Friday, January 27, 2017

FREEBIE :: Start Where You Are Cell Phone Wallpaper

start where you are, inspirational background, hand lettering, cell phone art

Hello all of my friends!

Today I wanted to bring you something full of happy . . . a new FREEBIE! I mean, we are already looking at the end of the first month of the year and I'm all like 'say whaaaaat'????? . . . someone make time stand still already - just for a moment! ;)

I don't know about you but at the beginning of every new year, I try to forge ahead with some new plans for my business and some family goals. BUT I tend to get sooooo caught up in the "everythinghastobeperfecttogetgoingphase" that it ends up taking me forever! Can anyone else relate? 

So when I sat down to come up with something that would keep us ALL motivated to just 'get on with it already', I decided on a new FREEBIE for our cell phones because y'all know how I love changing them out and often! ;) So I busted out some watercolors and grabbed my lettering pens and this happened!

hand lettered, watercolor, start where you are, cell phone background art

This design was meant to inspire us all . . . keep us going. A reminder to take what we are doing and NOT wait for life to be the perfect time. To just work with what we have and figure it out as we go. There is nothing wrong with that. So just START my friends. Just "start where you are" and see what happens. This daily reminder will help us all just START! ;)

black & white, start where you are, pink watercolor, hand lettering
digital wallpaper, start where you are, hand lettered art, hot pink watercolor

office supplies, start where you are, hand lettering, black & white stripe

How many of you like to change your backgrounds often? It's so easy to change them out to and if you forget, just follow these simple directions here, you can't go wrong and it will look amazing, I promise! ;)

To change your background, on your cell phone is easy, takes about a minute and I will be glad to walk you through it now:

From your cell phone, save this digital wallpaper design (below) by pressing down on the photo of the design, and a window will pop up so you can (save image) and it should save it right into your photo album on your cell phone.

free download, cell phone graphic art, digital cell wallpaper, start where you are

Next, go under settings, click on wallpaper and then ‘choose a new wallpaper’. Find the ‘start where you are’ art on your camera roll, select by clicking on it, adjust to your liking and then hit the ‘set’ button. It will then ask if you want to ‘set lock screen’ or ‘set home screen’ or perhaps you’d like to do both. Personally I just do my ‘lock screen’ as you can see what it will look like here and I’m actually able to read it every time I get on my phone. If I were to choose the ‘home screen’, it would be behind my icon buttons on my phone, therefore not being very legible. It is THAT simple! 

Hopefully it worked for you and just so you know, I have an I-phone and this is what my settings are called, so if you have a different phone, the names on what things are called in these steps may vary a little but you should hopefully still be able to get it done.

This FREE digital wallpaper design is for personal use ONLY and can NOT be sold or claimed as your own design. By downloading and using this design, you are agreeing to these terms. 

black & hot pink, start where you are, hand lettering, free digital background
black & white stripe, start where you are, hand lettering, paperclips
calendar, hand lettering, start where you are, free cell phone art

I would love to know if you have been using my cell phone backgrounds from time to time - do you love them or what? I am sure I will design one for the fall season, so stay tuned for that! Feel free to share a pic of your phone sporting this 'fabYOUlous' design (just tag me) so we all can see it along the social media highways . . . how about that? ;)

So what do YOU think??!!

[This print was originally featured first for Craftaholics Anonymous, where I am a monthly contributor.]

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

FREEBIES : A Year's Worth - 2016


top ten freebies, hand lettering, free downloads,

Hello friends! This is one post you want to make sure and PIN right away to save for when you NEED it. Why? Because it contains the TOP TEN FREEBIES of 2016 and they are so good to have on hand throughout the year or when you want them. ;)

I mean who doesn't love a good freebie right? Last year was no exception with the freebies and I loved sharing some really good ones with all of you here. As you can see, some were the result of fabulous collaborations with some really great companies I had the pleasure of working with and other ones were just ones I created to share with all of you. My hope is that you will enjoy these freebies that I designed last year and get many uses out of them for a long time! When I design something new, I keep in mind to not only make it fun but also something you find useful using in your every day life when you download. I think I will always offer up freebies throughout the year as it's my little way to give back to all of my fans that take the time to follow along! So THANK YOU!!!

Having said that, today I am sharing some the TOP TEN freebie posts from 2016, so you can see what fun ideas made the list and perhaps you'll see one you may have missed, in which case you should PIN this so you can save it for when you actually NEED it since it's all in ONE post. Just sayin'. ;)

As you are looking through this list, just know if you want more details on the freebie or to download it, simply click on the link for all of the fun details! So let's take a look at them now, shall we?

the TOP TEN freebie posts of 2016: 

thankful cards, hand lettering, floral watercolor, thanksgiving, thankful cards
cell phone background, fabYOUlous digital wallpaper, hand lettering
inspirational bookmarks, get your happy on, let's get lost, watercolor
cake topper, have your cake & eat it too, black & white topper, hand lettered
halloween art print, chalk art, boo, halloween decor, hand lettering


oh happy day, hand lettering, black & white, cell phone wallpaper
flower cupcake toppers, spring toppers, hand lettering, springtime
you are special, gift tags, hand lettering, floral design, mothers day
here's your moment to shine, art print, hand lettering, watercolor
fathers day, hand lettering, cake topper, beach theme dessrt table
And there you have it! That is quite a versatile list of FREEBIES wouldn't you say? Some of these I use over and over and I hope you find a couple you may enjoy as well!
So which from the TOP TEN was YOUR fave? I would LOVE to hear  . . . just let me know by commenting below. xoxo

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