Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{Real Wedding} MY special day on the beach


Hello! I have another "special edition" of Wedding Wednesday to share with you!
Yesterday was a VERY special day for me. It was what I like to call my "2nd" wedding anniversary. You see my husband & I wanted a 'beach wedding' when we were in the planning stages of our wedding but didn't dream of excluding our kids from the special day so we came up with a solution we thought would work for everyone involved. The plan was to have our 'family' wedding on March 27 like I shared with you all a couple weeks & then while on our honeymoon in Destin, have an intimate beach ceremony with my brother (who also performed part of the ceremony at the first). He lived in Alabama at the time & drove down with his wife.
This was the PERFECT solution & it was so nice to plan a "2nd wedding" for April 9, just a few weeks after the first! lol  Because really . . . who does that? lol
We DID! ;)
One of the nice things about having another ceremony is the relaaaaaaaaaxing part! I spent the day by the pool, had a cocktail while getting ready & I was able to focus just on ME - that's it. Just MEEEEEEEE! It was glorious & so free of stress! 
We stayed at a condo resort in Destin & it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL there, so there were plenty of places to take some amazing photos!
Here are some shots BEFORE the ceremony . . .

our ceremony . . . on the beach . . . it was the BEST decision we ever made. We had an amazing time & it was gorgeous! {sigh}


We LOVED the lobby's decor at the condo resort & took some time to take some photos after the ceremony. We had some fun with it!

  . . . also a couple outside in one of the pools.
we were able to have the day(s) we envisioned for the start of "our story" together & we were beyond thrilled. It's all about creating memories as you begin the next chapter of your life with the one you were meant to be with.
And we did exactly that. ;)


let me know you were here . . .