Sunday, July 31, 2016

CRAFT :: Welcome Wreath

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Why hello there! 

I hope you all are enjoying this summer and staying cool as the heat has been crazy hot this year, am I right? I have a little project to share with you for those days when you feel like getting out of the heat to get your 'craft on' and make something fun! Today I am going to share how simple it is to make a cute welcome wreath for your home or front door with just a few supplies!

The nautical trend is big this year so I knew I wanted to incorporate something in that theme for this wreath. On my latest trip to Michaels I found this little sign that looks like a beach sign, which I knew I could hand letter something on, as well as this nautical rope in navy and white that I knew would match so perfectly with my navy door!

After picking up a few supplies I needed to make this wreath, I headed home to get my craft on. . . 

hand lettered, welcome sign, beach sign, nautical wreath, navy & white
how to make a wreath, front door wreath, front door decor, nautical

Let's see just how easy it is to make this fun Welcome Wreath:

1. Gather all of your supplies!
For this wreath, you will need: paintbrushes, paint in aqua, white & navy, glue gun, flat wreath form, nautical rope in navy and white and mini wood “beach” sign (which I found in unfinished wood aisle).

DecoArt paint, supplies needed to make a welcome wreath, Michaels

2. Start by painting the edges and the front of the wreath form white and allow to dry.

patio paint, DecoArt, wreath form. painting, nautical rope, supplies

Step 3-4: Paint the front of your little welcome sign but do so with watered down white paint so you get more of a ‘weathered’ look on your welcome sign. I painted the edges of the sign in the aqua paint, then allow to dry. Once it’s dry you will want to hand letter the word ‘welcome’ on your sign. You know me as I love to hand letter all of the things!!!! lol I did the aqua paint first and then went in and added the navy as ‘shading’ to give it some dimension and make it pop a little more. Feel free to practice your ‘welcome’ on a scrap piece of paper before painting on your sign. Also you can lightly sketch it out on the sign before you paint it – as that’s what I do! ;)

hand lettering, welcome, hand lettered, welcome sign, beach sign

Step 5: Using your glue gun, attach the rope to your wreath form. You should have enough for it to go around three times.

nautical rope, navy & white tope, welcome wreath, summer wreath

Step 6: Glue on your welcome sign with a drop or two of glue, off to the side.

welcome sign, nautical wreath, how to make a front door wreath

Step 7: This step is NOT necessary to do but I like a more ‘finished’ look so I grabbed a piece of ribbon and wrapped and glued it around the area I just glued the welcome sign on so it gives it added ‘staying power’. Plus I think it looks better with it now.

navy & white wreath, nautical wreath, welcome wreath, welcome sign

I finished off the wreath by adding a tiny aqua coordinating bow on the welcome sign as well as using that same ribbon for a hanger for your wreath. All done! =)

summer wreath, welcome, hand lettered, home decor, nautical decor
hand lettered welcome sign, nautical wreath making, how to make a wreath

That is it! You are all done! How cute is this wreath right? I love the way it looks on my front door and makes the perfect wreath for ANY time of the year but I am loving it for summer right now.

navy & aqua wreath, welcome sign, hand lettered, beach sign
wreath craft, home decor, DIY decor, welcome wreath, beach sign

Who loves this wreath? Do you think you will make your own now that you know how easy it is to make? I would love to know . . . ;)

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This post was originally published at Craftaholics Anonymous on June 21, 2016. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

FREEBIE :: Oh Happy Day Cell Phone Wallpaper

chalkboard lettering, hand lettering, free download, cell phone background

Hello and 'oh happy day' to everyone!
Today I wanted to stop in to bring you a special treat that I designed recently and it's one that I've never offered before BUT one that I plan on doing more of in the future, as I just love them! YAY! I have had this project on my 'to-do' list for such a long time and I finally made it happen! 
I love switching up my cell phone backgrounds to reflect the mood I am in or to give me a little bit of inspiration every time I get on my phone. AND sometimes, let's be honest, we just want something FUN looking back at us! ;) This one I decided to do in a chalkboard lettering style since I have been doing that type of lettering more and more lately and just LOVE it, so it's the first one to be offered here for you! Hopefully it makes you HAPPY too! 

chalkboard lettering, oh happy day, black & white design, cell phone wallpaper
free cell phone background, hand lettering, chalkboard design, freebie
lettering, chalkboard design, oh happy day, inspirational, free download
black & white cell phone wallpaper download, chalkboard lettering
black & white design, chalkboard lettering, hand lettered, cell phone wallpaper

Changing your background is soooo super easy and only takes about a minute of your time. Get ready to put the 'OH HAPPY DAY' wallpaper on your phone. If you have never done it before, I will be glad to walk you through it now:

From your cell phone, save this digital wallpaper design (below) by pressing down on the photo of the design, and a window will pop up so you can (save image) and it should save it right into your photo album on your cell phone.

free download of oh happy day cell phone wallpaper design

Next, go under settings, click on wallpaper and then ‘choose a new wallpaper’. Find the ‘oh happy day’ art on your camera roll, select by clicking on it, adjust to your liking and then hit the ‘set’ button. It will then ask if you want to ‘set lock screen’ or ‘set home screen’ or perhaps you’d like to do both. Personally I just do my ‘lock screen’ as you can see what it will look like here and I’m actually able to read it every time I get on my phone. If I were to choose the ‘home screen’, it would be behind my icon buttons on my phone, therefore not being very legible. It is THAT simple! 

Hopefully it worked for you and just so you know, I have an I-phone and this is what my settings are called, so if you have a different phone, the names on what things are called in these steps may vary a little but you should hopefully still be able to get it done.

This FREE digital wallpaper design is for personal use ONLY and can NOT be sold or claimed as your own design. By downloading and using this design, you are agreeing to these terms.

free cell phone screensaver, cell phone background, chalkboard letters

What started out as a simple chalk drawing . . . turned into a digital cell phone wallpaper background for your cell phone! AMAZING! ;)

oh happy day chalkboard drawing, digital cell phone wallpaper freebie
free cell phone wallpaper, freedownload cell hone background art, oh happy day

I would love to know what you think of me offering these cell phone backgrounds from time to time - do you love it or what? I already have my next one coming very soon, so stay tuned for that! Feel free to share a pic of your phone sporting the 'oh happy day' design (just tag me) so we all can spread a little 'happy' along the social media highways . . . how about that? ;)

So what do YOU think??!!

[This print was originally featured first for Craftaholics Anonymous, where I am a monthly contributor.]

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Monday, July 11, 2016

CRAFT :: Emoji Coasters [IKEA Hack]

how to make emoji coasters, emoji party, emoji craft idea, painting emojis

Hey there everyone! 
Guess what? I am back with my last EMOJI craft from that epic EMOJI party we had for my daughter's 13th birthday! As you know, I have shared all of the fun from the party including all the details, the party pack collection, decor ideas as well as separate posts about the EMOJI PILLOWS the girls made plus the EMOJI OREO POPS and the POO EMOJI BROWNIE BITES, I made, so make sure to check those out if you somehow missed them. ;)
It was such a great party theme and one that you could do so many creative things with that it was hard to narrow down which to try and craft. In the end, I think I ended up cutting out about three other ideas I wanted to do for her party but you know how it goes . . .so many ideas, not enough hours in the day right? ;) 

Anyway, as you know I have a massive love affair with IKEA and am constantly there so when we saw these coasters, well . . . an idea was born! We love how they turned out and this could totally be a craft idea you could have the kids do during an emoji party if you wanted. We painted them ahead of time though and had it as part of their favor bags to take home.

happy face emoji, laughing face emoji, emoji coasters, emoji craft idea

emoji birthday party, emoji decor, emoji coasters, emoji craft

The great thing about making these coasters is you can choose which of your favorite emoji faces to paint . . . the possibilities are endless! 

So here they are, come see just how easy they are to make:

1. gather all of your supplies . . . you will need:  
the two pack of IKEA coasters, a couple paint brushes and the colors of paint that you will be using - depending on which emoji faces you are painting. 

IKEA coasters, DecoArt paint, supplies for emoji craft, emoji coasters

2. for the emoji faces we chose, we first painted the inside and edges of the coaster with our yellow paint. Let it dry. Side note: they dried super fast!

painting emoji coasters, emoji birthday party, craft idea for emoji party

3. we painted all of the black parts of the face next. Let dry.
painting emoji faces, emji craft ideas, emoji party, DecoArt paint
4. the white details we painted on next and allowed to dry. Some of the designs, this was it and others we did a final step of color.
happy face emoji, emoji coaster, emoji craft idea, emoji birthday party
5. if you have chosen any of the emoji faces with some color, like this laughing face emoji, then you would paint the blue tears last. 
I also painted the heart eyes emoji for the party and the red hearts were painted last too.
laughing face emoji, craft idea for emoji party, emoji birthday party

They are so simple but turn out so cute! All of the girls loved them and were using them all night at the party.
emoji party, craft idea for an emoji party, emoji coasters, painting emojis
how to make emoji coasters, birthday party craft idea, teen birthday

This is another perfect DIY craft for an emoji party or an emoji sleepover. This particular craft would be great for the younger kids to do as well- they will love making these.

What emoji face would YOU paint on a coaster, given the chance? Please let me know below . . .

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