Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FREEBIE :: Here's Your Moment to SHINE Art Print

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Hello my friends! Today I am bringing you a new art piece that I am hoping will put a smile on your face and make you happy as it's all for YOU!! This is the perfect inspirational print for girls of all ages . . . young & old as we all need to believe in having our moment to SHINE

Sometimes we have a brutal week at our job or a rough week at home or school but we keep moving on, as sometimes we have no choice but the thing is, we can do it! We get through it all and make it to the other side! Perhaps at other times we see someone who could use our help, maybe stop for a second, just listen to them and be encouraging by taking a minute to be the friend . . . that would be a moment to SHINE, know what I mean?

We have so many opportunities throughout the course of a day, a week, a month  . . . to be the shining example for someone who is watching us - maybe that person is our child, or a colleague or our spouse . . . make a point to always try your best! Ya know how the old saying goes, we become who we surround ourselves with, so make sure you are the one to SHINE! 

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pink glasses, shine art print, clipboard, office decor, summer stripes
shine art print, home decor, coral & pink, flowers, watercolor print

As you can see, I am sharing a few different ways an art print like this can be displayed in your home. I love using a frame to place it on a mantel, table or hang on the wall but I have found that I am loving to display art prints around my home using clipboards too! It is so easy to find a spot for an inspirational print as the possibilities are endless. Make sure to print out a copy for your daughter too (if you have one) she could even slide it into the front of her school binder to remind her to always SHINE while she's at school. ;)

Feel free to download your own 'Here's Your Moment to SHINE' art print and enjoy it in your home!

**FREE art prints are for personal use ONLY and may not be sold or claimed to be your design. By printing any freebies, you are agreeing to these terms.

tombow, shine art print, pink & coral, watercolor, hand lettering, confetti
Just in case you are wondering, I designed art print using my Tombow dual brush markers and I love how it came out. I can even create this faux watercolor-ish look too which is why I love it so much!  
[This print was originally featured first for Craftaholics Anonymous, where I am a monthly contributor.]

I would like to remind you that I offer CUSTOM hand lettered prints and decor so feel free to let me know if you have a great idea, please shoot me an email . . . at and I'd love to chat with y'all!

So what do YOU think??!!


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Thursday, March 24, 2016

ART PRINT :: HE is Risen

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Hello my friends!  

Easter is fast approaching and I wanted to do a faith-based art print for all of my friends out there that celebrate this amazing holiday. I had mentioned it the other day, that I had one in the works for you. I for one, celebrate this holiday and embrace the true meaning of Easter as without this holiday and what He did for us, I wouldn't be the person I am.

Realize that no matter what you do or don't believe in, we can all agree that the celebration of hope is such a positive thing to focus on during the Easter season. I think we all need to focus on believing in a more positive way of living and being nicer to each other. I hope you will join me, to celebrate together and keep our focus on the hope that He gives us. 

I hope you enjoy these type of art prints that I plan on bringing you from time to time and appreciate the feedback for when I do. It is very encouraging and I so appreciate it more than you know.

The brand new print: 'HE is Risen' print is now available to purchase in my Etsy shop and my wish is that you love it as much I as do and perhaps you may know someone to whom you think it would be a great item to gift to them, either way, hopefully you love the design and if the message speaks to you, then that is wonderful too.;)

easter art print, He is risen, faith art print, inspirational, gold letters
faith based, He is risen, copper lettering, hand lettering, art print
motivational, faith, art print, hand lettering, word art, typography

typography, hand lettered, art print, easter art print, gold lettering

easter season, He is risen, hand lettered print, art print, hand lettering

Don't forget I also offer CUSTOM hand lettered prints, decor and anything else you would like hand lettering done on, just ask! Do you think you have a great idea? Just shoot me an email . . . at and I'd love to chat with y'all!
If this is one of your faves, head over to the shop and grab your own HE is Risen' art print and I hope you have a great Easter! ;) 

I would love to hear how you celebrate Him during the Easter season and I would love to hear from you if you have a fun tradition that you do on Easter as well . . . I would love to hear from you all! ;)  

copper lettering, He is risen, modern calligraphy, lettering

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FREEBIE :: Spring Cupcake Toppers

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Hello there my friends! Can you believe we are officially into our first week of SPRING!!! YAY! I am sure you have lots of plans to celebrate spring and one of them may even be this weekend, starting with Easter, so what better way to welcome spring than with a FREEBIE! 

In case you missed my announcement last month, I am now a contributor for the Craftaholics Anonymous creative team for 2016 and I'm super honored to be a part of the team this year. My latest post for her went live this week and I would love for you to check it out when you get a minute.

Like I mentioned last month, I plan on doing something with my lettering probably most of the time to share over there and for my idea this month I love what I came up with as they were a lot of fun to design for you all as well. These spring cupcake toppers can be used for soooooo many occasions and they DO make your cupcakes look that much sweeter, don't ya think? You will find a variety of sayings that I hand lettered as well as different flower designs to choose from. Go ahead and grab some cupcakes or whip up a batch, grab this FREE download, and enjoy the spring season that is finally here!

Hope to see you over there! ;) Please let me know if you have any suggestions for a freebie that you would like me to consider as a free download as I may be able to make that happen this year! Comment below if you have a thought . . .  ;)


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Looking forward to seeing you again! :)