Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{GIVEAWAYS} Happy Birthday PARTY is coming!

good morning friends!

I'm a little anxious this morning . . . 
wanna know WHY?
Do you EVEN know what tomorrow is? (besides 9/14)

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!
{not MY b-day but my biz's b-day)

I am just so excoted to bring you all the little & BIG surprises that I have lined up for you! I can't wait!!! 
"But it's YOUR b-day, shouldn't YOU be getting gifts you ask?!"

Nawwwww, if you know me at all, you will know that I am a GIVER! I LOVE giving gifts & making other people HAPPY, so I have lined up a whole WEEK of goodies for you . . . that means MULTIPLE WINNERS every day of this week of partying! How sa-weeeeeet is that?!
It all starts tomorrow . . .sept. 14 - the day that I opened the doors for Eye Candy Event Details & got the party started!
It has been a very exciting year for me, one that has offered alot of opportunities & alot of them I can't even tell you about yet! But it ill be soon my friends . . .some things are starting to come to fruition now & it will be soon . . . very soon! (mwahhhhahahaha)

Anywho . . . lots of FUN this week with a whole week's worth of GUEST BLOGGERS giving YOU all gifts everyday & of course I will be getting in on that action too of course! I will be giving away some FAB gifts too.
And you will want to pay extra close attention for the next week too, because I LOVE surprising people & I may just one day or a couple days or heck! every day, pop on my page & ask something random & the 1st person to "get it" gets a gift! (I did it last week, so it's been known to happen- lol)

Get excited! Grab your birthday hats! Grab your party horns!
Eat a cupcake . . .it's ECED's birthday tomorrow!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you and your blog! 8) You are such a giver in so many ways! Can't wait to see what you have in store!



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