Friday, October 21, 2011

{Designer Challenge} The Results & keeping it real.

Hello everyone . . I don't know about you but WOW what a week this has been!!! I will NEVER forget this week. It will forever go down as a monumental week to remember & here's why.

This week I celebrated my ONE YEAR blog anniversary. The place which gives me the privilege of sharing about what I love with all of you & I was pretty excited already about that because that meant I HAD kept up with it as best as I could. But then the most WONDERFUL thing happened!

I found out I WON the "Designers Challenge" - me . . I won! I won.
What a memory I will have to cherish.
I am still riding on my high from this WIN!

Ebony from Sparkling Events & Design, invited 12 different designers to accept the challenge of designing something fabulous for 4-6 people, dessert table, activity, AND on a $100 budget! 

The talent pool of this group of women, I was in this with, was crazy RIDIC!! They are some of the most popular party girls around & I adore them all!!

To check out what everyone did with the budget, take a peek here

Curious what I did? 

I will give you a few peeks at what I did as I am planning on writing up a full blog post so you can get more details about it all! 

I just want to THANK everyone again that VOTED for me. I am very humbled by this experience & it is something that will always be a cherished memory in the history books of Eye Candy Event Details. 

To me, I feel like I won a million dollars. To some that may seem silly. But when you LOVE what you do as much I do & then something like this happens, it makes you feel GOOD!
{Because it justifies all the times you didn't feel like you were good enough . . . all the times when you doubted the talent you have . . . all the times when you thought you would never get anywhere . . . all the days you cried from frustration because nothing was going the way you needed . . . all the days that make you wonder if anyone is listening to the ramblings you post}
 . . .well this week I had my DAY & it felt good.

I was having a 'rough' week (mentally) and so it came at the PERFECT time. The post that read 
"the results are in"

I took a deep breathe & opened the post . . and then 
I saw MY name . . . 
I won for "Best Interpretation of Theme" {YAY}

and then I saw my name AGAIN . . .
I was in a 4-way tie for "Best Use of Budget" {sa-weet}

and so I scrolled down one . . . more . . . time . . 

and there it was:
{seriously- no way. Am I reading this correctly? Are my eyes playing tricks? I totally thought I misread it - I even closed & re-opened the post to make sure!}

and then right BELOW that 
{is when my jaw literally hit my desk}
it read . . .
{say . . what? Am I being 'punked' right now? Really?
THAT meant more to me than anything because YOU the fans voted
& that is something I will always hold dear to me - THANK YOU}

So I will take this feeling from this WIN & I am gonna try to bottle it up as much as I can, hold onto it tight, & remember that I AM where I am supposed to be. And on those 'bad' days, I will take a little from this bottle &  I will keep trying my best to create what I love & hope others love it too.

Thanks for letting me get real with you all today. 
Thanks for being here.
But most importantly THANKS for voting for me in that challenge.
I needed that win to keep me where I need to be & I am so grateful.


  1. Oh my dear friend... You truly earned every vote. I loved the idea, the elements, the decorations, the sweets, pretty much everything! :) You've blessed the party world with your innovative creativity and sweet spirit. You rock!
    XOXO -Alejandra

  2. That was the sweetest and most humbled victory speech I've ever read! Congrats Laura, you totally deserved it!

  3. Alejandra & Jenny - you BOTH just made this week even better with your super sweet comments to me. I adore you both & am so lucky that our paths have crossed. xoxo

  4. My sweet friend..this is why I love and adore you. You are the sweetest mega star ever! I agree with Jenny and totally deserved it!!!


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