Thursday, March 30, 2017

ART PRINT :: First I Drink the Coffee Then I Do the Things

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It definitely makes the world go round.

I mean sometimes it takes more than one cup. But who am I kidding, it usually takes two to three am I right? lol For me, I need it to get going. I need it to do things. I need it when I wake it. I need a cup in the afternoon to pick me up. And sometimes . . . sometimes I even have a cup right before bed.

I like my coffee a "little light" too. Yeah I am THAT person who adds a little coffee to their creamer. What can I say, it's how I do it. ;)

Do you know when I really enjoy a cup of coffee though? When I sit down to create. To make things. To design a new hand lettered piece to add to the shop . . . this is when I enjoy it the most for sure.

So for all of my fellow coffee drinkers out there, this is for you. If this isn't the truth of truths, then I don't know what is! lol

 I give you: First I Drink the COFFEE Then I Do the Things.

coffee beans, coffee art print, coffee canister, rae dunn, hand lettered

I mean how cute would this look next to your coffee maker in the kitchen or hanging on the wall in a fabulous frame? So so soooo cute, right? So go then and head over to the shop and grab your own 'First I Drink the Coffee Then I Do the Things' art print and enjoy it! Of course while having a cup of joe ;)   

rae dunn coffee canister, hand lettering, coffee beans, first i drink the coffee
lettering, coffee art print, kitchen art, coffee lovers, cup of coffee
first i drink the coffee then i do the things, coffee art, hand lettering

Before you go, my friends, I want to remind you that I also offer CUSTOM hand lettered prints, decor, wood signs and anything else you would like hand lettering done on so just ask and I can make it happen! 

Do you think you have a great idea? Just shoot me an email . . . at and we will chat! 

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