Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{SKYLAR RAINE} YouTube feature with Mal Pearson Live


As you all know I recently launched my little "sista" company, Skylar Raine!

 In case you missed my big announcement, you can catch up here & read all about it! 

Well about a month ago I was contacted by a rep from Mal Pearson. If you don't know who she is, she is a style & fashion guru personality & has an amazing website & reports for 'The Daily Buzz' TV show as well.
The reason she contacted me about my business, is she wanted to know if I would like to participate in her month long giveaway in April to celebrate the launch of a new app that she was releasing. Pretty cool huh? 
Of course, I said heck yeah!!!

My products have already been in a few giveaways over there this month but TODAY - I have my OWN day that I am being FEATURED on her website! (well almost, there is one other person-lol)

So I just thought I would share with you all the link to check out my BIG NEWS & if you would like, participate in this amazing giveaway - especially TODAY, as she is giving away a "few" & a "few" more, of my original headbands!

Here is the link to check it out:

Let me know if you check it out & thanks for being here & reading about this as I am pretty STOKED!

Monday, April 23, 2012

COLLECTION :: Teacher Appreciation week IDEAS

teachers make a difference, teacher appreciation cards, teacher gift ideas, school days

Hello there! 

I wanted to share with you some pics of the Teacher Appreciation package I designed a few years ago that is available in my shop. If you are needing some fun ideas to celebrate the teachers in your kids' life, you will want to get this package as there is so many cute things to use for their various teachers! I have also included some ideas to go with it & a tutorial on how to create a unique gift!

teacher appreciation stationery, teachers rule paper, teacher gift idea

I don't know about you all, but my little one has had some pretty amazing teachers so I wanted to do something special for them in mind, which is where a lot of the inspiration came for this collection.

teachers rule art print, framed teacher gift idea, ruler, thank a teacher

In this collection I wanted to have it be versatile - something you could send in with your kiddos all in one day or break it up like I did & have them take in something EVERY day to make the FUN last longer! This is also a GREAT idea for those of you in charge of arranging something nice for the teachers (ex. PTO members or homeroom moms)
I think you will find that it does both so I hope you find it very useful.

The collection includes a banner, toppers, gift tags/mini 3x3 cards, paper pack, stationery paper w/ holder & 2 BONUS mini posters/ frames art. 

First the banner - I used primary colors for the collection & also a gingham print as the major design element. The banner is in the yellow gingham & has the letters in blue throughout.

teacher appreciation banner, school staff banner, we heart our teachers

I decided to have it say "WE {apple in shape of heart} OUR TEACHERS!
So you could use this for just {ONE} teacher & NOT include the {S} at the end or you can hang it in the teachers lounge or whatever for all the TEACHER{S}! And then you will find just one banner pendant with the little chick on it holding an apple - so you can put her at the beginning or at the end or both - totally up to you! 

we love our teachers banner, primary colors banner, little chick, apple, school banner

Just cut little slits on the "upper sides" of each & sting the banner with twine, wide ribbon - anything you think will hold it up!  Another idea would be to 'clip' it to a piece of twine or ribbon with those adorable little clothespins that are super popular right now!

I sent this in with my daughter & a few of her friends hung this up in the class last year for their teacher!

classroom banner, teacher appreciation banner idea, yellow ginghan, we heart our teacher

The toppers come 12 on a sheet & have several different sayings plus some that are just the chick on them. You can use these as a square or use a circle or scallop punch & have a little added flair. Can also be used as an added feature on the stationery box (see below)

teacher appreciation toppers, teacher party circles, teachers rule, you are special
teachers are good friends, gingham toppers, teacher gift ideas

Attach these to gifts for the teachers, attach them to a lollipop stick & put them in cupcakes or a dessert table. Attach them to some cake pops or use on a stick & put in a potted flower . . .ideas on endless!

teacher appreciation cupcake topper, thanks, thank a teacher, cupcake

The gift tags or mini 3x3 cards can be used for just that! As gift tags attached to a gift or as a card for your little kiddo to write her a note!  

mini cards, my teacher rules, teachers make a difference, thank a teacher

Here's an idea that I did - why not print your kiddos teacher out a bunch of these, tie a ribbon around them & give them to her (to use) as a little card set for when she has to send a note home to you! They so appreciate little kind gestures like this!

thank you cards for teachers, mini thank you cards, teacher stationery
my teacher rules, teachers make a difference, mini cards for teachers

{Tutorial ALERT} How to make a stationery holder from scrapbook paper:

Next is the stationery paper pack & holder. This is a fantastic little project to do for a GIFT for your kiddos teacher as it serves as a stationery holder for the paper that is included in this package to hold it. The holder you could use either the red gingham or yellow gingham paper (included in this package)
& pick which color you like, print it out, then on the backside of this, you will want to print the stationery box instructions (included but not shown in this collection) to cut out & fold to hold the stationery paper that comes next.

red gingham scrapbook paper, yellow gingham scrapbook paper, teacher appreciaton scrapbook paper
how to make a stationery box, teacher appreciation gift, stationery

step 1. - choose to print out the yellow or red gingham paper to make the box & then on the other side print the directions

step 2. - cut out box on solid black lines & fold the box on the black dotted lines 
step 3. - using either a glue stick or double-sided tape (recommended) bring in both sides FIRST
step 4. - just bring in the front & back side to form the stationery box shown
& then you will want to print out this page of these 3 different designs of the stationery paper that you will put in the holder you just made. 

stationery paper, teacher stationery pad, teachers rule, how to make a stationery box

Some ideas to "dress it up" include: tying a ribbon around the holder to give it a feminine touch. Adding a topper by gluing one on the front, etc. Possibilities are endless!

teaxhers rule, stationery box, stationery set for teachers, teachers gift idea

And as an added BONUS - I have added 2 - yes TWO small printable art posters that can easily be framed & given as a gift! There are 2 different ones so you can pick or give both - up to you!

teachers make a difference, art print for teachers, teachers believe in you
teachers rule art print, framed art print, teacher gift idea, ruler, apple

And YES on this one I framed, I even added another topper to the frame as a little something "extra" - just used a scallop punch & voila! =)
Ok then . . this is all the info you need to add some FUN into a teachers appreciation party or for your kid's teacher, as a way to say thanks! Hope you enjoyed it & would love to hear your feedback on what you are planning to do with these!

A special THANK YOU to all those wonderful teachers that give of themselves everyday to ensure are kids are safe & happy when they are not with us! THANK YOU! xoxo

If you would like to view the Teacher Appreciation set. It can be found here in my Etsy shop!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Skylar!

Today is my baby girl's birthday!
She is NINE years old! {sigh}

{photography by Ashley Mauro Photography}

I consider it such an amazing honor & blessing that God choose ME to be this little girl's mother. She is the greatest GIFT a person could ever ask for. 
She has such an amazing spirit inside of her that shines wherever she goes. 

She is beautiful & serious.
She is charming & extremely funny.
She is honest & always sees the positive in everyone & everything.
She is silly & has a tender heart.
She is forgiving & caring.
She likes to dance.
She has an amazing voice.
She loves to draw & make things. ;)
She is my best friend & I can't imagine my life without her.
My heart overflows & is very proud of this amazing little girl.
I love you sweet pea!
Love, Momma

Friday, April 6, 2012

{WEDDING INSPIRATION} springtime wedding board using melon

Spring is here & weddings are definitely starting to kick in high gear for the season. I thought I would share with you my latest contribution to Brenda's Wedding Blog - owner of Best Wedding Sites.


My springtime wedding inspiration board using a soft MELON color palette!

Happy Spring! Weddings in the spring are so beautiful because I think the color choices are so abundant to choose from. Soft pastels are always a win-win and the pops of color we get from all the blooming colors of the season. But what about going with a current color trend? As most of you probably already know, tangerine is the HOT color for the year, but what if it's a little too much color for you? Simple. Just try a 'softer' or muted shade of the ever-popular color . . . a nice soft, romantic melon. I personally LOVE this color & really believe it can be paired up with some amazing accent colors as well. How about a melon & grey color scheme? Or pair melon with yellow & a soft pink? The possibilities with this shade are endless & make for a beautiful color palette.

Make sure to visit her blog & check out all the details I wrote about this board & where the inspiration came from!
Here is the actual board to see all of the photo details! 
(links to original sources on the blog) 


Stay tuned for my next contribution over on her blog!
I always try to gather the most unique & fun ideas I can find & I hope you will always find a little 'eye candy' inspiration from it, to add into something YOU are planning!
What was your favorite detail that I found?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

{BIG ANNOUNCEMENT} my little sister company

I am so stinkin excited (and a lil nervous) to FINALLY reveal to you my BIG announcement that I have been working on now for what seems like forever!
I have so meant to tell you all before now but it's been one of these things that I wanted to wait until the "perfect" time, ya know . . .have all of my ducks in a row first, have everything be just "perfect", make sure 'this' is done before doing 'that'.

Because you know what?
There will NEVER be the "perfect" time. What happens instead is life keeps getting faster, time goes by & before ya know it, it's not such a SURPRISE anymore.
That's where I am at. =)

So here we go {drumroll please} brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
 . . . I present to you . . . .
Eye Candy Event Detail's lil sister!

I know some of you already know, you found out, you put two & two together- that's cool but for those of you who don't know . . . 
hope you are as excited as I am!
ME - I am a little nervous typing this right now because it feels so "official" but at the same time, I am FINALLY committing to it on 'paper' as well - so that feels AMAZING! 

Did I wonder if I would sell anything? Sure but guess what, so far so good! I have a pretty good local clientele as well as people online. I also recently had some opportunities to get in some local boutique shops so that will be exciting - working all of that out as well. 

It all started about 8 years ago, when my daughter "Skylar Raine" started needing hair accessories. Same old story you hear from most - I couldn't find anything I liked, so I decided to make my own. I would get compliments, people would ask to buy them, I would say no that's crazy & then move on.
Well finally about a little over a year ago, I decided "why not"? 

Eye Candy Event Details had been in business for about 6 months & sure I thought I was completely NUTS launching or even "thinking" about launching another biz but then I would think "ya only live once". lol

So I went for it. I know a lot of people make headbands or hair accessories but I want this one to be a little different than what you are used to. It is going to focus on "accessories for YOU & your home". (which is the tagline for the biz)
Right now I have only been concentrating on hair accessories for all the girly girls from babies to adults - anyone can find something in my shop.
I LOVE custom orders whether it be for a bridal party or a cheerleading squad needing matching spirit headbands or a headband designed to match a printable line for the party girl - I can do it!!

I also have something a little different that has been a big seller of mine - one of the lines I carry . . . the adjustable convertible headband.
What does that mean? 
The flower design is put onto a clip or barrette that can be attached onto a headband & interchanged when you want to switch up the design.
The adjustable headband is one that I have found that is FOE (fold over elastic), VERY comfortable & YOU adjust the length of it once you receive it.
So I have tried to carry a line that is versatile, affordable & one that most importantly is comfortable wearing all day.

I also introduced a line of jewelry that incorporates rings, bracelets & lapel pins with the designs that you will see on the headbands. I also will be adding necklaces soon as well for those that have asked!

Everything is handmade by me. But the designs & fabric choices are consulted on with the girl herself - my daughter, Skylar - as much as I can. 
She IS my inspiration for launching this business & I have dreams to one day let her run this division of E.C.E.D.'s. What a moment that would be for me as her mother! 

The other plans I have for the business is HOME accessories. This whole line will start debuting late spring / early summer & it WILL stay 'top secret' for the time being - (sorry!) LOL 
I just wanted a shop where women could come to, where they will find fun, trendy, handmade, good, quality, affordable accessories to make themselves & their homes feel a little nicer.
Hopefully you will feel the same.

The other issue that was important to me was "how" I was going to tie this business in with E.C.E.D? Well you see, I DO have a "big picture" idea with all of this & for right now, this is as much as I can share with you. Trust me though when I say, everything will have a place & will coordinate together very well.

Finally, the BIG reason I am sharing this with you NOW - TODAY!
Well, let's just say that I am hoping that you will go & become a fan of "Skylar Raine" on FB - you can find the page here
WHY? . . . well on the page I have been eluding to the fact that I have had an opportunity arise for Skylar Raine to be featured on TV by someone & I WILL be announcing that over there TOMORROW!

So see me waiting for the "perfect" time to let you all know about this is here.
I couldn't wait any longer. This thing with being on TV may or may not be THE thing that could get Skylar Raine some press, may bring in some fans, may bring in opportunities that I have no idea were there.
And I am ALWAYS honest with you & want you to know FIRST & not hear about it somewhere else.

So am I freakin out a little - YES!
Am I EXCITED? - Yes!

But most importantly, just know that E.C.E.D.'s will NOT suffer at all by having this extra division. Trust me - I am working on some BIGGER things for this as well that will be coming soon! I have certain days set aside for each & those of you that know me pretty good, know that I survive on little sleep anyway, am a night owl & are a lot like you -  just trying to provide for my little family & do the best I can. 

(there you have it - you still reading?)

I hope you will like what I am doing over on Skylar Raine & as always I welcome any comments, suggestions or questions for either business.
I also want to THANK all of the fans that I have already over there & to all of my customers as well. You all mean the world to me & LOVE the fact that you are supporting my little adventure! xoxo

I do have a separate email account for Skylar Raine - it is - email me anytime! (and YES I love offering items for giveaways as well!)

Thanks so much! Hope to see you over there too! =)


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I can not even believe it is almost time for Easter - it's less than a week away!
Are YOU ready?
If you are not, I have a little something to share with you first.

I designed this collection last year & it was featured on Hostess with the Mostess. so you may have already seen the photos but if not, I will share a few ideas. To view the feature click here.

This collection has been very popular as it has been designed into a variety of "other" themes but TODAY . . . today I am feeling generous! =)
By far the TWO most popular ones in the "little chick" collections have been the EASTER collection & the "Think Spring" collection. 
So does anyone wanna guess where I am goin with this?

I am going to offer a LIMITED number of BOTH collections to a few lucky people who just happen to have clicked over & are reading THIS blog post TODAY! ;)

First though . . . a little peeks into BOTH collections . . .
First up . . . EASTER!

For all the details on what you would get in the Easter collection, click here.

 . . .and then the "Think Spring" stationery line . . .

To view everything that comes in the "Think Spring" collection, click here.

The "Think Spring" collection is great just to have little notes available ANY time of year, not just in the spring - it is so versatile!

The EASTER collection is a great addition to your Easter collections to have on hand. Even if you already have one set for this year, look at it like you are getting the stationery set at $10 off! 
It's a WIN-WIN, no matter which way you work it!

The retail value of BOTH collections is $50 but the FIRST 20 people to email me at & let me know they want the "BLOG DEAL" of the day will get BOTH collections for only $20! 

So how does it work if you want to cash in on this deal:

Like I mentioned above, just email me as soon as you see this & if you would like the deal. I will check back in later tonight & email the first 20 people & let them know they got it! I will invoice you & then once paid, I will send BOTH collections to you immediately so you have both right away!

{**collections come as is - no changes for this price.}

Hope you are loving this deal & me feeling generous today . . . 
I hope to do more of these deals for all those people that choose to follow my blog! Just my little way of saying THANKS & I appreciate YOU being here!

Hope to email you later! ;)