Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Holiday Printable} Mod Snowflake Collection

Introducing . . . 
the MOD SNOWFLAKE collection

oh yeah!!! . . .I am sooo beyond excited to be introducing you 
to some Christmas "eye candy"  . . . it's our 1st ev-aaaa
Christmas printable holiday pack that you 
can use to create a gorgeous table display with . . 
or use it to decorate a cocktail party you will be having . . 
or use it for your gift giving needs . . . 
whatever creative way you come up with - we just hope you ENJOY it! =)

I wanted this collection to be based on my 2 favorite colors- PINK & RED!!
Also wanted to do some simplistic elements which led me to use
a snowflake and I think it turned out perfect - could be used for
the holidays & actually for a very festive New Years party!

The collection contains:
1. party toppers (of course)
I used them here for a few different options . . 
on a candy dish & as a decorative accent in the marshmallow pops . .  

2. food / drink labels - that you could use for a number
of different ways.
I used them as a food label / decoration by attaching
it to a lollipop stick & using it as a centerpiece in
this donut tower of peppermint donuts. yum! =)

3. gift tags - use these on homemade treats to someone or 
on their gift - either way - ADORABLE!

4. drink straw tags - these are so cute for a little eye candy
on your cocktail this season. I also used them to add a little
something to my dessert plate.

5. napkin wraps - LOVE the napkin wraps but didn't use them around
napkins for this shoot. INSTEAD I decided to try something a little
different & placed it around a larger ornament for a new look.

FREE BONUS - we decided to offer a FREE item with the printable
pack - the WISH LIST! 

OH . . . by the way . . has anyone been eye-balling these
GORGEOUS snowflake cookies that PERFECTLY match
my party pack decor??? 
Well I know where you can get them.
Wanna know? =) My new friend's name is Sara Dandy
with Dandy Delights & you can getcha some of these delish 
cookies from her anytime you like - she does everything!
Here is her info
Just tell her Laura sent ya! =)

Also don't forget that we have also created several
digital & boxed Christmas cards for this season - all are 
available in our Etsy shop. But this one matches
this Mod Snowflake collection . . . 
You just send us your digital file & we customize 
it just for YOU!

Thank you all for being a blog follower - I would appreciate you
telling your friends about us - they just MAY thank you for it!

AND just so you know all of these items in the 
MOD SNOWFLAKE collection are  
ON SALE right now until Sun. 12/5/10 for 30% OFF! 

BUT . . . since you are a follower of the BLOG - 
you're in LUCK! 
Remember when I told you to . . .
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can get 50% OFF
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It's our way of THANKING you for being here with us! =)
Grab it now & get a deal!

And please leave a comment & tell us what you think - 
it would make me happy! =)

Thanks so much for your support & we wish you a truly

xoxo laura

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  1. The table looks beautiful Laura! I hope you got to enjoy the cookies yourself after the shoot :)


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