Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{HOW-TO} Make a Grass Skirt Garland


How-to Make a grass skirt garland!

This is the PERFECT garland for your summer luaus & is so SIMPLE & EASY to make! Now this was one of those ideas that just "hit me" when I was out purchasing supplies for a party & it just comes together (kinda like 'magic' - heehee) I don't know . . .  I think it turned out pretty cool - what do you think?

Supplies you will need & the "how-to":
1. head on over to The Dollar Tree & pick up 1 pack of red 'goodie' bags
& 1 pack of blue 'goodie' bags 
(they came 10 in a pack so I figured that would be plenty long enough)
2. while you are still at the Dollar Tree pick up an extra grass skirt to use specifically for this garland
3. the 1st thing I did was, using my paper hole punch, punched holes in both sides of the paper bags towards the top . . .say about an inch down
4.get out that glue gun & fire her up!
5. I printed out the 4" circles from the Americana Luau collection,
cut them out & glued them to only about a third of the bags 
(you decide how many you would like & then print the appropriate amount)

6. I then took the 'extra' grass skirt & a pair of scissors & determined how 'long' I wanted the 'skirt' to be hanging off the bags . . .I believe I did about 12 in. & then just cut that length off the skirt to glue to the bags
7. open up one of the paper bags & turn it upside down, run the hot glue gun all around the edges (on the inside bottom) & adhere the grass skirt pieces until you achieve the 'look' you want
** a couple tips on this - you WILL get your fingers glued.
I would advise doing 1 side at a time with the gluing as if you are like me, I had to be particular as to lining up the pieces of the 'skirt' just so! =)
8. continue gluing the 'skirt' to the bottom of all your paper bags until you have done them all
9. I used just a long piece of white curling ribbon to "thread" through all of the garland bags (where you put the hole punches) until they were all hanging on the ribbon
10. that's IT! Again . . .a FUN, festive-looking DIY decor that was $4

Want to see MORE pics from this party? Check out the Americana Luau we had for Memorial Day - such a fun idea!

What fun party decor item have you come up with lately? 
Are you having a luau this summer? I would love to know . . .


let me know you were here . . .