Sunday, January 2, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR - whatcha WANT??? !

Why HELLO THERE & a big fat HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!
Tell me . . .

Have you asked yourself that question YET this year??
(btw - who can name the group or song that came from? - sorry
design A.D.D. kicking in . . .lol)

But seriously party playas . . . what DO you want this year?
Let's not make silly resolutions that (let's face it) we NEVER keep 
anyway . . . let's INSTEAD focus our efforts on what we WANT!

Here's what I WANT for this business this year:

10. to dial it up ALOT & buckle down & BUST out some
collections that are so FAB you will fall outta your seat
when you see them! 
(remember this is what I WANT - didn't say it would happen =)

9. to stay on top of THIS here blog & keep you guys all in 
"the know" a lot quicker than I have been doing
( I have so much 'eye candy' to show you still from last year)
but never fear - it's coming . . . yes OH it IS! =)

8. to find some FAB FAB vendors WILLING to bust out
some insanely cool collaborations together & BRING IT!
( just some new FUN people to work with would be sufficient)

7. jump HEAD FIRST into some SICK giveaways that everyone
will want to WIN! How cool would that be?
(again just some willing participants will do! =)

6. to BROADEN my business! . . . what does that even mean
you ask? Well let's just say I have been approached MANY
times lately about expanding the business into a division
that can EASILY be added  (for the LOCAL party playas)
- more work for me sure BUT I may be able to "collaborate" 
with some NEW people & throw the business their way.
(just sayin)

5. to offer all of the collections in printable format 
(for all the crafty kids in da house) AND also in . . .
(oh wait a minute I almost spoiled a BIG reveal - 
sorry gonna have to wait on that one!)
But just know this much - your life is about to get 
sooooo much easier to throw a kick-butt party!

4. to re-do my blog design & actually figure out WHAT the
"u know what"  - I am doing, so it is MORE user-friendly for you
(since it's NOT very friendly w/ me! in my world it's called 'wingin-it')

3. to get out more (stepping AWAY from this computer) & networking
w/ the locals & drumming up MORE local business
(since this IS our only source of income thanks to BOTH of us being laid off recently)

2. to give YOU what you want! I want you to email me, 
comment & tell me WHAT you need me to give you!
I am NOT in business unless you
contact me & let me know what I can do for you. 

Remember I can do:
- logo design - for companies or an event
- custom paper designs: invites, thank-you cards, stationary, cards,
candy bar labels, etc.
- party decor - including signage, backdrops, pom poms, banners, games
centerpieces, etc.
- CUSTOM card boxes (my fav) that matches any theme
- candy bars - the design & setting it up
- calligraphy services

SO TALK to me people! What parties are YOU planning this year?
Email me anytime & I can even help you w/ ideas!
(remember MY mind is a sea of never-ending ideas - let me unleash them! lol)

1. and the MOST IMPORTANT thing I want this year is . . .
helping out the "little party peeps" . . .the ones who are just 
getting started (like me) . . .I want to help as many people as I 
can & honestly try to reach out to someone new EVERY week
(would love to say every day - but only so many hrs people! - just sayin)
and find a way to help them in their business . . .whether it
be featuring them on my blog, working on a collection w/ them,
just offering advice, making them laugh or just being a friend. 

I want to PAY IT FORWARD & be 'that' person who never 
forgets that everyone starts somewhere & everyone has a
"first day" & may need someone to help them reach their goal.
(hey may sound 'cheese-eeee' but this IS what I want to try & do)

SO Whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want? 
Do you know?

Love to hear from some of you - leave a comment or email me at & we'll chat!

Thanks for letting me share! You're next! . . . .=)
xoxo laura


  1. I'm in on #8. to find some FAB FAB vendors WILLING to bust out
    some insanely cool collaborations together & BRING IT!

    I am planning a 2 year old birthday bash for April... maybe we could put our minds together on it.

  2. Lauren - count me in - we'll chat! I got your email & you got mine! =) We'll throw some ideas around & see what develops! yay! =)

  3. Hi, I saw your post on DiD and I'm a follower! Stop by EEAD when you get a chance

  4. hey alex - already a fan! But just followed your blog - thought I had done that already.

  5. HI! Coming by from Mommy In The Baking to follow! Thanks for swinging by. I am now following your blog and on FB. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!

  6. Just found your blog. Love your energy. I am right there with you. SO much I want to do. Don't know how to do it. But this is supposed to be a good year darn it. It just has to be. So I will be here along for the ride and all. I just need to kick my but into gear.

  7. I have a good feeling about this year:) Wishing you all the best with your business, I will recommend you to my friend who is just starting up and will need logo design- how does that sound? Can't wait to see all the fun here this year, Jane

  8. Thanks to all for stopping by - LOVE the company & comments - it fuels me!!! =)

    Oh . . . . and Jane - that would be just fine to tell your friend if they need a logo design to contact me at - I am sure I could offer them some different suggestions + a variety to choose from! Thanks for thinking of me! =)

  9. Just saw your post and I have two words for you.......Beastie Boys!!

  10. @ the sweet spot candy bar - YAY! You are the FIRST one to say that!! - love me some Beastie Boys - lol. Make it a great day & thanks for reading! =)

  11. Sounds like a plan!

    I have so many goals too for 2012, the scariest being sending off press releases to local and national stations.

    I heard being on TV adds a few pounds, but it's now or never!


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