Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{HOME} Pink & Red Christmas Decor + Barbie Tree

Today I am sharing with you a look inside my home. A little bit of my Christmas decor that I have been wanting to show you all. Christmas decorating is a HUGE deal in my house as we have themed rooms and about seven trees - all themed! ;) Needless to say, decorating is a passion of mine & it takes us weeks to prepare our home during the holidays but it IS something we look forward to every year as it's just so magical when it's done & we can sit back & enjoy it!

So we will start with the PINK & RED room. On a normal day, it is used as a craft/art studio but can also be used as a formal dining room if we would ever have a need for that. (which we all know does NOT happen much at all-lol)  

This room is also the one where you will find my coveted BARBIE tree! Yes I am a glorified Barbie addict. . .  ok . . . Junkie if you will. ;) I was one of those kids that had a ton of Barbies growing up but that is honestly all I can remember ever wanting to play with so that's what I had, but I had a bunch - a BUNCH, plus all the accessories that came with it! Ahhhhh memories . . . .okay so anyways, the Barbie tree . . .yeah, so I kinda have a thing for them & started collecting actual Barbie ornaments in college sometime & then it got to be so many that I had collected, that I do a tree in them ONLY. My momma gets one or (2 or 3) every year and one of my all time holiday fave things to do, is trim the Barbie tree as each one is just so amazing to see every year. The detail on them is ridic and they are just gorg!!!!    

I have a TON of ornaments too. I would hate to add up what this tree is worth . . . I would probably freak out! lol I have a feeling I should have a separate insurance policy - ha!

I even have a Barbie tree skirt. Yes. It's true. And I LOVE it!!!! 

A few more items from this room . . .
These are on top of the huge bookcase in this room that houses all of my craft supplies, etc. 

My JOY sign.

and Mr. Santa - he so whimsy! ;)

This HUGE glass container that I fill up with pink & red ornaments, I use for a centerpiece on the dining table, along with a few candles.

After looking back through these pics, one thing is very clear . . . I LOVE shopping at Target & Pier 1, as that is where ALL of my decor came from in this post. That's not a bad thing though at all since who doesn't like either of those places to shop? Personally I may be addicted to shopping at both. ;)

Want to see more of my home & how I decorate each room? Join me & tune in tomorrow to see what I do in the next room. ;)

Do you have a themed tree? What is the theme, I would love for you to share below! What about a Barbie tree? Anyone have one of these too?

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