Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UNITED we stand ~ Remembering 9/11

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The day that changed everything. 
Life as we had known, forever changed.

Every year is the same for me. I am a MESS.
I have already cried this morning. I still have tears in my eyes as I am 'trying' to type. 
I am a super emotional person but this day is always such a powerful day for me.
11 years have passed & I still struggle with the 'proper' way to remember.
Do I work? If I do, should I just post, write about 9/11 because is it un-American to do anything but that? Am I being too critical? Life has to go on right? Or is that THE problem? Have we, as Americans forgotten how to truly remember a day that should never be forgotten?
I have read many comments about us forgetting how to remember those on Memorial Day, Veterans Day . . . I truly, truly hope that 9/11 doesn't turn into one of those days too but will it eventually? I pray it doesn't.

I don't even feel like working today - never do. I feel every year all I should do is just talk about it . . remember with people . . .watch it on TV . . NOT post anything unless it's related to 9/11 . . . I feel like if I don't, I'm disrespecting the day - 9/11 . . .anyone else feel this way?

My daughter was excited about going to school today to learn about 9/11. I asked her WHY she was 'excited' as it was a really sad day? She replied with 'I know it was important so I want to know about it & hopefully I can make you feel better later because YOU are a mess talking about it!' (God I love that kid - she has MY compassionate bone ;)

I tried to explain to my her some of the details before she headed to school this morning but I just lost it - always do every year. It feels like it just happened - wounds are so fresh still and I'm not sure if that feeling will ever go away. 

I will be anxious to see what they tell her in school today . . .explaining to these little people who were not even born yet, what this day means, why these awful people hated us so much to do this & try to explain to her WHY we should respect this day, hold it in our hearts & always pray for all the people who have suffered because of this tragedy. Because HOW do you explain that to these kids? Yes we should tell them all the good things as well that came from that day but we also need to keep our kids grounded in the 'real' world. Threats of evil happen every day but that is why we have our wonderful military to protect us. They also need to know that not everybody loves us & mean people DO exist. But GOOD people do too! ;)

I wonder if the school will explain the UNITY of people that day or for what seemed like months afterward . . . . how everyone flew flags on their cars, put them in their yards & wore red, white & blue for days after it happened. Will they tell her that? People UNITED! UNITED . . . .together for the simple fact that is happened to ALL of us  . . .we shared a common bond that UNITED us together forever. That is the ONE thing I do miss from those days 11 years ago . . .the UNITY felt from every single American. Sad to see those days have diminished some since then. I pray we can get that back someday. I want that UNITY back!

I hope we teach our children about that day. I hope we share with them the good AND the bad. They need to know. Whether we like it or not, it is now part of our history & they have a link to that piece of history, one who can give them all the details of those events. US . . .their parents. The ones who witnessed that day. Let's make sure we teach them how to remember those who are no longer with us. Let's teach them about the HEROES of that day. Not just the first responders - the policemen, the firemen, the medics,  . . .or the military but also all the normal every day people that dropped everything to HELP a fellow human. Or the story about the dad who overtook a plane, diverted it & saved tons of people in the process - he BEAT the bad guys! That was some good news.

Do you remember WHERE you were? Of course you do. I was working at a 9-5 job in the graphic design department of a corporate retail chain . . . .I remember sitting at my desk & someone yelling 'we are being attacked'!!!!!. . . so many things run through your mind when you hear those words . . . what EXACTLY does that mean? How severe is this? Are they exaggerating? 

We all gathered in another department to watch from a TV . . . then IT happened . . .the 2nd plane  . . . and that is when I realized just how serious this was! 
The disbelief . . . this kind of thing is supposed to ONLY happen in he movies but yet here we were watching it on TV . . happening in OUR country . . . happening to one of OUR cities . . .happening to OUR fellow brothers & sisters.

Just when I was trying to wrap my head around what was happening in NYC, then news came that the Pentagon was hit.  I ran back to my desk . . .started frantically dialing to reach my mom . . .to talk to her & I remember saying "I LOVE YOU" because I honestly thought THIS WAS THE DAY! The day we were ALL going to die. The 'one' day we all dreaded coming, the one day that has always been threatened to us by our enemies . . .the day they would take us all out. 
I called as many family members as I could get a hold of . . . just in case it was the last time. When I called my dad in Florida . . . he was a mess as he tells me the details of being on the phone with one of his friends & the phone went dead . . . the friend he was talking to who was in one of the towers. He was just as scared as I was. (his friend DID make it out . . . he was one of the lucky ones)

My story is NOTHING compared to those who lost a loved one. But we all felt the day along with all of those who were directly affected. We all take this day & remember in our own little way. Some want to discuss it . . . some want to write about it . . . some want to try their best to go on with their day, with business as normal, while their heart aches all day . . . but I truly believe that every year on September 11th the same thing happens to EVERY person in America.
We all remember. We all UNITE in remembering . . .that is AMAZING!

Some may shed tears, some pray all day, some grieve but we will always remember.

That day on September 11th, 11 years ago will forever UNITE all of us forever. Let's keep that UNITY alive.
God bless the United States of America!

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Please feel free to share your thoughts or some feelings below . . . let this be a way for us to UNITE! :)

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