Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween GLAM "Shock-tail" Party {eye candy}

I am soooo excited to FINALLY share with you all the great photos from
the Halloween GLAM Shock-tail party - what great FUN this was!
I just love me some parties! =)

First off - this little spider dude I instantly fell in love with & he became the inspiration for the whole line that was designed. I LOVE him! We wanted to design a party pack that was fun, versatile, a little different & have the MOST important factor - GLAM! =) So . . .
this is what we came up with - do you love it??

We had a blast planning the whole event & trying to find inexpensive ways to use everyday items to switch over for the party so we came up with a few things. We also designed all the materials for the event, made all the food - including the desserts, made the decorations, styled the photos & shot them plus I am sure I am forgetting something - but what FUN was it! =)

This is the Halloween banner that comes in the party pack . . .

We used lots of signage throughout the event - this one is on the candy bar "Tricky Treats"

Loved how the drink station turned out since we were able to incorporate so many of the items from the party pack into it.First off - of course we had a few signs! =) Then we used the drink flags to decorate the straws - these could also double as napkin wraps as well & then accented w/ a cupcake topper. Oh the uses . . .=)

Shots anyone?? =)

Made these tissue poms - they always make me happy! =)

Oh yeah - another use for the cupcake toppers - can be used as drink markers! Love it!

This little spider on the ribbon came straight off the banner - 
just used the spider - applied some ribbon & feathers (of course for some glam) & bam - instant wall decor!

Then made a custom designed mini pom bouquet - turned out FAB! =)

Cupcake toppers . . .

Snazzy drink / straw flags . . .

Drink sign & then used the spider from the banner for a little table decor!

I also made all of the food for the dessert table - dipped marshmallow pops & of course - cake pops! Left them plain this time around since everything else was so decorated. Just a POP of color =)

Treats & more treats!

Happy Halloween everyone- hoped you've enjoyed the 'eye candy'! 

Much love - Laura

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If you haven't had a chance to visit our new Etsy store AND you possibly might be needing a really cool, hip Halloween banner for your party coming up this weekend . . . you MAY want to head over to the shop & pick one up. Did I mention it only costs ya 2 bucks!? Is that a scary deal or what?? lol
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Enjoy! xo laura

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{Halloween Party Sneek Peeks! }

Just wanted to show you share a few pieces of eye candy that we are working on here at the studio! We are busy finalizing the remaining details on the big Shock-tail GLAM party this weekend & wanted to share a couple of the photos. It will have it all . . . feathers, glitter, spiders, tissue poms, pom pom bouquets, pumpkins, a candy bar, cake pops, green cocktails, and sooooo much more.

However the most important thing is showing you how to incorporate all of the wonderful NEW party packs into your very OWN event - we have them available through our Etsy store but know that sometimes you need necessary 'eye candy' to see how to pull it all together. So I will give you LOTS of pictures and ideas since this blog is going to be used for mainly that- photos & ideas to make all your events YOU!

Stay tuned to see how to use all the great items in the party packs for your next event - and you will see the various ways you can take just one of the items & use it a couple different ways.

I have been asked if we will have party packs available for different events - birthdays, holidays, etc & the answer is "ABSOLUTELY - can't wait to show them to you" (once we get a chance to create them-lol)

Thanks for stopping by! =)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to the world of Eye Candy Event Details!

Hello there!

I am so EXCITED to be sitting here writing to you on my 1st blog! I have always wanted to start one ONCE I had a business up & running that warranted some bloggin action! SO guess what - I do! 

As you know Eye Candy Event Details has FINALLY come to life here on the internet fast-lane & we are wanting to expand & share with you all our other ideas for this business - that hopefully you'll have some interest in - lol!

For now I will just tell you this - I will be sharing anything & everything to update you all on the all the latest happenings of the biz + bring you other lil' tidbits from other friends that may be helpful to you. I am currently networking with some other folks in the party planning world so I will share their wisdom with you as well. As we all know - we can NEVER have too much to stay about throwing a kickin event! =) 

So for now . . .sit back, relax & get ready to take this ride with me - we are in for some FUN FUN FUN together!
Thanks for being a fan and as always enjoy the "eye candy"!

Laura =)