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DIY :: How to Make Emoji Pillows

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Hello there! 

As promised I am back with some more EMOJI FUN! As you know my daughter had an epic EMOJI party and then I shared about all of the fun details from the party but with the promise that I would share HOW we did some of those things. For years, I have always tried to come up with a 'cool' fun craft for the parties that my daughter has with her friends, and this year we decided to try our hand at making EMOJI PILLOWS. 

I figured they wouldn't be that hard as I could buy the supplies, sew them up ahead of time and then come party time, the girls could decide what 'face' they wanted their pillow to have. It was sure to be a WIN-WIN right? YES, YES it was . . . the girls had a blast and giggling so hard making their emoji pillows . . . it was awesome to hear them all having a good time with this. Of course, they used their emoji pillows at their sleepover as well.

Could you just make your life easier and go buy a bunch of pillows at say . . . pretty much any of the stores right now?  . . . well yes, but by MAKING them, you get the fun experience of personalizing them to the emoji that they want and watching all of your daughter's friends have themselves some fun!

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So here they are and here I am, ready to share how easy it can be to make:

1. gather all of your supplies . . . you will need:  
soft, high quality yellow felt (bought by the yard) I used about 2.5 yards to make eight pillows, various pre-cut colored felt to use for the emoji faces, scissors, a glue gun and/or fabric glue, yellow thread, sewing machine, pencil, stuffing, straight pins and a round 12 in plate or similar object to trace for the circle pattern.

supplies needed to make emoji pillows, felt, stuffing, glue gun

2. trace your circle shape using your plate onto the yellow felt, keeping the fabric folded so you get two circles with each trace/cut.

steps on how to make emoji pillows, craft idea for emoji party, emoji birthday

3. pin the two layers of felt together to ensure they stay the same when you cut and sew.

steps to make emoji pillows, emoji craft idea, emoji birthday

4. cut out both layers of the yellow felt

5. sew & stuff: using your sewing machine (if you choose), sew in a complete circle leaving about a 1/2 inch seam around the edge. Make sure to stop about two inches from closing, so you have a gap so you are able to fit the stuffing inside. Take your pillow and turn it inside out so the seams are on the INSIDE of the pillow now. Take your stuffing and fill it until you get the desired firmness for your pillow.

I am sure you could use fabric glue or a glue gun to 'sew' it together but since I can sew, that's what I did. ;)

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6. decorate - using the various colored pre-cut felt you have, choose the emoji face you wish to create - sketch out the shapes on the felt and then cut them out and apply to your pillow using the glue gun or fabric glue.

kissing face emoji, emoji pillow, how to make emoji pillows, emoji sleepover

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7. hand sew the opening closed - we did this step last as some wanted more stuffing in their pillows and also this gives the girls a chance to hand sew their faces on easier - if they choose to reinforce them.

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heart eyes emoji pillow, kissing face emoji pillow, handmade emoji pillow
DIY emoji pillows, emoji party craft idea, emoji sleepover, emoji birthday

Aren't they just the cutest? The best part is the girls had an absolute blast making these and actually wanted to make more of them! lol 

This is the perfect DIY craft for an emoji party or an emoji sleepover. I also believe this can be done with younger kids as well, just help supervise and you are all set.

What emoji face would YOU make for your pillow, given the chance? Please let me know below . . .


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  19. I've already announced (in several places) that I love everything about this party. It's so awesome that you also made these cute pillows! What a great idea. Thank you for the instructions.

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