Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{CRAFTY TIP} How to Make COASTERS using Printables


DIY ‘Think Spring’ Coasters

Hi everyone, it's Staci!! The weather here is Florida has skipped Spring and jumped right to Summer. It it H.O.T!!

The family will be spending more time in the pool which means cool drinks for me!!!

I love Laura’s Think Spring collection and decided the mini notecards would be perfect for coasters.

Here’s what I used:

4x4 tile squares

Mod Podge

Think Spring mini notecards*

{cut to ~2” squares}


{cut to ~2 ½” squares}

Foam brush

The process is pretty simple. 

Use the Mod Podge to attach the mini notecards to the solid color cardstock.

Use the Mod Podge to attach cardstock to the tile

And then cover the whole thing with Mod Podge

Once it’s all dry, spray the coasters with a clear coat.

Super simple and super cute!

These would make great gifts for friends & neighbors too.


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