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{SUMMER FUN IDEA} Kids Bike Wash

bike & trike wash, buckets of soap, bike wash, summertime fun

Hello all – it’s Melissa from My Party Passion, bringing you the second post in a series for Eye Candy Creative Studio.  Sharing with you some fun, budget friendly ideas for family Summer celebrations! 

welcome summer sign, watermelon pops, summertime fun

Bike and Trike Wash:  This play date/party is a TON of fun!  I prepared the driveway for the children ahead of time, using cardboard to make signs and some dollar store buckets and sponges. 

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soap buckets for bike wash, kids bike wash, summertime activity for kids

soap up bikes at kids bike wash, summertime, busckets of soap

My husband also made the ever so popular (on Pinterest) Bike Wash for less than $ 7.50.  I can’t tell you how long these children played in the wash.   

driving bikes through bike wash, kids riding bikes, kids bike wash

One of the best things about this party, their bikes were clean and so were they!  

bike & trike wash for the kids, summertime fun, ideas for summer

kids washing bikes at the bike wash, riding bikes, summer fun
girl riding bike, bike wash, summertime fun, summer kids activities

 Investment $ 20 at most!  Add in some simple snacks for break time and watch them quickly eat and return to the wash!  Fun for all and really not much to clean up later!  My children ask for this play date all the time! 

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What are some fun celebrations that you family partakes in?  

Until next time friends, this is Melissa from My Party Passion saying PARTY ON FRIENDS!


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  1. Oh, I am so very excited about this! My son just turned 7 and still refuses to take off the training wheels. We’re going to go get elbow and knee pads tomorrow! Thank you for such wonderful ideas and tips. I love the concept of learning to fall first and removing that source of fear. That is THE reason he doesn’t want to take them off. Aaaah! So excited!

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