Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WEDDING :: Teal & Mocha FALL Inspiration Board


Hello everyone & welcome to "Wedding Wednesday"!

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Fall is officially here and we are celebrating with a FABulous color scheme! I absolutely LOVE teal anything so pairing it with a mocha brown just makes a classy & elegant statement but keeps it fun and a little edgey! I want to plan a party just to use this color palette as it is delish!
Decorating doesn't have to be expensive or hard, use some fun tissue poms to decorate around your event as they are fun plus beautiful hanging from above. These macarons are sure to be a hit especially ones as gorgeous as this. You can have more than a main cake at your event or set up a dessert bar for your guests but add these macarons to the menu, for sure! This simple dress is perfect for a fall wedding even though it's short. Simply add a shawl in mocha to keep the chill off at night and depending on your theme, heels to cowboy boots would look great with it! Another simple decor item that is perfect for low budgets but is also functional is matching cocktail napkins. It gives just the right amount of pop you need at the bar or on tables to match your color scheme. Great accessories paired with the perfect dress is a must. What bride wouldn't love these earrings or this amazing handbag on their wedding day? Teal pumpkins . . .I am in love. Enough said. Gorgeous place settings will have your guests excited for your reception, a simple bow around napkins give a nice touch. This suit is the perfect attire for the men. Mocha suits with teal accessories for them will surely have them looking smashing.

Have you been to a fall wedding that had a teal & mocha color palette? What colors were used? What was your favorite element of the event?  I would LOVE to hear the details . . .spill below ;)

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DESIGN :: Watercolor Bridal Luncheon Invite

 bridal luncheon invite, rustic bridal shower, watercolor invite, wedding

Hello there!

A couple weeks ago, I was all excited to share with you some of my recent client works that have been keeping me busy. I shared a few of the hand lettered prints I had completed plus a new custom watercolor invite that I was doing for a special friend.

Well I am excited to share a few more details with you today about that custom watercolor invite. It was designed for a bridal luncheon that was going to be a little bit rustic but elegant, simple but beautiful and an intimate gathering to celebrate this upcoming wedding.

watercolor flowers, bridal shower invite, rustic shower invitation, burlap
hand lettered, custom bridal invite, rustic themed shower, mason jars

We decided on a watercolor with illustrations of flowers, mason jars keeping with her color palette of gold, pink-ish peach and mint. I also wanted to hand letter the person of honor's name for the invite so I made sure to do that and have it stand out by using gold when inking it.
I love the way it turned out, my friend loved it and it's now available in my shop for you to order if you would like to have your own for a special event. 

burlap, mason jars, bridal shower, rustic themed shower, flowers
hand lettered design, watercolor flowers, rustic shower, bridal shower
watercolor invite, flowers, hand lettering, burlap, vintage theme, bride

Remember, if you EVER have any special custom design hand lettering idea requests, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime & I can design one for YOU!

watercolor bridal invite, rustic shower, burlap, flowers, hand lettering

Have a great week!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

ART PRINTS :: I'm So Fancy + Holy CHIC

I have been working on lots of art prints to share with you all but wanted to make sure to get these shot and put in the shop for you to enjoy before I start sharing some of the newer ones. If you follow me on Instagram, then you always see what prints I am currently 'inking' and working on, as that is where all the 'behind the scenes' action is documented. ;)
So for now I have TWO prints that hit the shop today: "I'm So Fancy" art print which I kept all in black ink so you could frame it in whatever color you would like, to match your own decor . . .

AND the other hand lettered art print says "holy CHIC" which I inked in gold and black, as that is a very popular colorway at the moment. ;)


So head on over to the shop to get your hand lettered art prints today. They are perfect to frame, gift to a friend, hang in an office or wrap up as a gift . . . everyone loves a great art print to decorate their space! I do. ;)

AND as a reminder, I am offering to do CUSTOM hand lettering prints as well. So if you think you have a FAB idea shoot me an email . . . at and we'll chat!
So tell me what you think??? Which one do you like the best? Let me know below . . .

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Monday, September 15, 2014

HOME :: Tween Bedroom Wall Decor

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just be yourself wall vinyl graphic, vinyl wall art, tween bedroom decor

Today I am sharing a special project for my HOME|MADE series!  As you know I am slowly working on re-doing every room in my condo and lately I am making some good progress! Today I have a 'sneak peek' into my daughter's bedroom makeover!  ;) 

In this room, I am planning on a couple little wall galleries but wanted some other kind of decor for the walls as well. At first, I was going to paint this huge chevron print on this back wall of her room but then decided against it. I decided upon using a vinyl design from my friends at Wallternatives because I've used them before on my craft room wall and still, am loving it! Plus this particular idea of mine I had, I wanted to use a product that I could 'work' with and know it would be doable. Even though this particular vinyl I used for the circles isn't "repositionable", I knew from experience that if I just "set" it on the wall first and not press it down, I could change the position and move it if necessary. Which is why I LOVE this product!
A simple circle pattern is what I chose to do on the corners of her room . . . 

applying vinyl on walls, tween room, wallternatives wall vinyl circles
vinyl circle design on tween bedroom wall, girls room decor, white circle design
white dots, vinyl wall decor, wallternatives, pink & aqua room decor

  . . . and even on the other side in the corner of the same wall.

wallternatives, circle pattern, vinyl wall decor, tween girls bedroom ideas

What is Wallternatives you ask? Here is a description straight from them:

"Wallternatives™ ARE the artful alternative to ordinary walls. At Wallternatives™, our goal is to provide easily applied Pattern for the People™. That’s you! And not just any old patterns! We want you to have your choice of the most delightful pattern options, offered across a variety of material options to suit every design demand and surface requirement. We are committed to empowering you to create a home that is more colorful, more fun, more expressive, and more designed around “you” without investing a lot of time!"

For the white circles, I chose a Designer Decal called "Dots vinyl pattern pack". I chose them in white for a subtle look and followed the directions on how to apply a Wallternatives Designer Vinyl Wall Decal on their site and didn't it turn out fab? I LOVE it!
  aqua tissue paper poms, white dot vinyl pattern, wallternatives, aqua walls

I think the circle pattern turned out better than I thought but I bet you are wondering how I got those perfect circle patterns on the wall huh? Well I am the master of 'using what you have on hand' so I grabbed a paper lantern out of my studio and used it for a 'guide' for my circle patterns. I just applied one white vinyl circle at each seam and it worked out perfect! Pretty scientific huh!? ;)

circle pattern with vinyl, white polka dots, applying vinyl, wall decor idea

The other vinyl item I added in her room is a large Fabric Wallprint that says 'Just Be Yourself' because I think that is such a good positive message for my daughter to see everyday when she gets up! Not to mention, how fun is this design? Amazing!

In case you have a "good eye", you will notice that I got the idea for the circle pattern on her wall from the curtains here in this photo. She loved this idea, since SHE picked out the curtains! ;)

I really love this little corner as I hung some tissue poms from the ceiling, moved her coat stand over here that holds all of her bags and then made a little reading nook for her where she can sit on her bean bag and pillows and read her little heart out under the window.

just be yourseld vinyl wall art, wallternatives vinyl, girls inspiration wall
just be yourself, wall decor, wallternatives vinyl wall deal, positive message

This one was even easier to put up than the circles as I just folded down the backing of the vinyl a couple inches, held it up to the wall, centered it and used the handy tool they included in my order, to smooth it down. I started at the top and worked my way down until the backing was completely off and my vinyl art was on the wall. EASY & done!

applying vinyl wall decal to wall, smoothing vinyl art, wallternatives

IKEA owl lamp, coat rack, owl pillow, tissue poms, tween bedroom ideas
owls, lamp from IKEA, circle pattern curtains, just be yourself vinyl decal
coat rack, purses, tween room makeover, wallternatives, just be yourself
wallternatives vinyl decal, girls bedroom decor, be yourself, aqua & pink

So what do you guys think? This is just the start of the posts that I will be sharing on this room so make sure you are following along so you don't miss the rest of the reveals I have planned! ;)

Have you ever decorated using vinyl on your walls? Which design do you like from their amazing selection? I would love to know, so comment below as I am wanting to do another area as well and would love to hear what you like. Thanks for reading. xoxo

beanbag chair, pillows, wall decal, vinyl art, bedroom makeover ideas

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