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KITCHEN :: Fall Decorating & Cleaning

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Fall is upon is and I for one am greeting it with open arms as I LOVE the fall season and everything that it brings! Once school starts, I feel like it's time to give the house a 'once over' by cleaning, purging and tackling projects that have been on my 'to-do' list! 

During this time, I like to complete those home projects I may have started, as the kid is back in school and I can focus on what needs to be done around the house a little better, know what I mean? For me, I have been slowly remodeling and updating my small condo kitchen and recently I finally got the white subway tile installed and I am so happy about it and I must admit . . . I'm a little in LOVE with it! (I am sharing a few 'peeks' here today.)

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kitchen remodel, subway tiles, condo kitchen, small kitchen remodel
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This project took a few days and boy did it make for quite the mess! We had already replaced some lighting in the ceiling and that involved a lot of sanding and well, if you have ever sanded before you know how much of a mess that can create! You feel like you are cleaning up for days and days and days. ;)

So after this latest project was complete, I decided since the bulk of the major mess-making projects were done, that I would take this opportunity to do some serious fall cleaning in this kitchen. I mean why not, since I feel like I have been doing nothing but cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning from finding sanding dust, for awhile now - so I decided I needed to deep clean and embrace this mess once and for all.

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I don't know how you like to do your fall cleaning but when I know I have a BIG cleaning project to tackle, I make sure to set the tone by preparing with the right tools and activities to get me ready. For instance, I always make sure to buy fun cleaning tools. I know that may 'sound strange' but think about it, if we have fun tools to use when cleaning, then it makes it not so dreadful. It's also important to find tools that actually work and do the job.

I also believe in setting the tone for cleaning and preparing the area! I put my favorite jams on so we can dance when the mood strikes us, light our favorite candles so we smell nothing but happy scents and then when we are actually done - rewarding ourselves! That can mean different things to different people. For instance, after my daughter cleans (as part of her chores), she rewards herself with a sweet treat sometimes or takes a few minutes to chat with her friends online. Me? I treat myself by picking up a few things ahead of time at the store, to incorporate into my decor. I mean when we have to do the 'change-of-seasons-deep-fall-cleaning', we should do that right? ;)

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So on my weekly trip to Target, I found some fun fall items to add in the kitchen decor as my reward for getting the kitchen organized. I also picked up this Libman Wonder® Mop as I kept hearing good things about it plus it looked like it would be fun for my daughter to use when she cleans. I mean this thing HAD to be able to get all of that leftover dust from those sanding projects right? PLUS it looked super easy to use and we definitely needed that since my daughter is the one in charge of cleaning the kitchen floor. Chili, her dog, sheds like crazy and we needed something to help us clean that mess up as well! 

I like the fact that our Wonder® Mop is lightweight, lifts up to 20% more dirt with the microfiber GRIPSTRIPS™ leaving my floor cleaner plus it dries fast because of the power wringer that removes more water from the microfiber mop head. AND the fact that I can toss it in the laundry and machine wash it up to 50 times is a bonus too! Like I mentioned, I picked mine up at Target but I know you can find them at various stores around town like Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot. If you decide to get your own Wonder Mop, make sure to grab this coupon for three bucks off that you will get when you sign up for their newsletter- makes this tool a must-have for cleaning!

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As you can see, Chili loved supervising the cleaning of the floor. That boy goes everywhere with her and has to be right by her at all times. His nickname is 'toddler' as he's always right there but it's all good, I mean he is kinda cute! ;) 

Skylar loved using it as it was easy to use, got the job done and she actually did NOT mind cleaning with this "fun tool" we have now. YAY! Mission accomplished!

I loved it too. Especially since I am able to spend more time doing the things I LIKE to do while she is cleaning the kitchen floor . . . like decorating the kitchen for fall with my new decor! ;) 

kitchen decor, libman fall cleaning, fun cleaning tools, fall decorating
subway tile, kitchen decor, fall decorating, the libman company, fall
baked with love, pumpkins, fall decor, kitchen remodel, libmanBTS

I can't wait to use this in other areas of our home that need cleaned more often like: baseboards, ceilings and even in the showers! What would you use your Wonder® Mop to clean in your home?

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