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DIY :: Custom Party Confetti Labels

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Hello everyone!

Here it is! It's that time of year that I am super busy, in the party madness of organizing and creating things for my daughter's birthday party! This year is a BIG one as she will be turning THIRTEEN and so we are planning on making it 'epic' and going a little above and beyond more than we usually do as hey . . . you only turn thirteen once, ya know what I mean! 

AND she is my one and only child so it's my job to make it as memorable as I can. Growing up my momma always made a HUGE deal on our birthdays and it's something I will always remember and she in fact still does it to this day. So I guess you can say, I got it from my momma! ;)

My daughter had no problem settling on a theme for this event as she is super into Instagram, as hello, who isn't? . . . so she knew she wanted something with emojis but not a party with a lot of loud colors. So I suggested a classic color scheme of black and white with pops of 'emoji' and she loved that idea so off I went to get designing!

As you will see, the fun expressions with the hashtags will be a big focus for the party and all of the printables that I designed to go with this party theme. The invites were getting mailed today so she suggested some kind of confetti inside with the invites as she thinks it's hilarious when you get an invite and a bunch of confetti falls out. Ha Ha child. That is NOT funny. But she's a kid still and it's her party so off to come up with a great idea I went.

The idea: custom party confetti labels!!!
(easily created using my new label printer!) Come check it out . . .

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I mean seriously how cool are these? They are not your typical confetti that is a mess when you take the invite out of the envelope, they're a little bigger and sturdier so picking them up will be no problem and the girl thinks it's still cool. Mission accomplished mom . . .high five! ;)

I decided to use my new Epson LabelWorks LW-600 printer to see if it could get the job done for me. Oh my goodness! It was soooooo easy to use: cutting my labels quickly with the automatic built-in cutter, it was so quick: as in get the labels I wanted in seconds and it gave me custom personalized confetti in no time. It's the best label printer I have ever used.

Here's how I made these custom party confetti labels . . .

1. Truth. I NEVER install programs, set up new toys like this, or any of that kind of stuff. The hubs does it for me. Well all of that changed and I gave it a go. I did it this time. ME! This was soooooo easy to use and set up that I can sit here and honestly say I did it all myself! High fives all around! whoohoo!

I simply opened the box, took everything out of the packaging and read the manual (which was very short) as momma's attention span is NOT long enough to read manuals, so there's that = bonus!

Here's the thing too, you could easily hook this up and use with your smartphone and print on the go! Say whaaaat? Yup, true story!

2. Follow the easy instructions for adding text, symbols, borders and more to your labels. As you can see, once I got going, I printed out LOTS of custom confetti labels. ;) I love that I could preview everything before I printed which was great to see it beforehand. Plus it comes with different width labels to print on: up to one-inch wide, ribbon, iron-on labels and more! I can't wait to make more items using this handy portable label printer!

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confetti labels, birthday party, so emojinal, black & white party, epson

3. The next step I took was adhering them to some of the fun paper I designed to match the party invite and then simply cut them out into confetti size! It was such a nice surprise to see that the labels have a split-back tape so it makes pulling off the back so much easier and faster! LOVE that! ;)

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custom confetti, label DIY, portable label printer, epson, limitless labeling
emoji birthday invite, black & white party decor, epson label printer

This little toy was so much fun to use that I decided to make something else for the party next week! Party drink flags!!! 

I simply typed out the hashtag once put some space and then typed it again to create one long label. Once it was printed, I wrapped it around the straw, cut the edge to form the points and ready to go!

party flags, straw flags, label flags, custom drink flags, epson, label printer
drink flags, custom drink flags, limitlesslabeling, epson, teen party
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Thanks for stopping by and I hope I have inspired you to create some fun items for the next party you will be having as you can print these labels out virtually anywhere using this label printer. Or perhaps you could use this bad boy to print out some labels to get organized? Create an iron-on label for your next t-shirt? Print out some custom ribbon to attach to a gift? 

But wait, I have a surprise for you  . . . you can save 25% on your very own Epson LabelWorks printer now! How? Just use my special discount code: LW25SAV and save yourself some dolla dolla bills! ;)


I have so many ideas that my head is swimming and I can't wait to play with this awesome Epson color label printer some more! What would YOU make with this? Please comment with your idea below as I would love to hear!

Thank you so much for letting me share this product with you and for supporting the brands and companies that help support my blog!

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