Monday, February 21, 2011

{FREE Printable} St Patricks Day FREEBIE!

WOW - that was quick huh?
Here we are AGAIN hookin you all up with 
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We hit 900 fans - that is AMAZING! As long as you guys keep rockin it - I will keep giving you the FREEBIES! =)
So here's one just in time for St. Patricks Day . . .enjoy! =)

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

{FREE Printable} "Do what you LOVE" printable framed artwork

why hello there all my WONDERFUL followers! 
Guess what time it is? That's right . . .

You guys are rockin this out & deserve a little something for your efforts so . . .
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Friday, February 11, 2011

{PART 5} Kids EASY Classroom Party Crafts + IDEAS

Well the final post on this series is the most FUN to me! It's all about making those crafts with your kids at home or having a decent craft to make at those homeroom class parties!
First up - this easy favor to make in class or yet another idea to give as a valentine.
We will call him "Silly Heart Pencil Topper" - k?
To create: (1) - use the craft coloring sheet & color in one of the hearts & cut out, (2) - take pipe cleaner & twist in knot at top of a pencil, (3) - continue wrapping the pipe cleaner around another pencil to create the 'twisted' effect, (4) - repeat on other side until you get the 'antennae' look, (5) - cut a heart shape out of the pattern paper, (6) - fold vertically in 1/2, (7) - snip 2 cuts on the fold  - one about an inch down from the top & the other an inch from bottom - both about 1/2 in., (8) - insert pencil w/ antennae in the 2 holes snipped, (9) - glue on sides of heart from step 1 & adhere to the heart w/ the pencil in it (don't glue entire backside of silly face heart - so it allows you to remove pencil)

Next up . . .   Valentines pencil!
To create: (1) take pipe cleaner & measure down about 8 in & create a loop, (2) cross the loop towards the bottom, (3) twist them together, (4) it should look like this, (5) start twisting the bottom of pipe cleaner around the top of a pencil, (6) looks like this
(7) push down at the center of your loop, (8) this will create the heart shape & adjust it the way you like, (9) should look like this - You can then add a topper as a Valentine & you're done!

Create lots of paper hearts - here's how . . .
(1) Cut pattern paper into long strips, (2) bend in 1/2 vertically & glue together at bottom, (3) bend down the middle to form a heart shape & tape to keep in place

And last but not least . . .
this is an adorable little heart shaped hanger. Perfect craft that the kids can make for someone or to take home & give to parents. For the supplies you will need: coloring craft paper, foam heart forms (found in dollar section at Target), pencils (also found in Target dollar section) & some ribbon.
Have the kids color one of the silly hearts, cut out, glue it down to one of the heart foam cut outs, hole punch a hole at the top, string ribbon through hole, tie in knot & DONE! =)
Simple & cute!
 I truly hope this series of posts have given you some inspiration for some crafts with your kids or ideas to use in your child's classroom for Valentines Day parties.

If you missed any of this series, you can view them from these links:

To get this Silly Face Hearts Collection on SALE go to my Etsy store here.

I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day & thanks for following!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

{PART 4} Kids Lollipop Valentines How -To Craft IDEAS for Classroom

Today I am going to show you a few different variations on Lollipop Valentines that your kids can use to hand out in the class. I am sure you have seen most of these but it's always good to have options! =)

We can keep it simple with these 2 alternate ideas to paper valentines. Attach these toppers to some lollipops you buy at the store, have them write their message on the back & it "stands out" a little more with their friends! =)
Just tape or glue stick the lollipop to back of topper & attach ribbon.
OR cut a slit in top & bottom of party topper & insert lollipop.

Want to get a little more creative? Or just need a craft for the classroom or your kid? How about this one - Valentines Lollipop flower!
steps to creating this: (1) cut 4" x 11 strip of pattern paper - (2) fold in half lengthwise with the pattern side in - (3) fold vertically in half - (4) fold vertically in 1/2 again - (5) unfold & draw 1/2 of a heart on each fold of the 4 squares that were created when folded - (6) cut out the heart patterns - (7) stack all 4 hearts on top of each other & take hole punch & punch a hole about 1/4" up from bottom - (8) place hearts on top of each other, lining up the hole & adhere a little glue to keep in place
** few tips to making this work - do NOT make the heart pattern 'fat' - draw the sides of the heart straight otherwise when you stack them, it will overlap too much & not look like a flower in the end. Also you can have your kids write a message on the back & give out instead of a paper valentine.

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The last part in this series will be posted later this afternoon & will show you how to make some FUN classroom party crafts. Stay tuned! =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{PART 3} Kids Valentines Classroom Goodie Bag + FOOD Ideas

Welcome back! I am going to show you just how simple filling the goodie bags can be & you can put ANYTHING you like in it. That's the great thing - there are NO RULES! =)

First things first - gather up supplies needed to fill the goodie bags. Toys or treats? I opted to do mine with treats this year since the kids have ENOUGH toy trinkets laying around - ya know what I mean? lol My favorite place to get this is the dollar section at Target but use whatever you like. NO RULES! =)
I also decided to put a fun "lollipop" in the goodie bags for my daughter's classroom party this time - Peep lollipops! Easy!
Get really creative & tie a little ribbon on it for FUN! lol

Then fill the bags, cut out the goodie bag toppers, fold in half & staple to the top of the goodie bag. Call it done! AND adorable. =)

Need to take some food in for your kids classroom party? Make some cupcakes & decorate with M&M's, conversation hearts or good ol sprinkles! Not a baker . . .
Then stop on the way & pick up some Little Debbie heart cakes or some Ding Dongs or Sno-Balls. YUM! Attach one of the party toppers on a stick & DONE!

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This printable collection is available in my Etsy shop right now & if you use the code SILLY50 you can get it for 50% OFF! Etsy store - Silly Face Heart Collection 

Join us Thursday for 2 more posts on making crafts for classroom activities or just some FUN with your kids!  

{PART 2} Kids Valentines Classroom Bookmark How-to

Today I will show you how EASY it is to make this cute little bookmark with your kids or use it as a craft to do at the classroom parties coming up!

Just grab 1 of the pattern papers in our Silly Face Hearts kids collection, your favorite heart punch & a piece of colored cardstock. 
1st you will punch out a smaller heart using the pattern paper. Next -a larger heart with the bigger punch on the plain cardstock.

Take a swipe of a gluestick & run just along the top of the heart so that are just glued at the very top. You will be putting the smaller heart on top of the larger one. That's it!

The finished product! These can be made with any punch or paper.

Want to get this patterned paper - it is in the Silly Face Hearts collection here
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If you missed PART 1 in this series, you can view here

Coming in PART 3 - how to create the goodie bags for the class or your kids & some fun ideas to fill them!

**{ I must give credit for this idea from Martha Stewart Valentines Day crafts}

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{PART 1} Kids Classroom Valentines Day Crafts + IDEAS collection

I am so excited to feature our 1st ever KIDS line exclusively for the little people in our lives! This is such a FUN collection because it can be used with your kids at home or I am going to be using it in my 2nd graders classroom next week on Valentines Day! I am a homeroom mom for my daughter's class & I got so tired of all the BORING ideas in the store so I thought I would design one & write a tutorial on all the ideas I came up with & offer you a discount on the collection so you can try it out!

Here are some of the pics I shot yesterday of the different things I am going to be showing you how to make. I decided to give you all a few ideas at a time this week, as to not make you have to sit through a long tutorial.

So do you want my advice? Well I would buy this collection TODAY - so you don't forget PLUS I will be giving you the discount code in a minute to go get it on Etsy for 50% OFF (but that's only good until Thursday). Then in the next couple days (including more later) I will be posting step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to make everything you see here - including the goodie bags for the classroom! =)
** goodie bag toppers included in this collection **

And this craft to be done in class or at home!
** coloring craft paper included in this collection ** 

This SUPER EASY bookmark!
**using the pattern paper  included in this collection **

This adorable heart butterfly pencil decoration!
**another idea using the coloring craft paper& the pattern paper included in this collection ** 

 Several FUN ideas on decorating lollipops to hand out!
**using toppers & the pattern paper included in this collection ** 

 OR how about this as an EASY craft in class or use to hand out!
**using toppers included in this collection **

Plus I will have some different ideas on food for the classroom parties that you can make or pick up on your way - whatever you have time for! =)

Just click on this link here to take you right to the listing in Etsy & enter this code for 50% OFF this collection BUT remember ONLY through this Thursday!
at checkout as the retail price WILL be listed until you enter this above code!

Stay tuned for PART 2 of this post where we start making all these fun little crafts with your kids!
Hope to see you back here!
And please give me feedback on this . . .do you like the tutorials? . . . didn't really need it? . . . do you like the Kids Classroom line? I want to do more of these - so please let me know your thoughts here or email me at