Friday, April 1, 2016

TOP POSTS :: best of MARCH

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Hello there and happy spring to everyone as it officially has begun! April is here, it's getting warmer around this part of the country and we don't have any holidays for a little bit so we can sit back and ENJOY the springtime and get out there and maybe do some fun things outside. I for one, am ALWAYS super busy in April as that is my daughter's birthday month and this year is an EPIC year in our home as she is turning THIRTEEN!!! (sigh) Oh how I wish I could just hit the pause button for a little bit! ;)

But we are having a blast planning a couple parties . . .yup I said that - she is having TWO parties, an 'EPIC sleepover party' and then a small party planned with our family. I mean she ONLY turns thirteen once and she is my only kid so ya know why not! ;) Plus I enjoy doing them for her as I can always remember when I was growing up and my momma making a HUGE deal on our birthdays as it should be, as a matter of fact she still does to some extent because hey . . . it was THE day YOU were born and the world changed when you got here, know what I mean. ;) YOU deserve it!!!

But before we move on and get in to all of the fun April will bring to us, let's take a look back on what you guys were loving in March. As usual (yay) you loved the hand lettered prints I am continuing to create for you all plus a little crafting and home decor thrown in there as well. My three fave things to blog about so it's only fitting that they were the most popular. 

:: TOP POSTS for MARCH 2016 ::

ART PRINT :: HE is Risen

he is risen, easter art print, hand lettered, modern calligraphy, easter decor

CRAFT :: Target Dollar Spot Items - Personalized

target crafts, dollar spot crafts, target, mongram, personalized gifts

FREEBIE :: Here's Your Moment to SHINE Art Print

here's your moment to shine, hand lettering, shine art print, watercolor

DECOR :: Easter Mantel Ideas

easter mantel ideas, easter decor, mantel decorating, egg garland, bunny

ART PRINT :: Do You Feel LUCKY Punk?

do you feel lucky punk, hand lettering, st pattys day, lucky art print

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful month and are able to get out to enjoy this warmer weather plus try and create something fab this month . . . just for you!
So now you are all caught up on some of the most read posts here on my blog. Hopefully you will take a moment to comment below to tell me what YOUR favorite was this month?

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  1. I love your hand lettering -- it is always so bright and cheery. I also love the concept of doing a roundup post of your top posts from the month. I may use that next month ;)

  2. I love posts that show the best of! It makes it easy to see a bunch of posts at once, and these are all great!

  3. I love Spring, so many beautiful changes. It is also my birthday month. The Best of us were born in spring lol.

  4. Thank you for your round up of your favorite posts this past March! This is always wonderful to do because it gives a highlight of your month. Love the graphics!

  5. I love this round up. If I ever miss a post I get to see a recap!

  6. Love Target and all there great deals. I totally hit up the dollar shelves every single time I'm there. I just love what you made!

  7. Wow. Did you create these? They look so lovely and will spruce up any little space. Going to start following.

  8. You had a very creative month. I'm not surprised :) I love all the colors.

  9. Nice Post! Love The Easter Ideas. Thanks For Sharing.


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