Thursday, December 30, 2010

{2 FREE printables} DAMASK New Years Eve Collection

Just a reminder that the complete Damask New Years collection 
is up & available for sale in the Etsy shop for only $9 for this 
whole complete set! Such a deal! And as always if you would 
rather just have one of the pieces in the collection - email me 
& I will set up a listing just for you! =)  (because I'm cool like that!)

The Damask New Years Party Pack uses a black and white with 
red and purple accents and includes:

1. Party Toppers - 2.25" squares, 12 per sheet
- uses: cupcake toppers, favor tags, drink markers, food labels, 
napkin ring accent, decor accents, etc.

2. Food/Drink Labels - 3.25"x1.75", 10 per sheet
- uses: candy bar labels, labels for food, desserts, 
wine bottles, water bottles, glasses, decor accents, etc.

3. Banner - Full Sheet
- saying: Happy New Year 2011

4. Drink Straw Flags - 5"x.5", 24 per sheet
- uses: drink straw flags, decor accents, wraps, etc.

5. Nugget Bar Wraps - 30-up Avery Labels
- uses: Chocolate Nuggets wrapper, decor accents, etc.

6. Napkin Wraps - 8"x1.5", 6 per sheet
- uses: napkin wraps, labels, decor accents, etc.

FREE BONUS - stars in red, black & purple for decor accents

Plus don't forget about the FREE New Years sign that I posted here on 
the blog yesterday . . .you can download it  here and then you would have 
2 FREE BONUSES to go with this collection! How sweet is that?!

Have a FABulous New Years my friends & if you use any of
this collection for your New Years celebrations - I would LOVE
to see some pics!

Hold on because 2011 is gonna be a wild ride w/ Eye Candy Event Details . . 
we hope you'll join us!

xoxo  laura

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{FREE printable} DAMASK New Years Sign

 . . . because I LOVE you - all my blog followers
. . .a FREE printable DAMASK 
New Years Sign to adorn your party table on New Years Eve! 

DO you LOVE it! I personally LOVE Damask - so
thought I would share . . . 

Just simply print it out & pair it up with a 
GORGEOUS frame or add some glitter . . .
you're good to go! =)

Please make sure to become a fan of my FB page
and/or follow this blog IF you download - would
appreciate it! =)

Download the FREE printable here:

See the rest of the matching collection here on Etsy:


Damask New Years Eve Collection

hello all

WOW - can you believe Christmas has come & went already?
I don't know about you but it was a blur for my family!

I have LOTS to catch up on here & to show you
but most importantly wanted to get the latest collection to
you FIRST - our new DAMASK New Years Eve collection!
(and since damask just happens to be my FAV pattern - 
I particularly LOVE this one!)

The banner here is black & white damask w/ red
& just a few subtle touches of purple! Ahhhhh
These labels can be used for a variety of things
including your food table, candy bar, drink station,
etc - just write in what you need it to say!

The toppers I LOVE since they are my favorite
item in the party packs - probably because the 
possibilities of uses are ENDLESS!
Obvious ones are cupcake toppers, gift tags, 
decor on top of toothpicks in the party food, taped
onto your dishes containing the food for added decoration,
mini banners, etc. - cut them into different shapes using
your favorite punch or leave them as they are!

And do you just LOVE these drink straw flags?
These are so fun to make your drinks festive!
Just fold them in half & leave as is around the straws
or cut them into a pendant shape at the ends once 
they are folded.

Of course, we need some napkin wraps as well & you all have 
seen that I find uses for these other than wrapping napkins 
with them! lol You can wrap these lil suckers just around
anything that needs a lil jazzin up! =)

The BEST part of all of this - only $9 right now available
in our Etsy shop - go here to get yours NOW!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{50% OFF} Mod Snowflake Printable Collection - THANK YOU!

I would like to take this opportunity before everyone gets too too 
busy in the season to express my deepest sincere 
GRATITUDE to YOU - all my loyal followers & friends 
who have decided 
to join me on this journey with Eye Candy Event Details! 

I am so humbled by your love of our work & your sweet comments 
about the designs we are putting out there for you all. 
It means the world to me that you all have liked it 
& continue to tell your friends about this business! THANK YOU!

We so LOVE what we do & have so many "dreams" to bring you for 
next year & a TON of ideas ( I really don't know if there are 
enough hours in the days) to bring all of them to life! lol 
But we will try! =)

So for now - as a special treat to you, we want to offer our 
new collection of the Mod Snowflake designs 
(the whole printable collection) to you at 50% OFF 
now through Christmas - so you can enjoy the designs
over the holiday at your parties & festivities you may have planned!

Just use the code - GIFT4YOU50 at checkout to receive the 
WHOLE collection for only $9 - what a deal huh? =)

Here's the link:
Again THANK YOU for following - you each mean so much to me 
- since you were here at the beginning - when it all started! =)

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & God Bless!

xoxoxoxo Laura

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Holiday Printable} Mod Snowflake Collection

Introducing . . . 
the MOD SNOWFLAKE collection

oh yeah!!! . . .I am sooo beyond excited to be introducing you 
to some Christmas "eye candy"  . . . it's our 1st ev-aaaa
Christmas printable holiday pack that you 
can use to create a gorgeous table display with . . 
or use it to decorate a cocktail party you will be having . . 
or use it for your gift giving needs . . . 
whatever creative way you come up with - we just hope you ENJOY it! =)

I wanted this collection to be based on my 2 favorite colors- PINK & RED!!
Also wanted to do some simplistic elements which led me to use
a snowflake and I think it turned out perfect - could be used for
the holidays & actually for a very festive New Years party!

The collection contains:
1. party toppers (of course)
I used them here for a few different options . . 
on a candy dish & as a decorative accent in the marshmallow pops . .  

2. food / drink labels - that you could use for a number
of different ways.
I used them as a food label / decoration by attaching
it to a lollipop stick & using it as a centerpiece in
this donut tower of peppermint donuts. yum! =)

3. gift tags - use these on homemade treats to someone or 
on their gift - either way - ADORABLE!

4. drink straw tags - these are so cute for a little eye candy
on your cocktail this season. I also used them to add a little
something to my dessert plate.

5. napkin wraps - LOVE the napkin wraps but didn't use them around
napkins for this shoot. INSTEAD I decided to try something a little
different & placed it around a larger ornament for a new look.

FREE BONUS - we decided to offer a FREE item with the printable
pack - the WISH LIST! 

OH . . . by the way . . has anyone been eye-balling these
GORGEOUS snowflake cookies that PERFECTLY match
my party pack decor??? 
Well I know where you can get them.
Wanna know? =) My new friend's name is Sara Dandy
with Dandy Delights & you can getcha some of these delish 
cookies from her anytime you like - she does everything!
Here is her info
Just tell her Laura sent ya! =)

Also don't forget that we have also created several
digital & boxed Christmas cards for this season - all are 
available in our Etsy shop. But this one matches
this Mod Snowflake collection . . . 
You just send us your digital file & we customize 
it just for YOU!

Thank you all for being a blog follower - I would appreciate you
telling your friends about us - they just MAY thank you for it!

AND just so you know all of these items in the 
MOD SNOWFLAKE collection are  
ON SALE right now until Sun. 12/5/10 for 30% OFF! 

BUT . . . since you are a follower of the BLOG - 
you're in LUCK! 
Remember when I told you to . . .
The only place to know this lil secret 
is HERE on this blog . . . if you  
enter code "BLOGCANDY50"
at checkout on Etsy - YOU - yes YOU - 
can get 50% OFF
this collection until 12/5/10!

It's our way of THANKING you for being here with us! =)
Grab it now & get a deal!

And please leave a comment & tell us what you think - 
it would make me happy! =)

Thanks so much for your support & we wish you a truly

xoxo laura

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{Christmas Cards 50% OFF} ONE DAY ONLY (11/30)

Good morning party peeps!

I have a special treat for you today . . . since alot of us
were busy "cyber shopping" yesterday  . . . some of you 
may not have had a chance to stop by the Etsy store & pick
up your new Christmas cards for 50% OFF!
You'll have to visit the store to see just how low we went! lol
But have no fear - the deal is here!

Since tomorrow is Dec. 1 (already - really??) - we have decided
to run our Cyber Monday deals just ONE MORE DAY!

So for today - and today ONLY - you can visit the Etsy store
pick your design & then we can work with you on the photo
& customizing.
So tell your friends (pretty please) & let us know which
design is your fav!
Here's a peek at all of them . . .

 We would LOVE to work with you on your Christmas cards
this year! Hope to hear from you! 

xoxo Laura =)

Monday, November 29, 2010

{Cyber Monday MADNESS deal #1} 50% OFF Christmas Cards

Hope you are enjoying all the deals happening all over 
Cyber Monday MADNESS!

Of course, I had to include us in the crazy mix right?

So you heard & saw it here ONLY since you all are the loyal 
followers of ze blog!

We just put 3 different digital photo Christmas card designs
in the Etsy store & they are 50% - you will have to go look 
to see just how LOW we go! 

Here are the designs again to choose from- which of course 
all includes personalization with your info & fav photo. . .

option #1 - Damask Christmas  


option #2 - Mod Snowflake


option #3 - Blue Penguin

AND we also give you the option in our Etsy store
to have us print these for you as well . . .so I 
believe we have made it easy for ya! (hopefully)

Hope you LOVE them - please let us know what you think - 
we'd LOVE to hear from ya! =) 

Happy Shopping! 

{Cyber Monday MADNESS deal #1} 50% OFF

Alrighty then WHO remembered to take that AWESOME family photo 
last week to save for the brand NEW Photo Christmas cards 
we have designed this year?? Anyone . . .anyone??

It's OK if you forgot because you can still purchase the cards TODAY 
with this CRAZY deal we have going on in our Etsy store for
"blog followers" ONLY! (yes you ARE special to me - <3) 

The first deal we have to offer is for THIS design . . . 
the MOD SNOWFLAKE design series.

You can get the deal of the day on this card in our Etsy shop!
Discount code of 50% OFF in the store - TODAY ONLY!

Hope you LOVE the deals we will be offering today !
much love xoxox

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fiesta Wedding Reception {Eye Candy}

AHHHHHHH-mazing {wedding reception} to share with you all today! 
Eye Candy galore . . .SERIOUSLY! =) 

I had the honor of helping out with a very dear, dear client 
of mine {who happens to be my best friend} 
& she had me design & create the candy bar for her 
Mexican Fiesta wedding reception.  
We were also responsible for the invitations & of course . . . 
what's a party without one of our custom wedding card boxes'?! =)
What FUN that was to create! Oh yeah . . .  

{The invites} . .  .
she choose a vibrant orange & a nice soothing ocean blue
for her base colors  . . . and of course - she wanted a starfish!

the response cards  . . .

they we packaged all up in a nice folder-in envelope
& put a starfish sticker on the outside.

{The custom wedding card box} . .  .
I decided to put the card opening off center - to the side
for a different feel this time.
Accented in her base colors & of course the starfish.

 {The candy bar} . .  .

She & her husband went to Cancun back in September 
& had a beautiful beach wedding 
& decided to have the reception back here at a later date. 
So she wanted her reception to having the 'feel' of being very tropical 
with it being a very festive feel like they had in Cancun.

I believe they got EXACTLY what they wanted . .  .
classy yet fun . . . .tropical yet festive . . . enjoy the "eye candy"!

Thanks for following  . . . xoxoxo laura =)