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RECIPE :: Oreo Cookie Balls Snowman + FREE signs

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The holidays are here and baking season is in full swing. Have you started your baking yet? I just started this past weekend and I feel like I am a little behind this year but I think I'll get it all done this week still. I look forward to this time of year as it's when I get to be creative in the kitchen and come up with something new or an old twist on a favorite. I attend plenty of parties over the holidays and my go-to treat to take and share with everyone is usually OREO cookie balls. I love experimenting with new flavors and seeing what I can come up with next with them! My family and friends have gotten so used to me bringing them as they practically throw me out if I don't come bearing them, it's a hoot! ;)

This year I wanted to see if I could make snowmen out of them and I thought they would be perfect for my daughter's party she is having with some friends over the holiday break and also the perfect treat to take to one of my family holiday parties this weekend because who wouldn't love to have one of these. They are simply the cutest!
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The best part about this recipe is that most everyone has had these OREO cookie balls before or made them, so you know people will love them. Plus the fact that it only takes three ingredients and is a perfect no bake recipe! YAY! These are the perfect addition to holiday parties!

I love how these guys (and girls) turned out and can't wait to see what everyone thinks of them at the party! 

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Here's how to make your own OREO cookie balls snowman!

Ingredients you will need to make OREO cookie balls: 1 pkg. (8 oz.) brick cream cheese -softened, 36 OREO cookies -finely crushed (about 3 cups), 4 pkg. (4 oz. each) of semi-sweet baking chocolate, melted

ingredients needed to make oreo cookie balls, cream cheese, oreos, chocolate

My favorite way to crush the OREO cookies is, placing them in a plastic storage bag, seal, then take a rolling pin to them and it will crush them up pretty quick for you. I have tried a few different ways and I like this one the best, but you pick however you like to get them crushed!

crushed oreos with rolling pin, oreos crushed for cookie balls

Step 1: Mix cream cheese and cookie crumbs until blended.

mix cream cheese and cookie crumbs until blended, oreo cookies

Step 2: SHAPE into 48 (1 inch) balls. Freeze for 10 min. **Do not worry about making each of the cookie balls perfect as they will look more authentic if they are a few varying sizes, just like a snowman, ;)

shape into oreo cookie balls, how to make oreo cookie balls snowman

Ingredients you will need for creating and decorating the OREO cookie ball snowmen: 1 package of mint OREO cookies (used as base for the snowman), candy to decorate the snowman, fruit roll-ups, edible food markers

Step 3: You will want to take some of the melted white chocolate and use it as 'glue' to hold each rolled ball in place on the snowman body. I will be totally honest with you, the 3 tier snowman are a little tricky to dip later as they are heavier, so you may want to start with just a 2 tier snowman if you are a beginner. Just sayin. I don't want any stress for you as we are keeping this FUN, right?! lol Once assembled, place OREO cookie balls back in freezer for about 30 minutes.

TIP: Also there are a couple different ways you can assemble these, I have tried them several different ways and my favorite way (and in my opinion the most sturdy snowman) is by putting your 3 tier snowman on a base for support. I use the mint OREO cookies as a base and adhere it with melted chocolate.

TIP: I would also suggest before adding each rolled ball to the next, to smash them down just a little so the surface you 'glue' together is flat against flat (not perfectly round) as this will have them stick together better and stronger.

how to make an oreo cookie ball snowman, assembling the oreo snowman

stacking the cookie balls to make a snowman, oreo cookie balls

Step 4: Dip balls in melted chocolate; place in single layer in shallow waxed paper-lined pan. I tried a few different ways: stacking on a skewer and then dipping and stacking on a cooling rack and drizzling chocolate over them but the way I liked the BEST was gluing together, placing on a base, turning it on it's side and then drizzling chocolate over as it seemed to produce less waste and be the most accurate and nice looking. But please experiment to see which method works best for you! Once covered, place back in fridge for one hour or until firm.

dipping the cookie ball snowman in white chocolate, covering cookie balls

Step 5: Using your candies or edible markers, decorate the face and body to your liking.

drawing face on oreo cookie ball snowman, edible food markers

Step 6: Grab your fruit roll ups to make the scarves. As you can see from my photo, the kind I bought had carnival print on them (really!- lol) so I just ran with it. Simply unroll, and then I used a mini pizza cutter to cut strips to create the scarves. Before putting around the necks of your snowmen, you will have to gently pull them to stretch them out a little bit but it's easy to do.

TIP: I made snow women by putting pink scarves on them and twisting the scarf once it was on. If you are wondering how they will stay, there's no need to 'glue' them as they are already sticky and if you simply press them into place, you will not have any issues. 

use fruit roll ups for the scarf on snowman, cutting fruit roll up into pieces
wrapping fruit roll ups around snowman for scarf, oreo cookie ball snowman

Step 7: Print out these FREE adorable hand lettered signs I made for you so your snowmen can be cool too. ;) It comes with two different designs that say: 'let it snow' and 'oh what fun'. Simply print, cut out, tape to a toothpick & insert into snowman and you are done.

TIP: I would try to insert the sign into a spot on the snowman that didn't get covered that well with the icing as it will be easier to insert it without the icing cracking on you.

free hand lettered sign, hand lettering, oh what fun, let it snow

All of the items to make these OREO cookie balls snowmen, I found on my latest trip to Walmart. Also make sure to check out more holiday OREO Cookie balls recipes, by going here: I would love to hear what OREO cookie balls creations or flavors you have made! 

walmart in store photo of oreos

how to make an oreo cookie ball snowman, oreo cookie ball recipe

Don't forget to print out your little signs for your OREO cookie balls snowmen if you decide to give these guys a try! Hopefully you will and let me know how yours turn out please. What is your favorite OREO cookie balls flavor? Please let me know below . . . 

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