Sunday, June 12, 2016

FREE Father's Day Cake Topper + Dessert Table Idea

cold stone creamery cake, free cake topper, hand lettered, father's day

Father's Day.

Can you believe that Father's Day is almost here? Yeah me neither, but I am here today to help you get ready. Ya know, because being prepared on Father's Day wins you major points with the hubs and/or your pops. I mean really, guys just want to know that we care, that they matter, so what better way to acknowledge them then by providing a nice dessert spread in their honor. Major points will be scored. Trust.

The men in your life that you celebrate on this day will be so appreciative as this day gives us a chance to let them know just how much we appreciate them and express how we feel. I know we should let them know this ALL of the time, but hey . . . having a whole day devoted to them works too right? ;)

As you know I LOVE a good reason to celebrate just about anything and I really love helping you all out with the ideas I share here PLUS the FREEBIES to help give you a little special 'eye candy' that you can weave into your celebrations. So today I want to share with you a couple simple ideas that you can do to create a special dessert table for Father's Day plus provide a FREEBIE that you can use for the table as well that will give it that extra special touch!

ice cream cake, cold stone, cake topper, beach theme, tall dark & delicious
slice of cake, happy father's day banner, cold stone, ice cream cake
free father's day art, beach theme dessert table, shades of blue
nautical theme, beach theme, anchor art, father's day dessert table
cold stone creamery, ice cream cake, happy father's day cake topper
father's day dessert table, nautical, beach theme, anchor art, cold stone
tall dark & delcious cold stone cake, ice cream cake, father's day dessert

One of the first things I do when planning a little celebration is to 'shop' my home for the items I can use based on my theme I have chosen. I decided this year to do a kind of beach-y, nautical theme as we have been loving this trend this year here in our home and thought it would still keep it masculine for the guys as well.

My daughter helped choose the color scheme with the white and shades of blues but then I added in the light wood accessories to keep it natural looking. I love the way it turned out. For example we used the nautical anchor art (borrowed from my daughter's new bathroom decor) to set the tone for the beach theme and added a few things that were new, along with some gathered up from around the house. I love mixing patterns as well and don't be afraid to do it as it can give you a fun look, just make sure to have some solids sprinkled in to give it some overall balance to your table setting.
  • For my background this time, I used a simple solid bright blue piece of fabric hanging behind the table that gives a 'stripe' look but kept it all super simple. Use banners, fabric, wrapping paper . . . to give it that little extra touch to tie into your table. Keep it easy and simple.

  • On the table I used a table runner and a couple place mats to pop some color and pattern on the table before putting out my dishes. I always make sure to have a fun tumbler or pitcher with drinks - in this case we did just some strawberry infused water as the dessert we focused on had plenty of flavor! Also use some fun glassware and mix up styles to keep it fun and fresh. I purchased a few new items to help give it a beach feel . . . a simple rope spool and sea glass we picked up at the craft store along with a couple gorgeous blue vases. I used the cake stands we already had along with the glassware, place mats and runner. You will be surprised how easy it is to use what you have and once you start throwing it all together . . . well it just falls into place and looks amazing - trust me, give it a try!

  • In years past, I have had a few extra food items that compliment my main dessert and I really enjoy doing that if we are having more people over to celebrate the day, like adding candy, fruit or a few other items to compliment the table and the cake. This year it was only a few of us, so we decided to keep it simple by focusing all of our attention on the main attraction . . .the CAKE!

  • Let's talk about this FABulous cake that is now a Father's Day tradition in our home, I mean just look at it!! I just want to grab a fork and go to town . . . know what I mean? ;) We always get our annual family favorite ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery, called “Tall, Dark & Delicious, because it IS amazing and everyone LOVES it, so it's a no brainer that we order it every year! Just imagine layers of moist Devil’s Food Cake, Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Brownies & Chocolate Ice Cream with OREO® Cookies wrapped in fluffy White Frosting and cascading Fudge Ganache. OMG!!!!! It is soooooooo delish and WHY it's a fave in our house! By far, the best part of getting these cakes every year, is how simple it is to get . . .  I just order online at and pick it up! Doesn't get any easier and the fact that there is always leftovers = BONUS! Oh my YUM! You will see that I put some shredded coconut at the base of the cake too as we LOVE chocolate and coconut together plus it adds a nice touch to the beach theme.

beach theme, rope, ice cream cake, anchor, cold stone creamery
drink stirrers, sea glass, cake stand, blue vases, shades of blue, father's day
beach theme dessert table, father's day, glassware, anchor art
sea glass, dessert table, beach theme, nautical, dessert plates
free father's day cake topper, cold stone creamery ice cream cake
anchor art, spol of rope, sea glass, lantern, aqua vases, glassware
happy father's day cake topper, free father's day art, slice of cake

Like I mentioned, I designed a really fun FREEBIE for you to use at your Father's Day celebration as well. I hand lettered this artwork with shades of blue and blended it with colored pencils (if you can believe it) and love the look I was able to achieve with them! You can simply print it out and you will find two different sizes to choose from so it should work on whatever size cake you decide to get plus you can also use them to decorate your dessert table with a little extra 'eye candy' like I have shown you here. 

Click on this FREE Father's Day cake topper art, print and then cut out and attach to a couple lollipop sticks or even a couple straws would work, and insert into the top of your Cold Stone cake for Father's Day! Use the other size on your table or even attach to a gift bag using it as a tag for your gifts!

So please enjoy this freebie. Print it out for your table, your cake, your gift and make sure to visit Cold Stone Creamery for that amazing cake to have for dessert so you too can enjoy this Father's Day tradition like we do!

Happy Father's Day to all of you amazing people that are dads or in a father figure position . . . we are so grateful for all you do!! xo

free cake topper for father's day, free father's day art, free cake topper
hand lettering, free father's day art, cold stone, ice cream cake, beach

What are your plans this Father's Day? What dessert will YOU be having? Will you be enjoying a slice of this Cold Stone Creamery cake? Let me know below . . .

** Thanks for helping me support the companies that help make this blog possible. This post was sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery but all opinions were my own. I truly only share with you, companies and products that I use or enjoy simple because I know you will love them too.

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  1. Love the look of the fathers day table, the colors and dish collection give it a great look... can't forget that cake I'd love to smash my face in and start devouring...yum!

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  11. Your table set up is amazing. I have to get some ideas rolling. You have inspired me to come up with a color theme. I have goblets very similar in green. Thank you for all the ideas. And that cake looks divine. I hope it tastes that way too. Happy Father's Day

  12. What a cute cake topper! I have never made made a topper like this before, what a perfect way to celebrate fathers' day!

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    1. ahhhhh you are too kind but I'm glad you like it! Thanks for letting me know ;)

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  17. that is a beautiful setting. I am liking the color scheme very beach like and summer feeling. thank you for the printable.

  18. What a gorgeous tablescape! I bought my husband a REALLY awesome Father's Day gift this year, so I am kind of taking a pass on the rest of the day. ;)

  19. I am loving the eye candy! What a beautiful table - all of the blues (my favorite color by the way), and the thought put into the design of it!

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  23. I am loving the colors, the decor and just about everything!! I think that this is something that my husband might love. I saw a few of these things at Home Goods and may replicate your theme.

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