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RECIPES :: The BEST of 2015

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Truth. I love to bake as a hobby. I have always been the one in my family to whip up something for a party, a dessert idea for the holidays, bake a fun cake for a birthday celebration or try to get creative in the kitchen and I kinda love it. . . . it has become something I really enjoy. My daughter is at that age too where she is very inquisitive about what I make and I have enjoyed teaching her here these last couple of years and having her help when I need to whip up something fab, so I was not surprised that I had a lot of recipes make the cut and be some of the most viewed posts from last year.

So today, I'm sharing some of the most popular recipe posts, so you can see what fun ideas made the list and perhaps you'll try one, in case you missed them the first time around.

As you are looking through this list, just know if you want more details on the recipe, simply click on the link for all of the fun details! So let's take a look and 'em down, shall we?

the TOP TEN recipe posts of 2015: 

minions donuts, minions party, minions party food, mini donut reipe

coca cola cake, recipe for coca cola cake, cake recipe using coca cola

baked donut recipe, pumpkin spice donuts, pumpkin spice & chocolate chip

Oreo cookie balls, Oreo cookie ball snowman, edible snowman, oreo

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cinncinnati style chili dog, coney dog, chili hot dog recipe, skyline

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how to make salted almond caramel bark, salted caramel bark recipe


apple dipping cups, cookie cups recipe, how to make cookie cups

skittles, dunk the rainbow bark, basketball snack, skittles bark

Wow - what a list and are you hungry now?! Some of these have become a fave in my house and we now make them on a regular basis!
So which from the TOP TEN was YOUR fave? I would LOVE to hear  . . . just let me know by commenting below. xoxo

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  1. The minion donuts are screaming my name oh my goodness. You could not pick two things that are more me haha!

  2. Your post made me eat all of these at the same time! Wonderful ideas for any occasion

  3. I've been following your posts on Twitter for a while now and I always love to see the mash-ups you come up with. Looking forward to your 2016 recipes.

  4. Oh I love the look of those pumpkin spice donuts! Delicious....and I am now craving something sweet :)

  5. Everything looks so delicious, I can see why they are so popular! I would love to have one of your pumpkin spice chocolate chip donuts!

  6. These all look fabulous. I've been wanting to try making a coke cake, so I'll try your recipe. And the minion donuts are just adorable, so I can definitely see why they've done so well.

  7. I like the look of the pumpkin spice doughnuts, largely because I have never tried pumpkin as a desert.

  8. I can see why these recipes are the best. The coke cake looks very interesting.

  9. Those chocolate chip cookie cups look amazing! I think I am going to pin that :)

  10. My favo is Holiday pasta bites's full with creativity! Never thought to garnish pasta the way you did, that's really good idea, and it looks delicious with the brocolies and cheese.

  11. That chili dog looks awesome! I love hot dogs :-) And the pumpkin spice donuts, yum! I'm going to have to make those! I haven't made donuts before.

  12. Oh wow, those minions are too cute! Love all of these!

  13. I can see why Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups for Apple Dipping made the list – that looks so good. Great photos of all of these sweet treats.


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