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{GUEST GIVEAWAY POST} Coating Marshmallows with The Marshmallow Studio

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Welcome to Day #3 of 
Eye Candy Event Details's BIRTHDAY WEEK!
Today is the 2nd person in my series of GUEST BLOGGERS & I am super excited to introduce you to her because she is such a sweetheart . . . she's also very funny & I am so glad we have become friends. Her designs are AHH-MAZING . . . and she loves MARSHMALLOWS!
She is the guru of marshmallow "works of art" & she is the one to know! 
You will LOVE her! 
SO let's get on with it! . . . everyone meet Alejandra, founder & the marshmallow mastermind from
We are happy to be celebrating and partying-it-up with Eye Candy Event Details for their 1st Anniversary !
I had wanted to do a tutorial for a while now and when Laura asked me to join in the fun, I was excited!!
PS: There’s a great little bonus surprise at the end of this post !
Mini Tutorial: Colored Sugar-Coating Marshmallows
By: Alejandra Morin, owner and designer of The Marshmallow Studio

Items You’ll Need:
·       Water
·       Granulated Sugar
·       Food Gel Color (I like AmeriColor)
·       Toothpicks
·       Plastic Glove
·       Washcloth or Paper Towel
·       Spoon
·       Marshmallows

How to Color the Sugar:

Step 1: Put glove on
Step 2: Pour desired amount of coloring into sugar (Approx. 1 drop per cup of sugar)
Step 3: Pinch, pinch and pinch gel and sugar together. Make sure there are no dark spots

You are now ready to start coating some ‘mallows!

How to Sugar-Coat Marshmallows:

Step 1: Insert toothpick halfway into marshmallow

Step 2: Submerge marshmallow completely into water for 2 seconds
Step 3: Take marshmallow 

Step 3: Gently squeeze marshmallow dry with washcloth or paper towel using other hand

Step 4: Using spoon, drizzle sugar all over marshmallow. Make sure to not leave any areas white

Step 5: Leave marshmallow laying out to dry on tray or stick toothpick on foam for about 5 minutes
Step 6: Remove toothpick

Now wasn’t that easy?!?!
Ideas of what you can do with your Sugar-Coated Marshmallows:
·       Serve as dessert
·       Place a bunch in a plastic bag, tie a cute ribbon on it and give to someone as gift
·       Use as part of the décor at your next party
·       Eat as a snack
·       Make colorful s’mores
·       Insert a bunch into a skewer to make a ‘mallow pop

What will you be doing with your colored mallows? We’d LOVE to see what fun things you can all come up with. Share your photos and ideas with us on our Facebook page.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this fun mini tutorial and good luck :)

THANK YOU so much Alejandra for being here!
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Special THANKS again to Alejandra for the generous prize, the FABulous tutorial! And THANK YOU for being here today. Join me tomorrow morning for another EXCITING guest blogger as BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY week continues!


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