Tuesday, January 12, 2016


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Hello there! Let me say officially "Happy New Year" to all of you!

I still am trying to get back into 'work mode' from the holidays but what does get me so excited is thinking about all of the art prints I get the pleasure of hand lettering this time of year for all of you! I have already had a little contest over on Instagram for a FREE print inked by me last week and ya just never know when I may offer another, so make sure you are following along! ;)

What hand prints are popular this time of year, you may ask? . . . well it's the "one little word" or "OLW" art prints that people like to pick to focus on for the rest of the year. Some people pick resolutions, some people pick one little word to push them through . . . it is just something fun to think about and decide if you too would like to join in on the fun. I love hand lettering these one little words for my customers and friends since it's been so popular the past few years! I started doing them a couple years ago, made it official last year and now looking forward to doing even more this year! I already have orders to fill but wanted you all to know that I am doing them again this year in case you'd like one done.

These prints of your custom one little word, look great framed, blown up to a poster size or saved as your desktop and used as a daily reminder to focus on your one little word! Plus they make an amazing piece of art if I do say so myself! ;)

Do you want to know why I really enjoy doing these for my clients? I love seeing people get excited about their words they choose as it's a personal journey and it brings people together to focus on making themselves better for the year and I don't know about you, but personally I am always striving for a better 'self'. ;) Plus some of the stories behind why they choose the words they do really are heartfelt! Of course I am super humbled to be asked to do this for you all and it feels amazing to be a part of it.  
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I would love the opportunity to ink your #OLW for you . . .  just simply choose the custom one little word listing in my shop, to get your custom OLW design inked just for you!

I will be sharing my own personal #OLW soon as it took awhile to decide on a word but I *think* I am finally there! YAY! 

#OLW, custom hand lettered art print, grow, pen and ink, pink flowers

one little word art print, hope, #OLW, hand lettering, custom art

calm, word art, one little word art print,#OLW, hand lettering, custom art
discover, custom art work, hand lettered art print, #OLW, green chevron washi tape
live, one little word, art print, hope, #OLW, hand lettering, custom art

I was asked last week if I could ink kid's names in place of their OLW with this listing and that would be fine. So if you have been wanting to get your kids' names done to frame for their room or even your last name inked for a gallery wall, simply purchase this listing and then we can discuss your custom print! 

custom kid name art, family name art, hand lettered art, hand lettering

Also, in case you don't know, I am always inking some new art prints for the shop and adding them when I can and I am hoping to set a goal to add one NEW one a week in 2016, so we will see how that goes. In the meantime, if you have a great idea for a print, I would love to hear it so shoot me an email at and we'll chat!
So tell me, what's YOUR one little word this year? Let me know below . . .

OLW, modern calligraphy, pen and ink, hand lettering, custom artwork

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Looking forward to seeing you again! :)


  1. Wow, I really like them. You did an awesome job! You are very talented!

  2. These are so beautiful. I love the writing invokes the feeling of the word.

  3. Lovely prints how much do they cost? I love that the designs are bespoke.

  4. I love your calligraphy!! I really want to take a class. Being left handed I'm so afraid I'm just going to wind up with smears everywhere.

  5. I love these! You are so talented! I have been pondering my word of 2016 and would love one of these for whenever I settle on a word...

  6. These are all really quite beautiful. My handwriting is SO sloppy, I could never do this or have the patience.

  7. Beautiful work! This would make a great gift!

  8. You are so creative. These are fabulous.

  9. Such beautiful designs, you truly have a talent. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love these! They are all simply gorgeous. You are so talented.

  11. I love that you offer this custom in your shop! It looks so great and elegant. A great option for a wedding as well

  12. Oh! I love this idea. My word is achieve. There is so much I want to achieve this year! I also love the idea of doing the kids' names. Perfect to add to a photo wall.

  13. The designs are beautiful. I love the handwriting.

  14. Great prints! I wish I was even a little artistic

  15. I love that you are doing these, and that some people are purchasing them for gallery walls. This a great gift idea as well.

  16. These are beautiful, I wish I had your talent for hand lettering! My one word for this year is "graduate", so I might be looking into one of these when the time comes to celebrate!

  17. Love the writing, you did a beautiful job.

  18. What pretty lettering and handwriting - I love these!

  19. Absolutely beautiful! I wish I was that talented in hand lettering...when I try it looks like a two year old tried.
    My word for 2016 is "Simple" :)

  20. Wow this is amazing !!!! Love it


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