Saturday, December 31, 2011

{Birthday PARTY} Puppies & Pets Palooza for my Daughter

So I saved the BEST party I designed for the year to post last! 
(at least that's how I am justifying NOT posting about it until today - lol)
Today I am sharing a "sneak peek" into my daughter's 8th birthday party this year!
And the theme was  . . . 

I will be doing a feature here on ALL the awesome details of this mega event in a week but really wanted to get it on "the books" for this year before it ended, so enjoy these pics into one of my all time FAVORITE parties I have ever thrown!

Here's the birthday girl . . my beautiful daughter Skylar! 

Make sure to keep an eye out for the FEATURE I will be writing here about this party within the next couple weeks!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! xoxo

Friday, December 30, 2011

{CPN Memphis Meet Up} - round 3 Party Girls ROCK

The CPN "Party Girls ROCK" Memphis Meet-Up in one simple word was AMAZING!

The BEST part of the whole event were the people that attended. So that is WHY I saved the pics of the people for the last & FINAL blog post about this event.
Enjoy . . . .
Courtney from Pizzazzerie & I - she is such a sweetheart & soooo much FUN!!
(above) me, Courtney from Pizzazzerie & Cineca from Dreamin N Details
LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls!!!
(below) Aimee from Aimee Broussard Events, me, Leanne from Plumcake Parties

(above) Brittany from Grey Grey Designs ~ everyone mingling & chatting

(below) Do from Piggy Bank Parties ~ everyone chatting ~ Eleanor from  

Jill from Peas & Thank You's, Courtney from Pizzazzerie & Leanne from Plumcake Parties

(above) Ashley from The Hip Hostess ~ Miranda from Whimsical Printables ~ Maggie from KentuckyHome-Kerwin blogspot

 (below) Latasha from A Posh Party by Latasha ~ Kathy from KentuckyHome-Kerwin blogspot ~ Leanne from Plumcake Parties 

Aimee from Aimee Broussard Events with Courtney from Pizzazzerie

(above) Jill from Peas & Thank You's ~ everyone signing the albums that were a party favor / keepsake to take home 

(below) chatting & having cocktails ~ My FAB co-hosts - Cineca from Dreamin N Details, Brittany from Grey Grey Designs & myself ~ Bailey from KentuckyHome-Kerwin blogspot

Courtney from Pizzazzerie A.K.A. the "Social Media Princess"

 (above) Melonie ~ Leanne of Plumcake Parties with Do of Piggy Bank Parties ~ me PROVING that I tried the 'grits' (still don't like them - lol)

(below) my co-hosts & I ~ everyone listening to the chat with Courtney ~ Mayra from In Flight

Jill from Peas & Thank You's & Cineca from Dreamin N Details with our "Party Girls" FLAT Stanley that went everywhere with us for the few days we were there (boy the stories it could tell - LOL)
(above) Cineca from Dreamin N Details ~ Mayra from In Flight, Amanda from Frills & Frolic & Latasha from A Posh Party by Latasha having fun with the photo booth props

(below) Courtney signing albums & I spy a Skylar Raine rocker hair clip in her hair!! 
~ And . . . do I spy ANOTHER Skylar Raine rocker hair clip in Cineca's hair here? (why YES I do!! - for those that haven't realized, Skylar Raine is my NEW sister co. that made it's DEBUT at this event!) 
~ Leanne from Plumcake Parties holding up a FABULOUS piece of swag from me - (I made everyone a custom CD of all my favorite jams)
Good times were had by all & we hold some of the most AMAZING memories from all getting together. There were relationships strengthened, friendships made, collaborations created, ideas born, memories never forgotten, & plans to meet up again SOON!

If you missed the first TWO posts of this series, you can catch them here
Round 1 and Round 2.

THANK YOU to all my rocker chicks that were there - you all mean the world to me & I love you all. Thanks for allowing me to be one of your hosts for the evening . . . I hope I did you proud & you had a great time!! xoxo

rock on party girls ROCK ON!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

{CPN Memphis Meet Up} - round 2 Party Girls ROCK

WOW! I meant to post this awhile ago but I am feverishly trying to get some blog posts up by the end of the year & get caught up! Whew . . .OK so last time we met I filled you in on all the yummy food & the amazing decor from the CPN Memphis Meet-up. So this time I am showcasing the DESSERT table & the AMAZING swag bags!!! Get ready because here we gooooooooo . . . .

gable boxes to load up the goods from the dessert table

Elvis cookies designed by the talented Sara from Dandy Delights

Dreamin n Details provided the amazing rock candy!

These ridiculously amazing jukebox cake pops were provided by my friend at  
A Twist of Cake

 Mad fondant skills created these rockstar fondant pops from none other than Edible Details


 Delish cupcakes in a jar made by Dots & Doilies Events

 Rockstar Guitar cookies designed by Nikki of The Sweetest Thing

And "THE" swag bags . . . .

 The list of FABULOUS swag bag sponsors include:
3 Little Birds Boutique - flower rings
A Lil Something to Remember - mini purses filled with goodies - mini party supply bag
Cupcake Cuddlers - cupcake cuddlers
Eye Candy Event Details - custom music CD
Firefly Confections - salted caramels
Fussy Stuff - handsewn key fabs
Glamorous Sweets Events - sweet pockets with candy
GreyGrey Designs - BBQ rub
I love Candy by Luci - lollipops
Oh Goodie Designs - party containers with goodies
Party Starters - sample bag of party boxes
Piggy Bank Parties - gift certificates & custom piggy boxes
Pom Flair - mini poms 
Ribbon Revelry - ribbon
Skylar Raine - rockstar hair clip/ pins
The Sewing Loft - mini sewing kits
The Sweettalk Shop-  custom CPN tags
Tini Posh - sequined iron on 
Truly Chic Inspirations - tags 
Whimsical Detailed- marshmallow lollipops

** I surely hope I did not forget anyone - if I have, it was not intentional. I am pretty sure I have mentioned everyone who donated either above in the dessert section or here in the swag section.

THANK YOU so much again to ALL the amazing & very generous swag bag sponsors, dessert tables designers & all the sponsors who donated door prizes!


They were:
Edible Details, The Purple Pug, J at Your Service, A to Zebra Celebrations, Fussy Stuff, Pom Flair, Frog Prince Cake & Cookie Design, Bird's Party, Sampler Village, Pink Laundry Events, Peas & Thank you's, Moody Skincare, & Just a Little Sparkle

AND most importantly we can NOT forget our unbelievable SPONSORS for the event that made it possible for us to do some of these amazing things!

In Flight
Malu Boutiques
Piggy Bank Parties

And our the VIP SPONSORS were:
Frog Prince Paperie
Intrigue Design Studio
Pom Flair
The Party Muse

**Special THANKS to these amazing ladies for your help in sponsoring 
THANK YOU!!!! xoxo

Part 3 & the FINAL post from the event will be posted tomorrow and will feature the swag lounge & pics of everyone who attended. 

Thanks to all involved!!