Wednesday, March 9, 2016

CRAFT :: Target Dollar Spot Items - Personalized

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Hello my friends! Today I am going to share a secret with you and then it will no longer be a secret, I realize that but I have to share as I feel like I can no longer keep it to myself any longer . . . my name is Laura and I'm addicted to shopping at Target! 

There I said it. It's out.

You know you are too, so no judging. ;)

I frequent the store so often that the awesome people that work there, know my daughter & I's name, the baristas working at the in-store Starbucks know our drink order and I am pretty sure I saw them working on my own personal parking spot yesterday when I was there. (j/k - but maybe not ;)

Seriously though, Tuesdays are for Target-ing. Yup that word is used as a VERB in my house. On Tuesdays we Target. I especially look forward to it every week since I work from home, I NEED to get out of the house - can you relate? Plus I love catching up with my fave girl after I pick her up from school all while we sip on our 'bucks and peruse the aisles looking for a great deal and more items we HAVE TO HAVE!!!! ;)

Anyone else relating to this confession at all? Raise your hand, do not be embarrassed as I own it and LOVE it, so you can too!   

If you are anything like me, then what I am going to share today will probably come as no surprise and even though I am sure many people have blogged about it, I decided perhaps a couple times a month, I will chat about it too.

That's right, I'm going to be sharing my latest Target Dollar Spot craft ideas. I mean c'mon seriously? Can anyone make it past that section so perfectly located as soon as you grab your cart, get your Starbucks and start heading in the store? Yeah me neither ;)  The thing is I always find the coolest things in the Dollar Spot section and I buy them in the 'hopes' of crafting with them and sometimes I do actually do my 'great idea' but there are also plenty of times I don't, so that is a changing. No more! We WILL craft with all of those awesome finds and I will share with you here when I do, k? Great, let's see what I came up with on this latest trip shall we . . . 

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monogram, linen bag, initials, twine, target crafts, gift ideas, personalize
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A couple weeks ago, when they were putting all of the fresh NEW items out, I grabbed these things you see here because I had a gift basket I was working on for my momma and knew I could use some of these things to make it even more special. I decided to share with you what I did to PERSONALIZE some one dollar items to give it that extra special spark and I love how they turned out. For instance, these cute metal tags come three in a pack, so I simply grabbed a sharpie and wrote her intitial on one of them and ended up attaching it to the outside of her basket - it looked so cute!

gift basket ideas, personalize, metal tags, sharpie, initial, monongram
monogram metal tag, gift tag, target craft ideas, dollar spot crafting
initial, metal tag, monogram, twine, target craft ideas, DIY gifts

They also carry these linen bags from time to time, they have them quite often in fact. I wanted to package up some candy for her but wanted it concealed, so I grabbed one of these bags and did a good 'ol fashion monogram on it. The sharpies worked well drawing on them just don't press too hard and you can avoid it bleeding on you.

linen bag, monogram, sharpie, flowers, initial, target crafts
how to monogram a linen bag, creating a monogram, initials, sharpie
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I think the thing that has been grabbing my attention the most about some of these items in the Dollar Spot lately is the colors. Fun spring colors are adorning all of the cute things and provides so much inspiration for crafting.

I grabbed these color twine balls, one of their cute carafes and simply tied the colors together and wrapped it around the neck of the carafe to jazz it up a bit and it really made a difference in how it looks. Use a drop of glue to get started and to also complete it. So simple I know, but it usually is the simple things that have the most impact, ya know? 

Once you are done with that, then it could possibly be used for anything you need it for . . . drinks, candy, filled with coffee beans or even used as a flower vase to hold your faves.


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I promise I was NOT paid for writing this either (I wish though) . . . I simply truly deeply love me some Target!

So when was the last time you grabbed some items to make something fun from the Dollar Spot? Which one of these did you like the best? Please share your thoughts below . . .

Have a great day! xo

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  1. Our Target got rid of the dollar spot (sad face). There was good stuff in there, though.

  2. I love Target too! I can always find what I need, and then some.

  3. I was so happy to have Target in Canada....and so sad when they very soon left. It was great while it lasted...but we still didn't get the deal you guys have!!

  4. Gloria, I miss our target too! They had the best deals :) Guess we are just going to have to go on a road trip so we can get some deals!! Love the "It is well with my soul" picture.. as soon as I saw it I started humming the hymn.

  5. Cute !!! And I have all those items yay I'm so excited thanks for this .

  6. I totally love all of your creative Target finds! I wish I had a Target closer than almost an hour away. It definitely reduces the amount of time I frequent the store. I know if it was closer, I'd be there all the time! lol

  7. I love how the coffee-bean filled carafe! That would be an awesome gift for a friend who is a coffee lover!

  8. What great finds! I never seem to find cute stuff like this!

  9. Wow those items look great spruced up, they look like they would be worth much more than a dollar!

  10. Hey... we can be in the same club! I LOVE target dollar shopping too! I love the string around the class bottle. Im so going to use that! LOVE It!!

  11. I love the Target dollar section! They have the best items. I love the framed printable. very crafty ideas!

  12. You're so creative. You'd never know these were random $1 spot items.

  13. Target has a great Dollar section. Although most things aren't really a dollar, you get a good deal on arts and crafts items. Love the way you dressed up everything.

  14. I love how the coffee-bean filled Carafe! That would be an awesome gift for a coffee lover or for my home! I love the coffee smell!

  15. I totally have to keep myself away from Target! Their dollar spot gets me every time.

  16. The "It is Well with My Soul" sign is gorgeous! My sister and I sing this song together.

  17. I have a ton of Sharpies (including the gold, silver and bronze trio) that would be perfect for making those monogrammed tags. I love the look of those.

  18. I always check out the dollar spot at Target - it's a great place to find classroom gifts for preschool, and I love thinking up ways to use some of the items for my desk or home. I really like what you've done with the monograms, and the twine on the carafe really makes it look snazzy :)

  19. These are so cute! I love me some Target! I love it too much!


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