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RECIPE :: Peppermint Brownie Mini Whoopie Pies

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Happy Holidays my friends!

I love this time of year as I look forward to making memories, spending time with family and friends and of course baking! I get to have fun baking up a storm with my daughter and making all of my family's favorites. It's funny how most of us will reserve certain treats to ONLY bake during the holidays . . .why do we do that? Have YOU ever thought about that? My daughter asked me that one time and I had never really even thought about it that way but it gave me a chance to explain traditions and reserving certain activities we look forward to every year just for this special time of year that we celebrate as a family. WHY? . . . I guess maybe so we don't get burnt out on them and we can look forward to making and enjoying them just during the holiday season. Who knows, regardless, I am GLAD it's major baking season as I have a delicious one to share with you today!

This recipe is always a hit because it involves chocolate and
M&M’S®, so when I was at Walmart recently, I grabbed a few things to whip up some of these whoopie pies for you. I also found the cutest holiday packaging and containers for my peppermint whoopie pies and decided to make these for my family holiday party this weekend as I am all about cute packaging and I do believe that presentation is key as well! ;)

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I really love this tin I found while I was there too as it reminds me of how this time of year is definitely magical because everyone seems to be a bit nicer to each other, people find ways to spread holiday cheer and help others and I wish it would last ALL through the year but until then, the holiday season will have to work. ;) Looking for easy amazing opportunities to give back can be easy if you know about simple things we can do to better someone else during the holidays.

Well you are in luck as I know of a couple ways you can give back: have you ever heard of The Great American Milk Drive? Well when you shop at Walmart over the holidays and buy M&M’s® (now through 12/25), fresh nutrient-rich milk will be donated to those kids and families who may be going without milk this season. Something as easy as this is also a perfect way to explain to our children WHY it's so important to take care of others during these times as well. Please check out: for more information and let's do our part to help others this season . . . together! I mean it can NOT get much easier than that and it will make you feel good too! Let's be the example for our kids so they can see how easy it is to help someone else.

the great american milk drive, how to make peppermint brownies

To make it even easier, I am sharing this offer with you as well:

So let's get to making those delicious treats: Peppermint Brownie Mini Whoopie Pies

recipe for peppermint brownie whoopie pies, M&Ms, holiday baking

Ingredients you will need: your favorite brownie mix + the ingredients for the mix, powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, Great Value® 2% Milk and M&M’S® Brand White Peppermint (Limited Edition) Candies.

1. Prepare your favorite brownie mix according to the directions.

You will be using a mini muffin pan to bake your mini whoopie pies so you will fill the pan half way with your batter and bake according to the brownie mix BUT you will be reducing the bake time to about 15-16 minutes, depending on your oven.

ingredients needed for peppermint brownie mini whoopie pies
3. Allow your mini brownie whoopie pies to cool completely. Prepare filling while they cool.

FILLING recipe:
 - mix 1/2 cup of softened butter, 2 cups of powdered sugar, 1 tsp. of vanilla and 3 tbl. of
Great Value® 2% Milk until it looks like filling. 

4. Once the brownie whoopie pies are cool, you will want to cut the muffin tops off and set aside.

recipe for whoopie pie filling, peppermint whoopie pies, baking fun

5. Once the muffin tops are cut off, take two 'bottoms' since they are nice and flat and spread some filling between the two. I put the sides out that were baked on the bottom and the side that has a cut, goes in the middle. That way it ensures they are durable. ;)

6. Roll the mini whoopie pies in the crushed M&M’S® Brand White Peppermint Candies and allow to set.

brownie bites, M&Ms, peppermint candies, mini whoopie pies
milk & brownies, mini whoopie pie recipe, peppermint whoopie pie

You may have wondered what I did with the muffin tops to the peppermint brownie whoopie pies right? Well I spread some of the filling on top of them and then sprinkled some of the crushed M&M’S® Brand White Peppermint Candies on top and packaged them up into one of those amazing adorable baking tins I found at Walmart. I love the colors of these and how they all coordinate together for the perfect presentation. I would say it's definite 'eye candy'! ;)

holiday baking, baking tins, gift ideas, brownie whoopie pies, M&Ms
believe in the magic, brownie recipe, holiday packaging, baking tins

Like I mentioned above, I just grabbed everything I needed when I was at Walmart recently as it was easy to find! They have lots of amazing choices for packaging any baked goods you are giving this year as gifts. While there, don't forget to buy a bag of M&M’S® as well to help support The Great American Milk Drive. I love that they joined forces with Feeding America, America’s dairy farmers and milk companies to turn the online donations they receive this season into gallons of milk for families in our local communities. Plus this season, The Great American Milk Drive will get to deliver its 1 MILLIONTH gallon to Feeding America and its nationwide food bank network!! That IS amazing!!

But we can do more. I hope you will visit and join me in helping The Great American Milk Drive deliver even MORE fresh milk, including its high-quality protein, to children and families in need because we CAN make a difference this season. 

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cheer, holiday baking, M&Ms, peppermint brownie whoopie pie

What special treat do you like to bake with your kids for the holidays? Do YOU ever use M&M’S® in your recipes? I would love to hear so let me know below please . . .


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