Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentines Photo Props

Hello there!

 There is just something about photo props that I can NEVER get tired of. They are fun, versatile and can be used time & time again. And who's with me on this one . . .DO you or DO you not, feel silly & just like a kid when posing with them? Personally I LOVE getting to act like a big kid ANY chance I get!

photo props for Valentines day classroom party, photo props

There are LOTS of moms out there right now trying to figure out what to do for their kids classroom parties coming up here soon for Valentines Day. Well last year I was wanting to do something different myself, so I took in these Valentines Day photo booth props, brought my camera & the kids LOVED it. They posed, they giggled - it was a TOTAL HIT! I later sent all the parents, that asked, their kids pic!

red lips photo prop, classroom photo props, props for classroom party

be mine valentine, photo props, classroom idea
classroom photo props, lips photo prop, heart photo prop

If anyone would like to do this IDEA, you can get these Valentines Day photo booth props, in my shop!

What IDEAS have you done for a classroom activity for your kids classroom parties at school? I would love to hear - let me know below. ;)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CRAFT :: Kids Valentine PENCIL Ideas

kids valentine craft, silly hearts, valentine coloring, classroom craft

Today I am bringing you an EASY & FUN kids craft involving PENCILS!
You see so many cute pencil packs this time of year, so here's a couple ideas to use with them!
I have two quick & easy ideas for you & the kids will LOVE them both. These are the PERFECT craft idea for your child's classroom parties at school or to do with them at home, so have FUN! 

valentine pencil tutorials, kids valentine pencil crafts, classroom craft

First up - this super easy favor to make in class with a group of kids or you can have your kids make them to give as a valentine. A few ideas for ya on this one!

We shall call him "Silly Heart Pencil Topper" - k?

step by step directions for pencil topper, valentine pencil craft, kid craft

To create: 
1.  I had my daughter use the craft coloring sheet from the Silly Hearts collection & colored in one of the hearts & cut it out
2.  take pipe cleaner & twist in knot at top of a pencil
3. continue wrapping the pipe cleaner around another pencil to create the 'twisted' effect
4.  repeat on other side until you get the 'antennae' look
5. cut a heart shape out of the pattern paper from the Silly Hearts collection, 6.  fold vertically in 1/2
7. snip 2 cuts on the fold  - one about an inch down from the top & the other an inch from bottom - both about 1/2 in.
8. insert pencil w/ antennae in the 2 holes snipped
9.  glue on sides of heart from step 1 & adhere to the heart w/ the pencil in it (don't glue entire backside of silly face heart - so it allows you to remove pencil)

valentine day craft, kids valentine craft, pencil craft, valentines day

Next up . . .   Valentines pencil! This is a perfect IDEA to use as actual Valentines for your kids to hand out in class!

pipe cleaner craft, using pipe cleaners for crafts, valentine kids craft idea

To create: 
1. take pipe cleaner & measure down about 8 in & create a loop
2. cross the loop towards the bottom
3. twist them together
4. it should look like this
5. start twisting the bottom of pipe cleaner around the top of a pencil
6. it should look like this . . .

how to make a pipe cleaner heart, pencil topper made with pipe cleaner

7. push down at the center of your loop
8. this will create the heart shape & adjust it the way you like
9. should look like this - You can then add a topper from the Silly Faces collection as a Valentine & you're done!

pencil topper valentine craft, pipe cleaner craft, silly hearts, kids craft
pipe cleaner craft, kid valentine idea, pencil craft, valentines day craft

Hope you enjoyed these EASY Valentines Day pencil crafts that you can do with the kids! What fun valentines crafts have you done this year? I would love to hear what you've been crafting up with your kids! ;)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CRAFT :: Easy Valentines bookmarks

valentines, bookmarks, paperclip craft, kids craft, kids valentines

Hi. Staci here from Lizard and Ladybug. Today, I’m sharing a super sweet and super simple Valentine project.

You’ll need 2 things:

- Paperclips

- Ribbon

paperclips, valentines craft, kids valentines, ribbon for crafts

I don’t really measure so I’ll guess the ribbon is ~5” long.
Loop it around the end of the paperclip and that’s it!

paperclip valentines idea, finished valentines craft, kids valentine craft
crafting with kids, paperclip valentines, classroom valentines, valentines party craft

You can attach these to a book as a sweet gift.
You can attach these to a simple tag and give with some candy.

kids valentines, party favor idea for valentines party, valentines party favor idea
valentines note, valentines bookmark, classroom valentines day favor

Happy Valentine’s crafting!!


Want to see MORE crafty ideas? Head on over to Staci’s page at Lizard and Ladybug!

Guest Contributor: Staci Golden

Here I am in a nutshell:

~ I'm a stay-at-home mom to the lizard & ladybug
~ I love to craft
~ I can not sew
~ I exercise to keep sane
~ I would like to eat Reese's all day
oh and my family has a tough time taking a serious picture ;)

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Monday, January 28, 2013

{SALE} Valentines Day - get it for FREE!

Today is ONE of those days when you are gonna be so stoked that you follow my blog because YOU are hearing about this FIRST! I am offering up a CRAZY good deal for you today since well . . 'I love you man' & I want to do this!

When you run (don't walk) over to my shop & purchase this 'Silly Hearts' KIDS classroom collection for your Valentines Day parties (which by the way is already on SALE for you. Yup you're welcome - double down on the goodness today;)  . . . I will automatically send you the "Kiss ME" Valentines Day collection for F-R-E-E! 

So what's the catch you ask? These are LIMITED - once they are SOLD OUT that is it. period.

All this week I will be featuring LOTS of IDEAS for using the 'Silly Hearts' kids collection including food ideas, craft ideas & more. Then next week, we will talk about some fun things you can create with the 'Kiss Me' collection!

Hope you'll join us & go get your collections now! ;) ENJOY

So I would LOVE to know which Valentines Day collection you like better & why? Let me know below . . . thanks!

Friday, January 25, 2013

FREEBIES :: Valentines Day Art ROUND-UP

Valentines Day is fast approaching & I wanted to make sure you were prepared. So I have rounded up the ALL of the Valentines Day Subway Art & prints that I had on my blog for ya! Now you have them all in ONE post & can pin them & save them for when you need a print! Enjoy!

round up, free downloads, subway art, valentines art prints

chalkboard print, valentines day print, free download, love is all you need

colored hearts, love like crazy, free valentines art, love art, valentines day

free happy valentines day art, free valentines art, hearts, lip prints

damask heart, free valentines art, valentines day, heart balloon

**by clicking & downloading ANY of my subway art designs, you ARE agreeing to the RULES & copyright guidelines below! 


  • Eye Candy Creative Studio printables are designed for your PERSONAL USE only. Please do not re-sell, re-distribute, or claim them as your own.
  • I encourage you to share with your fans, friends, on your blog and all I ask is to PLEASE, {be kind} & post/ tag a link back to this website so I know who's enjoying them. Thanks - I appreciate it! =)
  • And PLEASE do NOT remove the copyright mark - thanks!

Do you LOVE this round-up?
I would LOVE for you to share this with your friends as well - everyone is welcome to these FREEBIES!  
Feel free to PIN it & make sure you check out ALL my other FREE Subway Art prints I have designed here on Pinterest

Have a FABULOUS day my friends! xoxo

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

{HOPE} MY goals, MY one word & MY mission

OLW, hope, one little word, chalkboard art, definition of hope, word art

Verb :: want something to happen or be the case.

 noun :: expectation - trust - promise
 verb :: trust - expect - anticipate

:: the feeling that what is wanted can be had.
:: to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.
:: to believe, desire or trust. 


  I am a little behind on sharing my GOALS for 2013. Major surgery will do that. ;) But nevertheless, I am a H-U-G-E advocate of creating, making & holding yourself to a list. Ya know THE list of goals you make for yourself. The list you make for your business. I love lists. I love goals. I love *trying* to challenge myself every year to 'beat' the list. lol

Last year was about 'rolling with it' in my business. The major point being to NOT freak about the list - to let things go. Be more flexible. I think I did pretty good. I definitely had alot of things I needed to just 'keep rollin with' and that were out of my control and yet here I am.

This year's list is a little different. I am switchin it up on ya. Also I am incorporating my ONE WORD for 2013 again into it all as well. Last year my word was BUILD. I took that word and I feel successful with what I BUILT - relationships, this biz, the design shop, the blog, a new team & much more. Now time to enter the word for this year: HOPE.
scabble tiles spelling hope
image via Trust In the Lord

If you follow my blog, you all probably know I have already been using HOPE as my word through my personal journey & my recent surgery & I just LOVE IT! It brings me great comfort + it is a REALLY great word for business, life & pretty much anything as it has so much POSITIVE backing it up! ;)

Just take a look:

:: "HOPE is a waking DREAM." ~ Aristotle

:: "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without HOPE and confidence." ~ Helen Keller

:: "Don't lose HOPE. You never know what tomorrow may bring"

Noun :: a feeling of expectation & desire for a certain thing to happen
I do expect this for my business. I am claiming this for my business and my life. The HOPE that makes me smile. The HOPE that sees the good. My HOPE. 

Verb :: want something to happen or be the case.
I WANT this for my business. I have that feeling of expectation for certain things to happen. For things that I built last year, to come together & bear fruit this year for me. I HOPE this happens. 

 noun :: expectation - trust - promise
 verb :: trust - expect - anticipate
I love that the words 'trust' & 'promise' are synonyms because how FAB is that rockstar line-up? HOPE - TRUST - PROMISE {giddy on this one}  

Anticipate . . . having HOPE is so much like Christmas morning. You expect it every year, you anticipate it's coming & you HOPE Santa brings you goodies. ;)

:: the feeling that what is wanted can be had.
:: to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.
:: to believe, desire or trust. 

I do have the feeling that what I want this year can be had & so so sooooo look forward to it. I BELIEVE it is possible partnered up with my HOPE. :)


I am not sharing my list this year as I am not sure you all really care so much about the specifics as I am assuming it's more about the reasoning as I am sharing here today.

One thing I will share with you on the list, is the HOPE mission I am doing. It's about looking past ourselves, reaching out to others - it's something we all "think" we do but it doesn't happen that much (unfortunately). Honestly . . . we NEED to stop & take the time! . . . we need to give people some HOPE. I guarantee you right now, people you personally know - ya know the ones you think are ok & their life is so great? They are more than likely dealing with something every day that you may not know about. Some people are just trying to make it through the day. We all NEED to know someone cares!

The last few months have been a real eye-opener for me personally. I was on this journey, and I didn't know how it would end and I was surprised by how some people reacted to it all, how some people were never there for me & then how some came out of nowhere & made themselves available to me. Going through something life & death will show you who really cares. It changed me. It opened my eyes. Some days it was VERY lonely for me & I HOPE no one ever has to feel like that.

So this is my mission for the NEW YEAR . . . MY year of HOPE!  
Connecting with people & offering a bright spot in their day. A lil' HOPE. It's simple, really. I am starting out slooooooow, so I can make it into a habit. My goal is to reach out to just ONE person a week. I want to give back. Make myself available - to let them know I am thinking of them by sending a quick email, text or tweet. Give back by taking a moment to invest in people. Maybe I send something in the mail. Maybe I pick up the phone & have a conversation with them. Maybe I leave a blog comment or like a status on FB at the very least. Every week, every day, will be different. But my goal is by the end of the year (hopefully way sooner) I can check in, reach out to someone EVERY day & offer some HOPE. I want to give someone the same HOPE I was given. The same HOPE I have. :)

I believe, we as women, need to be there for each other & take a minute to check in with each other,  . . . to invest in other people. That moment we take, that minute we give to them, may mean the world to someone else. It may make all the difference in someone's day. That one minute could be all they get from anyone, all day. People assume that others are being taken care of, they have lots of friends looking out for them or someone else is tending to them. What if you assume wrong? What if they don't? Maybe you think that person is strong - she can handle anything! What if she can't? Maybe all they need is ONE person to give them HOPE for the day. All of us need HOPE. We all struggle every day. Our struggles may be huge one day & small the next but they are all our struggles.

Let's assume that we are all anyone has. Does that make sense? Why don't we make ourselves the one little slice of 'HOPE' for others. Make your concern known. Make a hello matter. Make an email count. YOU put that smile on someone else's face. Do it. Do NOT assume someone else is beating you to it. Don't assume people take the time. Don't assume people are ok. Let's get out there and make people see the HOPE. Give them something to hold onto. Let them see the HOPE in people, in you, in the everyday.

We can choose to do nothing & hope someone else will do it. 
Or you can join me in wanting to make a difference in someone's day. To let someone know they matter. What will YOU do? Did this post matter to you? Did it give YOU hope? Will you let me know? Leave a comment & let me know what you will do or if you have HOPE.

I have always said "it's the little things" that make a difference to someone. 
. . . one little minute . . . taking the time to think about someone else . . . 
And did I mention it feels so good to make someone's day?! ;)   I HOPE we can make a difference - in other people's lives, in our businesses, at home, in relationships . . . we CAN have everything with HOPE!

I can't change the world but I CAN change what I do. So watch me. I am only one person. But I am mighty with my HOPE. ;)