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RECIPE :: Simple Chocolate Ganache Tarts

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Simple Dark Chocolate Ganache Tarts
by Kimberley 

Here is a simple and elegant treat that you can whip up for entertaining or to take to a party this holiday season. If you have never made chocolate ganache before, it is one of those foods that seems tricky but is, in fact, simple to make. It is a pastry chef's little secret because it has only two ingredients but it amazingly versatile and delicious.

I love making mini ANYTHING. So of course I had to make these tarts in mini form. But you could also make these as individual tart forms or adjust the recipe for a full tart pan. But the minis are a nice two-bite sweet to serve a crowd. 

What else do I love about this recipe? You can prepare it in advance and it will stay fresh and tasty. And top the tarts with a variety of flavours to please everyone- I made sea salt, peanut, and sprinkle. But it works well with other nuts, crushed peppermint candies, chocolate candies like M&M's, or dried fruit like cranberries.

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Supplies: mini muffin pan, 3 inch round cutter, rubber or silicon spatula


Prepare tarts- I made them out of sugar cookie dough. Use your favorite homemade recipe or store bought dough. Alternately, you can actually use pastry tarts that are homemade or from the freezer section in your grocery store. 

With sugar cookie dough-

1. Roll dough to 1/4" thick and cut with a 3" scalloped round cutter

2. Press into mini muffin pan and baked at 350 degrees for 10 minutes

3. Allow to cool on wire rack completely before filling (can be baked the day ahead)

preparing ganache for tarts, chocolate ganache, supplies needed to make tarts

Prepare ganache
- use your favorite melting chocolate. I used a very good quality dark chocolate, which is what I prefer. Be sure to use a chocolate meant for melting, rather than chocolate chips. This recipe will fill approximately 12 -18 tarts.

1. Melt 1/2 cup chocolate in a dry glass or ceramic bowl in 20 second intervals in microwave and stirring between with a dry silicone spatula to help it all melt

2. Add 1/2 cup heavy cream and whisk into melted chocolate until thoroughly combined

3. The ganache will be runny and perfect for spooning or pouring into your tarts. Top with toppings of your choice immediately

4. The ganache will "set" and harden when left at room temperature or chilled in the fridge. Will stay fresh in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days (perfect for making ahead for a party!)


recipe for simple tarts, chocolate ganache tart recipe, holiday baking

Guest Contributor: Kimberley Mulla

My Mom gave me my first cookbook when I was six years old. I have been baking & cooking ever since.

I specialize in artisan marshmallows & confections. I want to sell a product that I would feed my children. The ingredients are simple, often local, organic & fair trade as well.

I love making marshmallows. Every single one. It brings me so much joy to create something unique, tasty, and delightful.

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