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Welcome to my blog, friends!

Laura here . . . I am a creative lifestyle blogger dedicated to design, entertaining, crafting and DIY decor ideas. I love sharing how to turn all the fun details that matter into 'eye candy'!! 

You will see me share my adventures in graphic design and hand lettering that I create and add to my Etsy shop plus I have some products coming this year that I am excited to share with all of you as well. I also love to make things for my posts whether it be crafts, baked goods, a home decor item . . .all of that you will find here but mostly my design and art creations! ;)

I also love collaborating with brands and have worked with the likes of: Target, Cold Stone Creamery, IKEA, WalMart, Nestle, Yankee Candle, Coca Cola and Sam's Club to name a few.

This year I was chosen as a Tombow 2016 brand ambassador and I also will be contributing to the Craftaholics Anonymous team.

::Enjoy the 'Eye Candy' ::
I hope you will enjoy looking around my blog as I have lots to share. You will see fun art prints, word art, logos & crafts I enjoy making to the latest art prints I hand lettered or some free downloads I designed. I strive to bring you LOTS of fabulous "eye candy".

::My experience ::
I have done freelance for years & went to college to study Graphic Design/Fashion Illustration. I have over 25+ years exp. in the industry and have worked for some great companies over the years. But ya know what? . . .I LOVE my job NOW the best! I get to drop off & pick up my daughter every day from school AND design all day long for MYself! 

The whole creative process of designing is such a rush for me - to see an idea come to life is the best feeling in the world! 

::Personal ::
Randomness about me: I LOVE . . . 
~ God ~ anything MINI ~ music playing at ALL times (it's a MUST!) ~ colored pens (will NOT use black) ~ Starbucks (java chip frapp, no whip!) ~ shopping at IKEA! ~ pillows (I have a 'thing' about buying them) ~ flip flops (wear them 'till it snows) ~ Shark Tank (the show) ~ the color PINK! ~ a good glue gun ~ dark chocolate ~ comfy t-shirts & jeans ~ a good mascara ~ tissue poms ~ ice cream (not a fan of the cake) ~ big bold rings (I collect them) ~ polka dots ~ anything black and white ~ daisies ~ nail polish ~ cake stands ~ Target! ~ making people LAUGH ~

Did you know:
~ I studied Fashion Design in California & LOVED it. I actually know how to sew & am pretty good but never have the time (that's changing). I may have designed a few items for local rock bands when I lived there. ;)
~ I LOVE surfing! I got to surf in Maui with my brother once. It rocked!
~ I am ambidextrous. I used to draw with BOTH hands in college - used to freak out my roommates. lol
~ I have naturally curly hair & it grows super fast. 
~ I can NOT have my food touch each other. (eeeew!) & I eat one thing until it's gone then move to the next item.
~ I was in a commercial. Once.

Have fun, look around & if you ever have any questions, you can reach me at
Thanks so much for being here. ;)


  1. I am so excited to find your blog! You sound hilarious and so fun! I will be downloading your Halloween Subway Art in a few days (once I get so more color ink :( ).

    1. well hello there & a great big 'ol WELCOME to you! So glad ya found me AND commented (that makes my day - comments, lol) Enjoy the subway art & I am so glad you are here! ;)

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    1. Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by and your comment, it was very much appreciated. =)

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  4. Just stumbled onto your Blog, seems interesting and your designs are wonderful!


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