus this particular idea of mine I had, I wanted to use a product that I could 'work' with and know it would be doable. Even though this particular vinyl I used for the circles isn't "repositionable", I knew from experience that if I just "set" it on the wall first and not press it down, I could change the position and move it if necessary. Which is why I LOVE this product!
A simple circle pattern is what I chose to do on the corners of her room . . .
  . . . and even on the other side in the corner of the same wall.

What is Wallternatives you ask? Here is a description straight from them:
"Wallternatives™ ARE the artful alternative to ordinary walls. At Wallternatives™, our goal is to provide easily applied Pattern for the People™. That’s you! And not just any old patterns! We want you to have your choice of the most delightful pattern options, offered across a variety of material options to suit every design demand and surface requirement. We are committed to empowering you to create a home that is more colorful, more fun, more expressive, and more designed around “you” without investing a lot of time!"

For the white circles, I chose a Designer Decal called "Dots vinyl pattern pack". I chose them in white for a subtle look and followed the directions on how to apply a Wallternatives Designer Vinyl Wall Decal on their site and didn't it turn out fab? I LOVE it!

I think the circle pattern turned out better than I thought but I bet you are wondering how I got those perfect circle patterns on the wall huh? Well I am the master of 'using what you have on hand' so I grabbed a paper lantern out of my studio and used it for a 'guide' for my circle patterns. I just applied one white vinyl circle at each seam and it worked out perfect! Pretty scientific huh!? ;)

The other vinyl item I added in her room is a large Fabric Wallprint that says 'Just Be Yourself' because I think that is such a good positive message for my daughter to see everyday when she gets up! Not to mention, how fun is this design? Amazing!

In case you have a "good eye", you will notice that I got the idea for the circle pattern on her wall from the curtains here in this photo. She loved this idea, since SHE picked out the curtains! ;)

I really love this little corner as I hung some tissue poms from the ceiling, moved her coat stand over here that holds all of her bags and then made a little reading nook for her where she can sit on her bean bag and pillows and read her little heart out under the window.

This one was even easier to put up than the circles as I just folded down the backing of the vinyl a couple inches, held it up to the wall, centered it and used the handy tool they included in my order, to smooth it down. I started at the top and worked my way down until the backing was completely off and my vinyl art was on the wall. EASY & done!

So what do you guys think? This is just the start of the posts that I will be sharing on this room so make sure you are following along so you don't miss the rest of the reveals I have planned! ;)

Have you ever decorated using vinyl on your walls? Which design do you like from their amazing selection? I would love to know, so comment below as I am wanting to do another area as well and would love to hear what you like. Thanks for reading. xoxo

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WEDDING :: Light Blue & Orange FALL Inspiration Board

Hello everyone & welcome to "Wedding Wednesday"!

  ::  centerpiece  :: dress  ::  invite  ::  pumpkins   ::  necklace  ::  cake  ::  place setting

Fall is in the air and what I love the most about fall wedding inspiration is looking at color schemes that you would not typically imagine together for a fall wedding. I am LOVING this color palette this week: soft blues paired with a vibrant orange with a few fall touches makes this a party I would love to be invited to! It's just GORGEOUS!

Decorating tables with these pumpkin and floral centerpieces set on these wood tables give it that rustic edge and add a couple votives and you are ready for your guests. This orange dress is so versatile as I can see it with a nice pair of heels or throw on a pair of cowboy boots for a country farm wedding and your wedding party will look amazing. Invites can be kept simple, like these with just a touch of fall on them with the leaves in the wedding colors - perfect for a fall event. Pumpkins are in abundance in the fall so why not paint some in your wedding colors to match? These blue pumpkins I am dying over as they are so chic! This gorgeous necklace would be the perfect gift for your girls and makes quite the statement. Dazzle your guests with a show stopping cake. This one is the perfect choice for a rustic wedding in the fall. One of the very reasons I love this light blue and orange color combo together is because they are complimentary colors and this place setting is so stunning with tiny decorated pumpkins on these beautiful plates.
Have you been to a fall wedding that had an amazing color palette? What colors were used? What was your favorite element of the event?  I would LOVE to hear the details . . .spill below ;)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Real PARTY :: a Bridal Luncheon


A Bridal Luncheon

I am so excited to be bringing you this soiree today.  
Working with Laura on the invite to my soon-to-be daughter in law’s bridal luncheon was so much fun.  Laura told me she wanted to make this extra special. I gave her some ideas of what I was thinking in my scattered brain. She came up with this!


PERFECT in every way.  

Theme:  “Having A Ball Since 2009”

Color Scheme:  Light Pink, Blush, Gold and Burlap
I was so excited for the day to finally come.  It was a small affair with only 7 of us. (we have a small family)   We shared funny stories, tips for a happy marriage and swooned over her personal gifts from everyone. 

I was so happy with how everything turned out.   From the invites to the cookies – all was perfect for this special lunch.  

 Laura also surprised me with this burlap hand written BRIDE banner.  It was the extra touch needed.  The bride to be even took it home to hang it in her bridal suite for the wedding weekend! 

I can’t wait to share the entire wedding with you all at the end of the month.  Until then – Be Blessed

 Party Styling and Photography:  Melissa Newell
Ball Jar Cookies: Elemental Cookies, LLC
Tassel Garland: The Flair Exchange


Party Tips Contributor: Melissa Newell

Melissa Newell has been planning and executing parties for over 20 years - parties have always been a passion of hers.

 Melissa’s motto is Go Big or Go Home! She celebrates with her children every chance they get - making each day a celebration of Life!

Creativity on a budget and the attention to the smallest of details is what she is known for. Her blog, My Party Passion, highlights all of the parties that she throws!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

MY WISH to honor 9/11 :: I need YOUR help

Remembering 9/11.

It does NOT get easier. 

This week, every single year I am sad. 

Sad for the fact that babies grew up without a father or mother. Sad that parents lost a child. Sad that first responders simply were doing their jobs and didn't make it. 

I'm also sad that I am living in a world that is so full of hate that someone plotted this against us. That they WANTED to do this.

AND I am sad because I feel that we are in a time that things are going to get much worse I'm afraid, before they get any better. How did we get here?

What really makes me the saddest, is people not remembering as much anymore or not wanting to talk about it. How hard is it really to take a moment and say a prayer for these people as I feel it is OUR DUTY to NEVER forget all of these people. If you aren't the praying type, then at least stop to remember those who died that day. What if it had been us? Wouldn't you want people to remember YOU?

On thing that I would LOVE to see again is the UNITY from those days and years that followed that nightmare of a day. I think because I lived through this piece of history , I share how I feel so often and why I hold it so personal. Or maybe it's just because I am so patriotic, I'm not sure.

I would like to do my part to see if we can get that going again . . .the UNITY. Even if only 1000 people read this and do this, I would be happy but can you imagine if more than that did? WOW - it would be amazing! Because as Americans, we CAN DO amazing things. We can do anything we set our minds to but we have to try, we have to start and we need to quit talking about it & just DO IT!

Every year I try to figure out a way I can do MY part in helping to remember. I was given the talent of being creative so I have used my artistic abilities to try & share graphics to help people remember this day coming up. People like having different ways to help them remember.

One year I did a FREE Subway art download . . . 

and then last year I created a Facebook timeline cover that went over really well. 

So my wish for this year is simple . . . 

I want everyone to download the 9/11 Facebook cover timeline (<------- just click on this link), download it and change your Facebook timeline cover to this 9/11 one! Can you imagine if we could get all of our friends to participate in this & light up our FB timelines with red, white & blue? Oh how FABULOUS would that be. 

This is MY wish. But I can not do it alone. I NEED your help. Will you help me spread the word and try and unite us a nation for just a moment?

It's quite simple. 

First, THANK YOU for reading this post.

Second, go ahead and download and change YOUR FB timeline cover.

Three, share this post and let's see what we can do when we UNITE together!

I can't wait to see what we can do and I appreciate you taking the time to try with me in doing this project! xoxo


If you feel like sharing a memory that you want people to remember that day, feel free to share below . . . ;)

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