Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ART PRINT :: Shine Your Light & Let the Whole World See

faith based art print, inspirational print, hand lettering, shine your light

Hello my friends! 

Today I wanted to share this new ART PRINT that I had done a little while ago. I have so many prints that I have done and have been meaning to get one posted up in the shop every week but that hasn't happened . . . yet! ;)
Trust me, I can understand how busy life gets and we have good intentions of getting to everything on our 'to-do' lists but hey . . . better late than never sometimes is NOT a bad thing. 

So I love the message of this one as it fits so true for so many circumstances. We all need to make sure to keep our light shining whether it's for that dream of ours burning inside and we are wanting to take that leap but are too scared or whether something horrible has just happened to someone we know . . . either way, we must keep shining. Life is hard. Situations are hard. Life is not fair sometimes but we must keep going. I believe that HOW we act towards each other is a huge tell tale sign of the kind of people we are. 
I hope this print gives a lil glimmer of hope to those of you that need it as it can serve as a simple reminder to NOT give up. It could be that daily reminder that someone needs us to be there for them because they are hurting or we need to check in on someone we know who is going through a tough time. No matter the reason . . .shine your light & let the whole world see. It can be so powerful! ;)

The brand new print: 'Shine Your Light & Let the Whole World See' print is now available to purchase in my Etsy shop and my wish is that you love it as much I as do and perhaps you may know someone to whom you think it would be a great item to gift to them, either way, hopefully you love the design and if the message speaks to you, then that is wonderful too.;)

shine your light art print, hand lettered, modern calligraphy, lettering
home decor ideas, faith print, religious art print, inspirational, uplifting print
shine your light print, hand lettering, lettering print, handmade, succulent

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If this is one of your faves, head over to the shop and grab your own Shine Your Light & Let the Whole World See' art print and I hope you have a great week! ;) 

shades of blue, faith based print, hand lettering, modern calligraphy

I would love to hear how you shine your light for others - how do you help?  I would love to hear from you if you . . . please comment below!

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  1. I have to agree, that print is lovely. It's hard to think of how I shine my light for others, mostly just being there to support my family and friends, plus a little smile never hurt any body either.

  2. So, I just took a wee break from my Bible study homework (I'm trying to catch up with the group) and I have found myself learning about walking in the Light and then I open up your page and see this! You have know idea what a blessing this is to me but I just wanted to tell you thanks :)

  3. What a beautiful hand-lettered print! I love the combination of handwriting styles.

  4. That's so beautiful. If I hand-lettered anything, it would look like my kid did it for sure. This is lovely and a great message to spread.

  5. This is a beautiful print. I feel very inspired by looking at it :)

  6. Your print is just beautiful! I love the message behind it.

  7. What a cute print! I am now singing this song in my head :) I try to shine a light in other people's lives by letting them know that I'm here for them and available to help or listen if they ever need me. Sometimes it's the littlest things that make an impact.

  8. Love this and love what it says! This brought a smile to my face today which was much needed after binge watching CNN all day!

  9. That is so pretty - and such a great quote. Boy, the world could definitely use as much light as possible these days.

  10. I love handwritten art quotes. At the moment, I shine my light by just being the mom chauffeur for the summer.

  11. With so much going on, this is a powerful reminder to always spread positivity!


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