Monday, January 29, 2018

FREEBIE :: Hello Love Cell Phone Wallpaper Background

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Hello LOVE.

It's almost that time of year. That time where everyone celebrates all things LOVE. That LOVE day. Not only does Valentines Day celebrate the love between couples but also the love between you and your kiddos or the love you have for your besties. The day was made to celebrate LOVE. Period. It's such a fun time just to love on those special people and to let them know how much they mean to you. 

Having said that, I just had to create a new cell phone wallpaper background for this special day.

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valentines cell phone wallpaper background, hand lettering, hello love, cell phone wallpaper

The FREE download for this cell phone background had to be festive for this time of year BUT also something I could still use throughout the year as well! I decided on the traditional PINK but kept it on trend with the black and white stripes added in the background. I also added some whimsical heart balloons to give it a touch of fun. I really love how it turned out and look forward to using it any time I want.

To grab this FREE download for your own phone and get in the mood for the LOVE holiday, just head on over to the Giggles Galore blog (where I am a monthly contributor) and print this "Hello LOVE" hand lettered cell phone wallpaper for YOUR phone. It's available here for FREE and while you are over there, check out her blog as she has some amazing craft and party ideas as well that you will love! 

hand lettered, hello love, valentines cell phone wallpaper, freebie

Also, before you go, I want to remind you that I also offer CUSTOM hand lettered prints, decor, wood signs and anything else you would like hand lettering done on so just ask and I can make it happen! 

Do you think you have a great idea? Just shoot me an email at . . . and we will definitely chat! ;)

Happy Valentines Day and make sure to tell those you LOVE that you do! ;) 

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