Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FREEBIE :: Love like CRAZY Art Print

Happy {LOVE} Day!
I just wanted to share February's FREE art that I do for you (a day early) - lol This one wouldn't really be 'classified' as Subway Art but it is an Art Print & it's my MONTHLY FREEBIE from me to YOU! I like to change it up a bit every now & again to keep you all guessing! =)

This is THE {love} month & it's a great time to make sure you are reaching out to all the people that you LOVE & letting them know you love them! . . . never assume . . .TELL them! We are ONLY promised TODAY so make it count!

Have a great month & Valentines Day and don't forget to . . .

colored hearts, love art print, valentines day art print, free valentines art

This print is sized for an 8 x 10 frame but could easily be enlarged to fit an
11 x 14 or whatever size you needed. Print it out at home or take it to a printer for a larger size.

Just download your 

"Love is all you NEED" print:
 Free LOVE like CRAZY Art Print & ENJOY!! 
**by clicking & downloading this subway art you ARE agreeing to the RULES & copyright guidelines below! 


  • Eye Candy Creative Studio printables are designed for your PERSONAL USE only. Please do not re-sell, re-distribute, or claim them as your own.
  • I encourage you to share with your fans, friends, on your blog and all I ask is to PLEASE, {be kind} & post/ tag a link back to this website so I know who's enjoying them. Thanks - I appreciate it! =)
  • And PLEASE do NOT remove the copyright mark - thanks!

Have a FABULOUS day my friends! xoxo

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Monday, January 23, 2012

{CLIENT PARTY} BOYS Skater Party Pack Collection

As a designer, I get so many requests for "cool" BOYS themed party collections so I started adding some to my Etsy shop last year & they are one of my BIG sellers in the shop. I would like to think it is because they are a little edgy & "cool". Perfect for the boys that are not little boys anymore & perfect enough for teenage boys that are still OK with their moms throwing a 'themed' party.

Have you ever checked out my "SKATER BOY" party collection in the shop? 

 It has everything you would need for a BOYS party!
Invitations, toppers, labels, candy bar wraps, banner, signs & paper

One of my wonderful clients, Kate shared a few pics with me of how she styled my collection & all I can say is WOW - dude it's so AWESOME!!! You DID such an amazing job with all the little details that you incorporated. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
 Check it out . . . 

and THE cake!!! Did you see the CAKE? I mean really . . . talk about a cool moment seeing your collection made into a CAKE!!!! Soooo COOL!!!

THANK YOU so much to Kate again for sending me these pics to share & THANKS for being a regular customer of mine. I can't wait to see what you do with another one of my BOY party collections. (I already know which one- heehee)

Thanks for checking out this collection & please share if you ever hear of anyone needing a "cool" skater themed party . . I'd appreciate it! xoxo

This collection, as well as other BOY themed collections can be found 
in my Etsy SHOP!

Friday, January 13, 2012

{KEEP ROLLIN'} Happy New Year + my GOALS

Happy New Year Eye Candy followers!

MOTTO for this year!!
(btw - can anyone name the band this comes from . . .lol)

I have been trying for a couple weeks now to get this blog post written about my GOALS for the year. I am a HUGE fan of the GOALS! Why? Without them you have NO idea where you are going.
I also had to go back & check out my post from last year where I asked the question:

I was actually very EXCITED to see that by re-visiting what I wrote last year . .  about what I wanted for my 1st year in business, that I had actually accomplished most of the things I had written down. Want to see what I said last year?
Check it out here.

It also made me realize that by reflecting back over last year, I had to alter my time table, alter some goals & quite frankly just "roll with it". Why? L.I.F.E. That's why. Life has a funny way of throwing you some curve balls & when it does, sometimes you're ready . . .sometimes not so much. You just deal the best way you know how. So that's what I had to do - just roll with it. And you know what? It's not so bad. 
In business - I am VERY disciplined, somewhat of a work-a-holic, a perfectionist, a people pleaser. On a personal level - bahahahaha . . . none of those things. I am a crazy, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person, that likes to try different things ALL the time.

Can you tell I am a gemini?? lol

So what I learned last year is YES you CAN have goals . . it DOES give you a sense of direction but I also learned that by HAVING to just "roll with it" sometimes because of life . . . you get there . . .to your goals but it just may be a little different journey.

So THIS year . . .I am just gonna keep rollin', rollin', rollin', ROLLIN'!
I am gonna keep on that list from last year & learn to 'roll' more. Be flexible. Try not to let that one little thing ruin my whole day if it's NOT in the 'plan' for the day. 
Seriously . . .I need to lighten up sometimes. =)

I need: 1 part business me + 1 part crazy me = someone learning to "ROLL" with it!

So here you go, my TOP 10 list for this year of "rollin' with it":

10. to not stress out so much about 'keeping up with The Jones' . . .
who cares what everyone else is doing. At the beginning I would drive myself crazy thinking you have to do it all in a certain time frame. Trust me. Does it really matter as long as I get them done?
keep rollin' . . .

9. to keep up with blogging. Give you more 'eye candy'. More for you. When it happens. NOT waiting 9 months to post a party. A-hem. Nuff said.
(my daughter's party IS coming I swear - next week)
keep rollin' . . . 

8. to collaborate with some NEW vendors that I have never gotten to work with. Maybe finding the next 'gem' vendor out there. Totally undiscovered. Who knows? Maybe. Maybe not. But I am gonna try. AND I will continue to do more with some of the FAB vendor friends I have lined up. Can't wait.
keep rollin' . . . 

7. to "roll out" more AMAZING giveaways. You seem to like that kind of thing. Hookin up with some newbies would be fun, huh? Bring them to you at the milestones. 6000 fans. 7000 fans. You get the idea. In the meantime I guess you'll just have to settle for the FREE Subway Art every month 
(as a giveaway)
keep rollin' . . .

6. I 'may' be doing less collections. Ya know, less of the 'holiday' stuff . . .in leu of more personable collections for every day use. I don't know. We'll see. I have some AMAZING ideas planned so get ready. Are you ready yet? But remember, no schedule . . .so when one hits me, we'll just go from there. 
keep rollin' . . .

5. the DESIGN part of the business. Did pretty good with this last year. THANK YOU. So, gonna be adding MORE of that stuff. Got some BIG things coming for you that hopefully will fill a big gaping hole of 'need'. Try to figure THAT one out. hee hee
keep rollin' baby . . .

4.would have realllllly liked to have had my blog re-design done. Website up and running last year. But yeah . . that LIFE thing again. Damn LIFE thing. So maybe it will get done this year, maybe not. 
We're just gonna  . . .you guessed it! . . .
keep rollin' . . . .

3. the expansion of 'other' projects in the works. Bringing you more decor. Literally.  More ideas. More. Just more.
keep rollin' . . .

2. to continue LISTENING to YOU. I get some of the most amazing ideas & the most thoughtful emails & I want to say THANK YOU - I DO read them all. My goal is to CONTINUE to 'try' & answer every email, every post on my FB page, every blog response. I really TRIED this year to make that happen. Did I miss a few? Sure but I am rollin'. A friend of mine, Carrie from A Sweet Spot: Home, told herself for this year that she was going to "try" & comment more on the posts she reads, the blogs she reads and I want to do the same. People take A LOT of time writing content to give us. Figure out things we may want to see on our FB pages, so you know what? I am going to join Carrie & REALLY REALLY "try" to comment on posts that I read or at least throw it a click (like) so that way I am appreciating the time THAT person took to write and they will SEE it! =) I think that is a good goal for ALL of us. Truth? Half the time I think no one reads any of my rubbish here but my stats say otherwise or else I woulda been long gone by now. lol

1. and the MOST IMPORTANT thing I want to do this year is ONE WORD: build.

Lara over at "less cake {more frosting}" has been doing a series with people & their ONE WORD for the year. I have been really thinking of it & I think I am going with BUILD.

I looked up the definition to get more of a grasp on my word & I like what I found:
BUILD: v. - 1. To form by combining materials or parts; construct.
2. To order, finance, or supervise the construction of.
3. To develop or give form to according to a plan or process.
4. To increase or strengthen by adding gradually to.
5. To establish a basis for.

I LOVE it!!! YUP. Build. That's my word.

I just HAVE to have a WORD to focus on while I am just "rollin', rollin', rollin', ROLLIN' soooooo 
THIS is it!

BUILD - "to form by combining parts" - I want to take the time & BUILD on my relationships with people: my fans, online friends, vendors, my family.

BUILD - "to supervise the construction of" - I want to BUILD my business MORE. Build my website. BUILD my blog. BUILD collections.

BUILD - "to give form to a plan" - I want to see these things on THIS list, to start forming into something FUN & EXCITING.  - whether it be BUILDing relationships. BUILDing the biz. Just BUILD. Something.

BUILD - "to strengthen by adding gradually to" - LOVE this. This is where me "rollin'" meets BUILD. Glad to meet you. Now let's do this.

BUILD - "to establish a basis for" - to continue to BUILD on what I started in 2011. The 'base' for my business. BUILD it stronger. BUILD it better. BUILD it to the dream I have in my head. ahhhh . . .how great would that be??



 SO I have shared with you what to expect from me this year. I put it out there. 

Anything resonate with you about what I said? I would love to know. 
Are you going to BUILD with me this year? And just keep rollin' as we are . . . 

I can't wait to meet back here in 1 year to see what happens. 


Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Organizaton DEAL} Discount on Erin Condren products

Hello everyone!
I am so EXCITED to share a little something with you all.
I have a NEW LOVE!!!!

Back in late fall, a couple of my friends (caryl & aimee- THANK YOU) were talking about these FABULOUS planners & I HAD to find out what all the buzz was about!! I ordered one because I INSTANTLY fell in love with the graphics, the colors, the layouts, the concept, the pages, the  . . . well . . .EVERYTHING about erin condren's products!

I couldn't WAIT to get it because well . . .once you start looking at the website, you are IN LOVE! Just the WHOLE process of ordering was a BLAST!

Knowing that my planner is made CUSTOM just for ME?! It doesn't get any better than that! I got to pick my cover, colors & say what? Pick the pattern I want in the choices I want, for THE cover???? Say whaaaaaat!  Ummm . . ok! Let's do that!!! Hot pink & lime green please! Have I mentioned how much fun ordering is??? It IS!!! And once you get done with their VERY easy ordering process, they actually give you a approximate 'ship date' which I haven't decided is good or not because I am not sure my mailman appreciated the CONSTANT stalking I was doing while I was waiting. Even though I KNEW approximately when it would be there, ya never know - (LOL) . . it COULD come earlier! =)

Then it happened. The DAY it arrived. Just wait until you see this!
(seriously??? . . .the BOX it comes in is even FAB-UUUUUUU-LOUS!!)
That's IT! Anyone who takes so much time & effort into their packaging is my new BEST friend! Seriously? AMAZING! There could have been NOTHING in the box & I would have been happy! =)

Then . . .the time had come . . the big REVEAL!
Welcome??! Seriously . . .WOW - IN.LOVE!
so excited!!!! This packaging & CARE is insane! Seriously LOVE!
  . . .oh no worries there! Trust me . . .I WILL enjoy! =)

and here SHE is!!!! Ahhhhhh . . . isn't she GRAND!? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

PERFECT! Look at these tabs!!

Ready to see the goodies in store on the INside?? Brace yourself for eye candy overload & pure goodness!
Calendars galore! So much functionality it is hard to believe!

And all these AWESOME motivational sayings throughout . . .this is my FAV!
LOTS of room to plan your days!

Notes section is great to have handy - all in one place!

This NEXT section is one of my FAVS!
Pockets to keep all your 'loose' goodies organized . . .

 . . .and YES people, those ARE sticker sheets . . .a couple pages of them. Seriously the COOLEST thing EV-AAAAA!

What's this?? A plastic pouch loaded with some treats for ME?
Yes - please I am hooked!
and PERSONALIZED with MY name on it to boot! Love you Erin Condren!

So how unbelievably AWESOME is this company??

I PROMISE to ALWAYS bring you reviews on products or companies that I personally BELIEVE in or TRUST and erin condren is ONE I highly recommend.

I will personally be purchasing one of these EVERY year, as we are only 12 days into the New Year & it has already helped!

And here's the BEST part! The very good people over at erin condren have given me a very special deal for you so YOU too, can have your own customized goodness from them! They have PLENTY more FAB products on their website & my list is growing ALL the time.

I personally would advise going to their website at to sign up for their newsletter so you NEVER miss any of their FAB deals they have going on or the launch of any new products. Make sure to also 'like' their Facebook page and see for yourself why this company is so FUN & tell them I sent you, PLEASE.

If you wish to get your own planner or anything else from them, for a limited time,
until next friday jan. 21. 2012, you can use the code: EYECANDY on their website, when checking out & receive a 10% DISCOUNT.
(one time use per customer, cannot be combined with any other coupon codes)

Thanks for being here & happy shopping!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{FREE Subway Art} 2 Valentines Day downloads

I know some of you have started decorating for Valentines Day already, so I thought I would put BOTH of my FREE Valentines Day prints in ONE post for you. I created these LAST year but you may have missed them, so here you go! ENJOY!

Download this print here

Download this print here
**by clicking & downloading this subway art you ARE agreeing to the RULES & copyright guidelines below! 


All I ask in return is just ONE thing . . . .
please if you are not already, become a fan of my FB page, Eye Candy Event Details, here or leave me a comment & follow my blog - {so you never miss a monthly FREE download} & let me me know that you downloaded this FREEBIE or just simply say hello. Either of these just makes me know that you all enjoy these & will only encourage me to do MORE for ya'll! =)


  • Eye Candy Event Details printables are designed for your PERSONAL USE only. Please do not re-sell, re-distribute, or claim them as your own.
  • I encourage you to share with your fans, friends, on your blog and all I ask is to PLEASE, {be kind} & post/ tag a link back to this website so I know who's enjoying them. Thanks - I appreciate it! =)
Will I be creating a NEW one for you this year? 
Have I let you down yet? lol

Make it a great day!! xoxo

Monday, January 9, 2012

{DESIGN DEAL} Custom Business GRAPHIC packages

I am super excited for this New Year & one of the things I have been working on is offering YOU a great DEAL on my GRAPHIC DESIGN services that I offer. I have BIG plans to E-X-P-A-N-D this part of the business this year. (but more on that later). I have had the honor of designing for so many of you  & have had requests to offer 'package deals' so I have decided to put together a few that I hope you will LOVE & be EXCITED about! 

custom "Business DESIGN" starter package
- CUSTOM logo design
- header OR 1-sided business card design

**plus 1 FREE item of choice: 
- button, FB avatar, blog signature
custom "ETSY SHOP" DESIGN package
- CUSTOM logo design
- business card design
- Etsy header

**plus 1 FREE item of choice: 
- watermark, Etsy button, 2-sided business card upgrade

custom "Deluxe BUSINESS DESIGN" package
- CUSTOM logo design
- 2-sided business card design
- Ad layout or business postcard design

**plus 2 FREE items of choice: 
- watermark, FB avatar, button, blog signature


Are you looking maybe for just a mini "facelift"?
"MAKE-OVER" design package
- 2-sided business card
- business SUBWAY ART design
- blog/Etsy header

**plus 1 FREE item of your choice:
- FB avatar, button, blog signature


And for all my photographer friends . . .

 Photographers "BUSINESS" DESIGN" package
- CUSTOM logo design
- 2-sided business card design
- watermark
- CD/ DVD label design

**plus 2 FREE items of choice: 
- letterhead design, postcard, blog/web header, gift certificate, ad layout, sticker design, blog button


- custom LOGO DESIGN = you will receive a CUSTOM design that I work with you on. I have a questionnaire for you to complete & you will be given multiple design choices & file formats when completed. Complete details will be given to you upon booking.

-  header = this can be YOUR choice of a custom header for your Etsy shop, blog or website. All headers are for design only. Uploads are NOT included.

- business card design = custom business card layout design with your choice of colors, fonts, design. Using your logo & creating a look that mirrors your brand. Does NOT include printing. This is for 1-sided card design unless otherwise stated.

- button = this can be YOUR choice of a custom button for your Etsy shop, blog, website or Pinterest. All buttons are for design only. Uploads, coding, activating are NOT included.

- FB avatar = this is a custom design used on your FB page under the profile picture. I will use your logo & any photos to create a collage for your avatar.

- blog signature = custom design signature that can be used on your blog, email or web. Most use their first name & some graphic elements from their logo to create a look for the signature.

- watermark = this is a custom design digital file that is created that can (but doesn't have to) match your logo that is great to use for copywriting your photos to decrease others claiming your photos as their own. Also a great way to keep your name on your photos when posting on your website or blog.

- ad layout = these are great to use for magazine advertisements & features photos of your designs and your logo laid out in a fantastic looking ad. Can request any size.

- postcard = these can be used for marketing purposes, attaching a product to, sending out to clients. Can be designed for any purpose you have in mind.

- CD/DVD label = great for attaching to CD's or DVD's when you send them out to clients. Great for marketing your product or showcasing your photos.

- letterhead = if you send letters out to clients or prospects, this is a good piece to have that will coordinate with your logo & brand your look all together.

-gift certificate = can be designed to have on hand to send to clients, customers or participation in giveaways with other vendors.

- sticker design - a design will be created to match your branding & coordinate with the overall look. Use for adhering to projects/ letters/ packages that you mail out.

- Subway Art print - a design will be created to match your branding & coordinate with the overall look. It will be tailored with descriptive words/ phrases for your business, contain your logo & colors. Great to use for advertising, an art print, customer mailings, etc.

Everything listed in these packages are for the digital files ONLY! 
It does NOT include printing or coding for the online graphics.


If you would like to see EXAMPLES of my work, please visit my FB page & check out my photo albums for what I have designed lately.
If you would like to talk to a past client, let me know & I can arrange that as well.

Didn't see the right package for YOU? Email me & I can build you a CUSTOM package tailored to EXACTLY what you need! 

PLEASE email me at to book your package & reserve your spot on my design calendar as spots are limited! All invoices MUST be paid in full, up front, in order to reserve your spot!