Wednesday, November 15, 2017

FREEBIE :: Thanksgiving Pie Topper

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Hello my friends!    

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and everyone is busy making plans for the big day and thinking about what they will serve and have on their menus. I love this time of year as it gives us all a pause and allows us extra time to spend with all of our families and friends before the official 'rush' of the holidays sets in. When you think of Thanksgiving, what comes to mind? Your family memories as a kid, that special side dish that your aunt always brings every year, or maybe it's passing a football in the back yard with your brothers and cousins. A certain tradition that you do every year around the dinner table? Whatever it is . . . it IS what makes this day special to each of us as we all have our own stories and memories that we hold dear. Perhaps you really look forward to the bird of the day and all of that pie that comes later on in the day after everyone takes their food coma naps and wakes up ready to dig into some pie? For me, that's one of my faves!

Whether you like to celebrate Thanksgiving, friends-giving or both, I have something for you today that I think you are going to love! But the best part is it's going to compliment all of those delicious pies and desserts that you enjoy after that nap! ;)

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Today I bring you the perfect pie companion: a FREE pie topper that says what else? THANKFUL. We all have something to be THANKFUL for and now you can add being thankful for a free pie topper to your list! ;)

thankful banner, thanksgiving freebie, free thanksgiving art, pie topper

Like I mentioned, this pie topper says "Thankful" and comes set within a banner for the perfect accent to your Thanksgiving day desserts! I love the warm colors of this banner and I also am providing you with TWO different sizes all on ONE file, so you can use in different desserts, if you like.

Make sure to print out a copy of this pie topper for your Thanksgiving and friends-giving tables this year. Just head on over to the Giggles Galore blog (where I am a monthly contributor) and download: Thankful pie topper as every pie this season could use a little 'eye candy'! ;) It's available here as a FREE download and while you are over there, check out her blog as she has some amazing craft and party ideas as well that you will love! 

thankful poe topper, hand lettered, pumpkin pie, thanksgiving, friendsgiving

Before you go, my friends, I want to remind you that I also offer CUSTOM hand lettered prints, decor, wood signs and anything else you would like to see hand lettering done on, so just ask and I can make it happen!

Just shoot me an email  . . . and we will chat!

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