Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{DIY HOME} Who loves home makeovers?

How is your summer going?
I wanted to share a little bit about what I have been doing this summer so far.

Have you met my new BFF? Yes, THIS is who I have been hanging with so far this summer . . . 

I have been procrastinating like {forever} on some "home projects" around these here parts. It was one of those things where I didn't make the time nor did I want to spend a bunch of money. So I kept collecting ideas and knew one of these days the time would come . . . 

Well summer came and I decided that a few days a week, I was going to devote to chipping away at my "home project" list. Or I could just kiss the list goodbye because it was never gonna get done at the rate I was going. I mean really? . . . I have lived in my condo for 9 years & haven't done a whole lot to update it the way I reallllllly want. AND we really want to sell within the year so we can move into a house. So it was time to get 'er done!

I have taken pics of projects I have in the works right now. I have done the foyer, a gallery wall, converted the dining room into a craft/art studio & am currently working on the kitchen and main floor bathroom.

Here's a peek of some of the projects I have shared on Instagram of what I have been doing  . . .

 . . . ugghhhh . . . this project is taking like FOR-EVER but it is making such a difference with everything. TRUTH: I am a modern decorator so this nasty old brown trim did absolutely NOTHING for me . . . so ba-bye! and HELLLOOOOO new crisp white trim . . . I love you!!!!

This is part of the bathroom updating I am doing. I am painting the bathroom cabinet INSTEAD of buying a new one. This puppy will be a gorgeous shade of expresso when I am done with her! ;)


This one has been the most FUN so far. Who doesn't like a good chalkboard project right?


So my question to you all is this . . . I would LOVE to share these projects with you as I am finding ways to do them all myself & for the least amount of money possible. So if you like, I can easily add a series to the blog schedule & call it something like "Makeover Mondays" or something to that effect! Let me know below if that is something you would be interested in seeing . . . I love a good before/after job & seeing the pics. Have you worked on a home makeover this summer? Comment below & let me know IF you would like to see some makeovers on the blog!

In the meantime if you would like to see peeks of the latest projects, just follow me on Instagram


  1. Oh I would love to see your make overs! I love new projects, inspiring! Thanks my friend!

  2. Me too, me too! I've been trying out CeCe Caldwell's Paint and so far it's great. I just recently painted a very old music stand for our piano room. I am putting together "in my mind" a new entryway. We have outgrown what we have now, so I need to rework and a chalkboard wall is in the plans :)
    Wendy from Scrappy Bags

    1. ohhhh sounds like fun! What color chalkboard wall are you thinking of trying? Black or a certain color?

  3. yes! I would love to hear more. These are exactly the kinds of projects that we need to do but there is sooooo much to do I honestly don't know where to start. What color did you use for the trim? Just white or was it an actual color- I have to decide on paint for my trim and all doors etc in my house. There are lots so I want to make sure it is the right white. Obsessing. And I am painting over wood cabinets too. Can't replace my kitchen just yet so out with the Oak and in the the white painted cabinets. Tips? Love that you are doing this (and very excited that you will be buying a house- can we help decorate it? tee hee)
    hugs- K

    1. oh good as I would LOVE to share them with you all! I will be sharing all the brands I have tried, what I personally like best which is what I end up using on certain projects. But it's great to get feedback. It IS hard trying to figure out where to start, what the best products are, is IT going to work, . . . that sometimes it gets too overwhelming . . .but what I learned is you just have to jump in & DO IT! ;)
      As far as the house buying - it will be awhile as we need to see about a new job my hubs is waiting to hear about, so on 'pause' until then. xoxo


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