Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to the world of Eye Candy Event Details!

Hello there!

I am so EXCITED to be sitting here writing to you on my 1st blog! I have always wanted to start one ONCE I had a business up & running that warranted some bloggin action! SO guess what - I do! 

As you know Eye Candy Event Details has FINALLY come to life here on the internet fast-lane & we are wanting to expand & share with you all our other ideas for this business - that hopefully you'll have some interest in - lol!

For now I will just tell you this - I will be sharing anything & everything to update you all on the all the latest happenings of the biz + bring you other lil' tidbits from other friends that may be helpful to you. I am currently networking with some other folks in the party planning world so I will share their wisdom with you as well. As we all know - we can NEVER have too much to stay about throwing a kickin event! =) 

So for now . . .sit back, relax & get ready to take this ride with me - we are in for some FUN FUN FUN together!
Thanks for being a fan and as always enjoy the "eye candy"!

Laura =)

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