Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WEDDING :: HOT PINK Inspiration Board


Hello everyone & welcome to "Wedding Wednesday"! 
If you are new to this series, we started it a few weeks ago and are dedicating Wednesdays on the blog to anything & everything to do with WEDDINGS!

pink streamers, damask invite, pink pinwheels cake topper, sundae bar sign, hot pink wedding

Today I bring you some HOT PINK wedding eye candy (my favorite kind ;) I have gathered some fun ideas using hot pink, as it STILL is a HOT wedding color to use! I am not too sure that it will ever go out of style. It IS however, one of those colors that needs to be handled with care to prevent it from overpowering everything but with a little eye candy research, it's easy to do!
Try to use it as an accent or a secondary color . . .pair it with other shades of pink or go bold & have it as your accent color at your black n' white event (like I did). You can never go wrong having hot pink as THE pop of color at an event! During the spring and summer months play up varying shades of pink with hot pink to give a very girly look but one that is very timeless all at the same time.
Have fun with it at your wedding or next party, as it definitely makes a statement!


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  1. I love this! The pink reminds me of "Steel Magnolias" when Julia's character say's "My colours are blush and bashful" LOL!! I wish I had of worn pink heals under my dress... no one would have been the wiser!

  2. WOw very eye catching. This is really lovely and any bride would be thrilled to have this decor.

  3. I never would have considered something as splashy as hot pink as a wedding color - but I think you changed my mind - gorgeous!

  4. That really is an awesome colour for a wedding. I have not seen this before but it sure would look nice.

  5. That definitely adds a big pop of color! I don't think I would choose bright pink for a wedding, but it is growing on me.

  6. I have seen pinks coming into trend for a while now. I am renewing my vows in 2 weeks. I have purple and white as our theme. Pink is awesome though.

  7. What a great idea! Not everyone is all about the white at weddings. I think everyone should do their own thing. :)

  8. Love the hot pink trend as an accent! Love your board too!

  9. I love the hot pink idea, definitely not the norm for a wedding. Brings a pop to the wedding!

  10. I didn't know hot pink was so popular for weddings right now. Based on this inspiration board, I can see why though.

  11. My wedding was PINK and I loved it so much! These are beautiful ideas


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