Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Damask New Years Eve Collection

hello all

WOW - can you believe Christmas has come & went already?
I don't know about you but it was a blur for my family!

I have LOTS to catch up on here & to show you
but most importantly wanted to get the latest collection to
you FIRST - our new DAMASK New Years Eve collection!
(and since damask just happens to be my FAV pattern - 
I particularly LOVE this one!)

The banner here is black & white damask w/ red
& just a few subtle touches of purple! Ahhhhh
These labels can be used for a variety of things
including your food table, candy bar, drink station,
etc - just write in what you need it to say!

The toppers I LOVE since they are my favorite
item in the party packs - probably because the 
possibilities of uses are ENDLESS!
Obvious ones are cupcake toppers, gift tags, 
decor on top of toothpicks in the party food, taped
onto your dishes containing the food for added decoration,
mini banners, etc. - cut them into different shapes using
your favorite punch or leave them as they are!

And do you just LOVE these drink straw flags?
These are so fun to make your drinks festive!
Just fold them in half & leave as is around the straws
or cut them into a pendant shape at the ends once 
they are folded.

Of course, we need some napkin wraps as well & you all have 
seen that I find uses for these other than wrapping napkins 
with them! lol You can wrap these lil suckers just around
anything that needs a lil jazzin up! =)

The BEST part of all of this - only $9 right now available
in our Etsy shop - go here to get yours NOW!

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