Monday, October 24, 2011

REAL PARTY :: Halloween Party & Dessert IDEAS

glam halloween party, shocktail party, ideas for halloween party decor

Halloween is almost here . . are YOU ready?

I wanted to share some ideas on how to have a fabulous Halloween get-together with some friends and (of course) I used the GLAM Halloween "Shock-tail" collection from my shop.

There's still time to send out an invite - just pay, print, write in the info & send this week! 

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Plus I have made it really simple for you as the whole collection, including the invite is on sale and you can get them here

Next is planning the decor! 
Some simple things you can do to dress up the party. Use lots of decorated pumpkins. Grab some candles and try to use what you already have on hand. Plus you can use the artwork from the collection to create graphics to help with the decor too.

scary fun, spider web runner, halloween dessert ideas, cookies
halloween tissue paper bouquet, halloween paper lanterns, spider

A few spiders that are fun add interest to your table along with the tissue pom bouquet, that I made. Some colored hanging tissue poms ALWAYS look good plus I added a paper lantern too to keep the color scheme throughout the decor.

glitter pumpkins, halloween subway art, framed halloween art, chevron

I made this FREE Chevron Halloween Subway Art that you can download for FREE here, put it in a frame & add some glitter pumpkins (found in the dollar bin at Target) to add an inexpensive display.

One of my favorite things to make for Halloween, that's inexpensive & looks good, is to get some mini pumpkins, spray adhesive on them & apply glitter. I went a step further here, & added a feather up near the stem along with a mini glitter spider.

how to glitter pumpkins, ghoulish goodies, halloween party decor

Next up TREATS! 
Every party has to have some sort of candy bar - especially at a Halloween party! Keep it simple by throwing some fun colored web on a table & place some fun containers with some fave candy in for your guests to 'trick or treat' in! 

halloween party candy bar, tricky treats, pumpkins, candy, spiders

halloween party candy bar treats, gumballs, halloween licorise

And the FOOD!!! . . . (I realllly mean the DESSERT TABLE!=) . . .

ideas for desserts at a halloween party, finger food for a halloween party
monster mash, spider legs, veggie tray, cookies, cake pops, halloween

Make some cookies & cupcakes or buy them, throw some veggies & dip on the table, make homemade marshmallow pops . . . just dip some marshmallows, poke a stick in it & throw some sprinkles on them - it doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. =)

halloween cookies, cupcake toppers, wicked, boo, thank you, cupcakes
halloween cupcakes, cake pops, dessert table ideas for halloween
halloween Oreo balls, halloween cupcakes, halloween cupcakes

What IS your favorite Halloween snack? Mine is taking peanuts & mixing them with candy corn - tastes JUST like a PayDay candy bar is you have never tried it. I just tried it for the FIRST time a few years & let's just say I ummm . . .am ADDICTED!!!

monster mash, peanuts and candy corn, snacks for halloween party

And what's an adult party without some festive FUN drink ideas!?

spooky spirits halloween party drinks, cocktail party drinks, shocktails
halloween straws, halloween cocktails, witch's potion, halloween party
bone serum tags, drink tags, cocktails for halloween, gummy worms
spooky spirits, pumpkin, wine bottle, halloween table decor

If you have been inspired & you like this collection, I have it available in my shop, which includes the invite as well. It comes with the invite, toppers, banner, drink flags, napkin wraps, glass/wine labels, food/candy bar labels. Just click here to purchase.

halloween party decor, halloween dessert table decor ideas, thank you

I hope you all have fantastic parties this Halloween week & you have found at least one idea to take away from this & incorporate into your own!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

{Designer Challenge} The Results & keeping it real.

Hello everyone . . I don't know about you but WOW what a week this has been!!! I will NEVER forget this week. It will forever go down as a monumental week to remember & here's why.

This week I celebrated my ONE YEAR blog anniversary. The place which gives me the privilege of sharing about what I love with all of you & I was pretty excited already about that because that meant I HAD kept up with it as best as I could. But then the most WONDERFUL thing happened!

I found out I WON the "Designers Challenge" - me . . I won! I won.
What a memory I will have to cherish.
I am still riding on my high from this WIN!

Ebony from Sparkling Events & Design, invited 12 different designers to accept the challenge of designing something fabulous for 4-6 people, dessert table, activity, AND on a $100 budget! 

The talent pool of this group of women, I was in this with, was crazy RIDIC!! They are some of the most popular party girls around & I adore them all!!

To check out what everyone did with the budget, take a peek here

Curious what I did? 

I will give you a few peeks at what I did as I am planning on writing up a full blog post so you can get more details about it all! 

I just want to THANK everyone again that VOTED for me. I am very humbled by this experience & it is something that will always be a cherished memory in the history books of Eye Candy Event Details. 

To me, I feel like I won a million dollars. To some that may seem silly. But when you LOVE what you do as much I do & then something like this happens, it makes you feel GOOD!
{Because it justifies all the times you didn't feel like you were good enough . . . all the times when you doubted the talent you have . . . all the times when you thought you would never get anywhere . . . all the days you cried from frustration because nothing was going the way you needed . . . all the days that make you wonder if anyone is listening to the ramblings you post}
 . . .well this week I had my DAY & it felt good.

I was having a 'rough' week (mentally) and so it came at the PERFECT time. The post that read 
"the results are in"

I took a deep breathe & opened the post . . and then 
I saw MY name . . . 
I won for "Best Interpretation of Theme" {YAY}

and then I saw my name AGAIN . . .
I was in a 4-way tie for "Best Use of Budget" {sa-weet}

and so I scrolled down one . . . more . . . time . . 

and there it was:
{seriously- no way. Am I reading this correctly? Are my eyes playing tricks? I totally thought I misread it - I even closed & re-opened the post to make sure!}

and then right BELOW that 
{is when my jaw literally hit my desk}
it read . . .
{say . . what? Am I being 'punked' right now? Really?
THAT meant more to me than anything because YOU the fans voted
& that is something I will always hold dear to me - THANK YOU}

So I will take this feeling from this WIN & I am gonna try to bottle it up as much as I can, hold onto it tight, & remember that I AM where I am supposed to be. And on those 'bad' days, I will take a little from this bottle &  I will keep trying my best to create what I love & hope others love it too.

Thanks for letting me get real with you all today. 
Thanks for being here.
But most importantly THANKS for voting for me in that challenge.
I needed that win to keep me where I need to be & I am so grateful.

Friday, October 14, 2011

{Halloween TREATS} How to make Witch hat cookies & marshmallow purses

hello there . . .if any of you have kids . . . young kids, if they are anything like mine - they can be a TRIP! I had mentioned on my Facebook page yesterday that I had to make something for a 'snack' for my daughter's Brownie meeting yesterday, as it was our turn. My daughter is eight. She is a girly girl. She "expects" certain things when you do party design for a living. 
Meet our "design" of THE snack for her friends at her Brownie meeting yesterday . . . 

What is it you ask? Kinda looks like those marshmallows purses I saw in the "Designers Challenge" you were in but different. And is it hanging on an ice cream cone? Yes & YUP! 

We took a plain Becky Crocker sugar cookie mix & baked those, iced them (thick) & then placed an inverted sugar cone in it. Then took every "girly" icing tube we could find to decorate them around the edges (where it meets the cookie) to keep it 'glued' in place. We were going for a witches hat but I didn't REALIZE she would want to decorate then sooooo COLORFUL! 

 And she really liked the purses I made for my photo shoot for my entry in the Designers Challenge that I did - remember these little guys? The marshmallow purses is just something I thought up to try (when doing the photo shoot for my 'G.R.E.E.N. Swap Party' & it worked! Just take a marshmallow, pick a colored fruit roll-up slice for the handle (cut to desired length), roll it until it looks like a rope, poke holes in the marshmallow & insert handle, then decorate with gel icing & a sprinkle or two. Super easy & super cute!

 so we added some more colors to have them match the "witches hats" & hung them from the tips of the hats.

It's funny, when planning the snack, I asked her what she wanted me to make, I said "cookies or something" to which she replied, "NOT just cookies but something GOOD because ya know, you're a PARTY mom!" 

PARTY mom? Hmmmm  . . PARTY mom . . . I can live with that!! I suppose when we have a creative job then we may get 'labels' from our kids & ya know what? I am fine with that.

Want to know why? When we set all these out at snack time during the Brownie meeting, the look of "pride" on my daughter's face when all the girls were LOVING the treats & asking how I made them, was all I needed to be HAPPY with THIS label. I can live with PARTY mom. I will OWN it. I AM party mom.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DECOR :: Glam Halloween Mantel

halloween subway art, glitter decor, glam halloween home decor

hello everyone! . . . I wanted to share my Glam Halloween mantel decor with you today and show you some photos of how I used the FREE Halloween Chevron Subway Art I posted a few weeks back, on my OWN mantel! 

I decided to utilize some fun decor items I had with glitter on them to 'glam' up the place a bit! It's not too overdone but I am loving the feel it gives to the whole overall mantel look! It adds some POPS of glittered goodness to the whole Halloween vibe and who doesn't love glitter!?

glitter pumpkins, halloween subway art, framed halloween art, spider

Here's a shot of the whole mantel! 

glitter Halloween pumpkins, glitter spider, framed halloween art, mantel decor

I wanted to do something a little different this year so I went ahead & "recycled" some of these pom buntings from a previous photo shoot that I had. Coincidentally, it matched my {already} green, that is the "accent" color in my black n' white living room! Love when things work out like that! 

how to glam up your mantel for halloween, halloween mantel decor ideas
glitter pumpkins, framed halloween subway art, mantel decor ideas

Would LOVE for you all to send me pics of what or where you are using my FREE printable that is pictured here! Maybe I will even do a blog post IF I get enough pics from you all!

If you missed out on the FREE Halloween Chevron Subway Art, you can download here

All I ask in return, is leave me a comment here on my blog, I'd love to hear from you. 

Have a great week & don't forget to send me pics of your subway art.

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