Friday, October 14, 2011

{Halloween TREATS} How to make Witch hat cookies & marshmallow purses

hello there . . .if any of you have kids . . . young kids, if they are anything like mine - they can be a TRIP! I had mentioned on my Facebook page yesterday that I had to make something for a 'snack' for my daughter's Brownie meeting yesterday, as it was our turn. My daughter is eight. She is a girly girl. She "expects" certain things when you do party design for a living. 
Meet our "design" of THE snack for her friends at her Brownie meeting yesterday . . . 

What is it you ask? Kinda looks like those marshmallows purses I saw in the "Designers Challenge" you were in but different. And is it hanging on an ice cream cone? Yes & YUP! 

We took a plain Becky Crocker sugar cookie mix & baked those, iced them (thick) & then placed an inverted sugar cone in it. Then took every "girly" icing tube we could find to decorate them around the edges (where it meets the cookie) to keep it 'glued' in place. We were going for a witches hat but I didn't REALIZE she would want to decorate then sooooo COLORFUL! 

 And she really liked the purses I made for my photo shoot for my entry in the Designers Challenge that I did - remember these little guys? The marshmallow purses is just something I thought up to try (when doing the photo shoot for my 'G.R.E.E.N. Swap Party' & it worked! Just take a marshmallow, pick a colored fruit roll-up slice for the handle (cut to desired length), roll it until it looks like a rope, poke holes in the marshmallow & insert handle, then decorate with gel icing & a sprinkle or two. Super easy & super cute!

 so we added some more colors to have them match the "witches hats" & hung them from the tips of the hats.

It's funny, when planning the snack, I asked her what she wanted me to make, I said "cookies or something" to which she replied, "NOT just cookies but something GOOD because ya know, you're a PARTY mom!" 

PARTY mom? Hmmmm  . . PARTY mom . . . I can live with that!! I suppose when we have a creative job then we may get 'labels' from our kids & ya know what? I am fine with that.

Want to know why? When we set all these out at snack time during the Brownie meeting, the look of "pride" on my daughter's face when all the girls were LOVING the treats & asking how I made them, was all I needed to be HAPPY with THIS label. I can live with PARTY mom. I will OWN it. I AM party mom.

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  1. Those are soooo cute and genius! You are a FABULOUS party mom!


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