Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DECOR :: Black & White Halloween Mantel

black and white Halloween decor ideas, EEK letters, wreath, 31 pumpkin

Today I wanted to share with you a quick peek into my home so you could see what I did for my mantle for Halloween. I decided I would do a black and white Halloween mantle for this year. My living toom is already black and white with accents of lime green in it so I wanted to keep with that color scheme and see what I could come up with, especially when trying NOT using orange. I think it's pretty modern and chic if I do so so. ;)

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Like I mentioned, I like to use things I already have. For instance, the green fall bunting wreath hanging from the mirror you may remember from my front door last year. I decided a pop of green was needed plus I like to hang wreaths from that mirror. The 'BOOyah' sign you have already seen too as I had it as a FREE printable already at the beginning of the season. Feel free to hop on over there and print one out for yourself.

I did do a couple little new things for this though. Like this pumpkin. Found it in the dollar section at Target and painted it white, used a green paint marker to draw a '31' on there, added a bow and BOOM - done!

I also added a new 'word art'. I love creating them and the "EEK" I decided on a few months ago when I was at Target picking up these letters on clearance. Yup. Remember those cork letters Target had at the beginning of the school year? Well when they went on clearance, I snagged these (and more) to make some fun art for next to nothing. I just painted the EEK white and then did the same glitter process like I shared with this FALL project.

white painted pumpkin, 31 painted on pumpkin, Halloween home decor
EEK glittered paper mache letters, 31 pumpkin, Halloween mantel decor
decorating for halloween, BOO art print, 31 white pumpkin, framed art
how to decorate a Halloween mantel, halloween home decor ideas, EEK

Here's the FULL shot of it. I am really digging the black and white this year. What colors did YOU decorate in this year? Let me know below as I love hearing what others are doing too. ;)

black & white Halloween mantel ideas, decorating for halloween, BOO

If you would like to see my other Halloween decorated mantel from the year before this one, you can check it out here in my glam Halloween mantel decor.

Have a great one . . . until next time my friends! xoxo

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