Tuesday, October 27, 2015

CRAFT :: Halloween Eyeball Wreath

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Hey everyone! Today I want to share a super easy wreath I made the other night in about 15 minutes! My daughter is having a Halloween party this year and I wanted a new wreath to hang on our front door to greet her guests when they arrive plus I was feeling all crafty and wanted to make something, so a new wreath it was! 

Why purple?  . . . well since the mantel was all decked out in all purple and green this year, it seemed only fitting, plus I have a super cute yard flag out front that has purple as the main color and I needed to balance it all, because it makes me a little crazy when things are not balanced! lol So when the girl and I made our weekly Target trip last week, I looked around for something that would work for my wreath and lucked out in my search! 

Why all the eyeballs? As you can may have noticed if you are a regular here, I am having a moment with eyeballs, after using them when I made my Halloween eyeball garland for the mantel, I had plenty left over, so I decided to use them with my new supplies and I think they made the whole wreath! Hope you like it too, as it turned out more festive than I imagined in my head and that is a good thing! YAY!

halloween wrath, googly eyes, welcome sign, chalkboard, front door
halloween outside decor, front door wreath, halloween wreath, purple wreath
chalkboard welcome sign, googly eyes on wreath, hot to make a wreath
halloween crafting, how to make a halloween wreath, welcome sign

This is how to make this quick 'Halloween Eyeball Wreath':

Step 1:
Gather all of the supplies you will need. I still have pool noodles from when I bought a ton of them on clearance, so I used that for my wreath form, but you can obviously use any wreath form you like. I grabbed this black burlap ribbon and these little chalkboard signs in the Dollar Spot at Target. I already had the googly eyes and the purple bead strand and I picked up this black and purple garland while I was in Target and found it back in the Halloween section. I will mention it comes in green as well, if you prefer.

supplies need to make a halloween wreath, target, spritz, ribbon

Steps 2-4:
2. Start with the roll of ribbon and hot glue it to the wreath form before you start wrapping to keep it in place. Once you've glued in place, wrap the black ribbon all around the wreath form until you have completely covered it. I will mention I used two rolls of black burlap ribbon for the pool noodle form. When you get to the end glue in place. 

3. Unroll the purple garland and hot glue to the outside edge of the wreath form until you go all the way around.

4. You will also be gluing the purple garland to the front of the wreath form to give it some fullness.

wrapping wreath with ribbon, purple garland, burlap ribbon, pool noodle craft

Steps 5-6:
5. For the mini chalkboard sign, I changed out the ribbon for the purple beading so it matched better. 

6. I then tool a few smaller googly eyes and hot glued them in the corners. I grabbed one of my chalk paint pens and wrote 'welcome' on it.

chalkboard sign, chalk paint pen, googly eyes, purple beads, wreath

Step 7-8:
7. Take as many googly eyes as you like and randomly hot glue them all around the wreath.

8. The last step is to take a ribbon of your choosing (I used a piece of black zigzag ribbon) to use to hang the wreath.


welcome sign on wreath, halloween wreath craft, crafting for halloween

eyeball halloween wreath, how to make a halloween wreath, home diy

Who else loves Halloween crafting? I hope you will give your own Halloween eyeball wreath a try and let me know how yours turns out if you do, as I would love to see it!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

DECOR :: Halloween Mantel Ideas

halloween mantel decorating ideas, how to decorate your halloween mantel

Welcome friends! Today I am sharing my latest decorating ideas for a Halloween mantel. Every year I have shown the different ways that I have decorated my mantel as I always love arranging it in different ways because my mantel is one of my favorite things about my home as it makes such a statement with all of the stone that goes up to the ceiling and it's one of the reasons I loved this place. I also keep adding to my Halloween decor and getting a few new pieces to decorate with every year, so there's that too! ;)

There is so many different ways to make up a mantel which is why I look forward to every holiday and the chance to see what I can do next. I have done a glam Halloween mantel theme, a black and white theme and a few others but this year the purples and greens were really shouting at me to be showcased, so that's the way we went! I love how it turned out and hope you enjoy perusing through my photos of my mantel for this year! 

trick or treat sing, witch's broom, green pumpkins, halloween mantel

halloween mantel deorating ideas, halloween home decor, crafts

candlelabra, glam pumpkins, subway art, halloween mantel decor
black & white stripe candles, halloween subway art, BOO, framed art
black & white candles, purple pumpkin, eyeball garland, spider, mantel
ideas for decorating your mantel for halloween, sunway art, spider web

glam spider, candleholder, subway art, purple spider decor, mantel decor

pom pom garland, google eyes, halloween garland, eyeball garland

The majority of the things I used this year, are things I already had. For instance, the green fall bunting wreath hanging from the mirror you may remember from my front door a couple years ago, I just love how versatile it has been. The pop of green really coordinates well and I always like to hang a wreath from that mirror. The Halloween Subway Art I designed for you a few years ago and if you missed it, you can get it as a FREE printable here. Feel free to hop on over there and print one out for yourself.

I always find a few new items from the dollar spot at Target because I mean, who doesn't, and I added them in as well this year. I also made the Halloween eyeball garland just this year and it was super quick so check out how to make one for your mantel when you get the chance, as you still have time. The only other thing on the mantel that is new are those black and white stripe candles, which I picked up at Target's Halloween section, and
I can't wait to put them to use at our Halloween party because they light up!

spider web, Boo sign, witch's broom, purple halloween mantel

BOO sign, spider web, decorated halloween mantel, trick or treat sign

full mantel view, decorated halloween mantel, green & purple halloween

If you would like to see my other Halloween decorated mantels from the years past, you can check it out here in my glam Halloween mantel decor or the black and white Halloween mantel. I am loving this year's mantel and hope you liked it too. What colors did you do your Halloween mantel this year? Let me know below as I'd love to hear from you . . .

Have a great one . . . until next time my friends! xoxo


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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CRAFT :: Halloween Eyeball Garland

quick halloween craft idea, halloween decor, halloween mantel garland

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing a super quick, super easy and super inexpensive craft idea that will be perfect for Halloween plus it's a craft that your kids can help with or even do all by themselves. I'm guessing that it took me about 15 minutes to complete and cost me nothing because I already had all of the supplies on hand but if you didn't, I imagine it may cost you around five bucks to do! Now that's my kind of craft!

I initially came up with this idea because I had decorated my mantel for Halloween and thought to myself that I would like a little something hanging in the front but didn't want a banner or anything too big. So I looked around in my craft supplies to see if I could come up with anything quick and easy and this is what I came up with for you.

pom poms, how to make eyeball garland, halloween party decoreyeballs made from pom ppoms, how to make halloween garland
halloween mantel decor, purple & green halloween decor, glam halloween

This is how to make this quick 'Halloween Eyeball Garland':

Step 1:
Gather all of the supplies you will need. You may not even have to go to the store for this as I had all of these supplies on hand. But if you do, make sure to pick up a bag of multi-colored poms (I choose a multi-color bag & picked out the green and purple ones to use), a package of these googly eyes that are small enough to fit on the poms, something to string the poms with (I prefer to use fishing line so you can't see it) and also a needle and scissors. Oh and you may want your glue gun if your package of google eyes doesn't have sticker backs but if they do you are golden. ;)

supplies needed to make a halloween eyeball garland, halloween craft

Step 2:
If you happen to have sticker back googly eyes, then just peal off the backs and stick to the poms. If you don't or are like me and want to ensure the eyes do NOT come off, just take your glue gun and add a drop before putting on the poms. Continue doing this until you have all of the poms you will need for your garland. I made 20 for mine but it could have easily looked good with more on it, it just depends what you want on it.

googly eye garland, pom eyeball, halloween DIY, crafting for halloween
pom craft, googly eye craft, halloween kid craft, stringing poms for garland 

Step 3:
Thread up your fishing line or whatever you would like to string your poms with and then start stringing. I have found if you stick the needle in just a tiny bit from the center, it will go through a little easier and still hold the pom on the line for you.

fishing line to string pom garland, pom eyes, googly eye craft idea

That is it. Now hang up your Halloween Eyeball Garland anywhere you like and enjoy! Told you it was quick and easy . . . so easy in fact that I think I will string some more for another place I have in mind! ;) 

ideas to decorate your mantel for halloween, googly eye garland
hang grland on mantel for halloween, halloween craft idea, pom poms

I just love Halloween crafting don't you? Hopefully this will inspire you to make your own as it really is super easy & makes Halloween a little more fun!

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Monday, October 19, 2015

IKEA :: Design & Dine Event + Shopping [Oct. edition]

food art, entertaining with IKEA, food at IKEA, swedish food options

Hello everyone! Hopefully you all had a fab weekend and if you are anything like me, you may be thinking you could have used an extra day on the weekend, am I right? ;) I did have a fun weekend as one of the things I got to do, was attend an event at my local IKEA that I was invited to. They were holding a special event called 'Design & Dine' that showcased some of their food department offerings and allowed guests to try various items that they have available to purchase, in the hopes that people would fall in love with their food department just like they have the shopping side of IKEA. I also finally got to meet the sweet person I have been communicating with in their PR department, that contacted me about coming to this event and while I was there, we had the chance to discuss some ideas we are planning to collaborate on and of course I will be sharing them here with all of you when the details are all worked out but it IS exciting!!!! I just want to say THANKS again to her for the good time, kind words and of course I am looking forward to our partnership going forward, as we will have some fun! ;)
Like I mentioned, this event was called 'Design & Dine' and had six stations all featuring different items from Sweden. They had different cheeses, crackers and jams at one station and my fave from here was the multigrain crispbread - so good. Smoked salmon and veggie meatballs at another. They also created some amazing drinks with a few of their signature syrups including the elderflower drink which was so refreshing. Guests were invited to a certified coffee station, as they believe in making sure it's coffee is produced responsibly and sustainable. The ever popular dessert table featured candy from their 'new-er' self-serve candy station, they added to the food department alittle while ago, as well as various cookie options. I love the fact that their candy is free of GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, trans fat and the colors come from nature. I mean if we are going to indulge, this IS the way to do it! We had a great time, everything was so good and if you ever have the pleasure of catching one of these event at your local IKEA, I suggest attending and trying something new. You never know, you may end up liking something different, I did. ;)

chesses, jams, spreads, mutli grain crackers, swedish food, IKEA

design & dine at IKEA, beggie meatbalss, fruit drinks, stations of food

straw lighting, light made of straws, IKEA design & dine event

certified coffee, coffee station at IKEA design & dine event

dessert station at IKEA design & dine event, candy options, cookies

One of the reasons I love IKEA so much is their design team is awesome and never ceases to amaze me. (I can't wait to meet them!!) While at this event, each station had 'food art' hanging overhead or on the wall that reflected the station and I was blown away with some of the creative ideas! They were too cool! Check these out! I think this coffee art made of coffee beans and then of course this candy lamp were my faves!

coffee bean artwork, coffee cup, candy lighting, design & dine event

framed artwork at IKEA design & dine event

paper mache fish art, twisted paper art, straw light, IKEA design & dine event

Since I was already there (twist twist of my arm) I took advantage of the time to walk around afterwards to see what I could find, plus I really DID 'need' a few things! ;) Check out what grabbed my attention on this trip!

living room inspiration, IKEA west chester, table storage solutions
This space is full of color which makes it so fun. AND I am kinda digging those tables - I am in the market for something different in my living room so maybe . . .

slipper wall at IKEA west chester, pillows, storage solutions, pink & grey
This wall is simply amazing styling! I mean seriously . . . a slipper wall - how cool is that? And the colors, the soft palette is so pretty!

lighting options at IKEA, modern lighting, new lighting,
Some fabulous lighting options!

bathroom storage solutions, bathroom accessories, bath towels
This color combination of the steel grey and blue together was gorgeous plus the fun accessories!

white cabinets at IKEA, storage solutions at IKEA, shelf, cabinets
Loving these NEW items that had. This first shelf is a white wash finish and would match some cabinets I have in my craft room. However these last two, I may NEED these to be a part of my office makeover. ;) LOVE!

orange & black display at IKEA west chester, whodey, living area ideas
This. This right here is a tribute to our local boys . . .the Cincinnati Bengals, who just happen to be 6-0! Who-dey!

If you are curious what I found the last couple trips, feel free to check out my finds here, when I went in January, in May, in July and also last month in Sept. I will also have a post dedicated to their HOLIDAY line coming soon!

shopping finds at IKEA west chester, bedroom ideas, home decor

Have you visited an IKEA lately? What is one of your fave products that you have gotten from there? Let me know below as I would love to hear . . .


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