Thursday, September 18, 2014

ART PRINTS :: I'm So Fancy + Holy CHIC

I have been working on lots of art prints to share with you all but wanted to make sure to get these shot and put in the shop for you to enjoy before I start sharing some of the newer ones. If you follow me on Instagram, then you always see what prints I am currently 'inking' and working on, as that is where all the 'behind the scenes' action is documented. ;)
So for now I have TWO prints that hit the shop today: "I'm So Fancy" art print which I kept all in black ink so you could frame it in whatever color you would like, to match your own decor . . .

AND the other hand lettered art print says "holy CHIC" which I inked in gold and black, as that is a very popular colorway at the moment. ;)


So head on over to the shop to get your hand lettered art prints today. They are perfect to frame, gift to a friend, hang in an office or wrap up as a gift . . . everyone loves a great art print to decorate their space! I do. ;)

AND as a reminder, I am offering to do CUSTOM hand lettering prints as well. So if you think you have a FAB idea shoot me an email . . . at and we'll chat!
So tell me what you think??? Which one do you like the best? Let me know below . . .

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Looking forward to seeing you again! :)


  1. Cute! You have to have amazing penmanship!

  2. I have to agree with Erica - your penmanship is AMAZING!

  3. I love the Holy Chic one! Every time I see it, I giggle a bit.

  4. You are definitely fancy :) So pretty Laura!!

  5. Holy chic! I can't decide which is my favorite....

  6. So adorable! You are so talented!


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