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WEDDING :: Apple Orchard Inspiration Board

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One of the things I look forward most to, in the fall, is having apple everything! Apples in the fall just taste better, they look better and they make for gorgeous party decor at a wedding or an event! You can find fall's apples in the bold bright reds or gorgeous shades of green! I absolutely LOVE the color red, so today's inspiration takes place in a bold red apple orchard with some amazing ideas to share with you!
  Using apples for placecards is the perfect idea, not only is it practical and cost effective, it's one of those favors that can be taken home with your guests and enjoyed at a later time. Carry a bouquet showcasing the colors on the surrounding trees . . .the oranges and reds, accent those flowers with some apples for a gorgeous themed bouquet. The deep red shade of this dress for your bridesmaids, will look fabulous on all of them and will be a 'go-to' dress they will want to wear over and over again. Serve up an apple-flavored signature cocktail or use apple slices in a sangria recipe for your guests to enjoy. Baskets of apples make a wonderful and practical centerpiece or use them to decorate a table, for a festive touch. Apple pie pops are such a fun item for your guests to discover on your dessert bar, not to mention delicious too. When researching places to have your reception, why not check to see if you have any local apple orchards that would be willing to host your event. Imagine the stunning photos you could capture at a place like that. This cake grabs your attention and is definitely a show stopper plus fits in well with the theme. Why not serve your guests a late night snack . . . mini caramel apple pops would be the perfect snack after a few hours of dancing.

Have you been to a fall wedding that incorporated apples into the theme? What colors were used? What was your favorite element of the event?  I would LOVE to hear the details . . .spill below ;)


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  1. thanks so much - it's one of my fave fall inspiration boards! Plus I love red! =)


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